Friday, May 3, 2013

Survey: 42% wants to give Pakatan a chance

6:12PM May 3, 2013 
A poll by Merdeka Centre found that 42 percent of respondents believe that Pakatan Rakyat should be given a chance to govern the country.

In contrast, 41 percent said that only BN can govern the country. Thirteen percent of respondents were unsure and four percent refused to reveal their stand.

The survey involved telephone interviews with 1,600 respondents from the peninsular selected through random stratified sampling.

Rural and female respondents were more likely to believe that only BN can govern Malaysia, whereas males and urban voters are more inclined towards Pakatan.

Older respondents were found to be more likely to support BN. However, the level of support would drop in tandem with the age groups. For Pakatan, the reverse is true.

These reverse trends were also clear in terms of age household income. It is noted that low income earners are more inclined towards BN, while higher income earners side with Pakatan.

BN can also count on support from government servants and those who are not formally employed, although Pakatan enjoys support from those working in the private sector and those who are self-employed.

In addition, those with no Internet access were also more likely to support BN. The reverse is true for those with Internet access. 

Meanwhile, those who have voted before are equally split, but first-time voters are more inclined towards the Pakatan coalition.

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