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Malaysians have displayed that peaceful assembly is possible — Proham

August 31, 2012
AUG 31 — Proham congratulates the people of Malaysia who displayed their patriotism at Dataran Merdeka on the eve of independence of Malaya. They came from all walks of life in large numbers and showed that it is possible that Malaysians can occupy the public space in peace, harmony and goodwill.
Democratic freedom provides avenues for ordinary people to organise themselves in peaceful ways not only to celebrate but also express their views and grievances to the general public. This is in the spirit of the Federal Constitution which guarantees “the right to freedom of speech and expression” as well as “the right to assemble peacefully and without arms” as enshrined in Article 10. 
Proham also recognises that while the police had initially indicated in writing to the coalition of 47 NGOs barring them from entering the historic Dataran Merdeka, the police did not prevent people to gather in the surrounding areas nor did they disperse the crowd. This discretion and restraint by the police is commendable. It is an example of how citizens’ action for peaceful assembly can be well managed. This is in contrast to some previous public assemblies where excessive force was used in crowd dispersion.
Proham believes that KL City Hall should be more people friendly in facilitating the historical Dataran Merdeka as a truly people’s space for democratic expression. City Hall, which manages this space, must respect the people’s human and constitutional right for free access and use of the public space.
Therefore, in keeping with democratic freedoms, city officials must be more “people friendly and pro-human rights” especially as KL aspires to rank higher in the Global Cities Index (GCI) where KL is currently occupying a low ranking (in 49 position out of 66 cities of the world)
In this context of the 55th year of Malayan independence, Proham calls on the federal government:
● To reintroduce local government elections so that the mayor of KL and the City Hall board is managed by people elected by the people of KL and accountable to them.
● To declare Dataran Merdeka as the democratic space for freedom of expression as this will be reflective of the aspirations of the people of the city.
Proham congratulates all Malaysians as we celebrate 55 years of Malayan independence and 50 years of the founding of Malaysia, that we must strive harder as a nation to live in peace, prosperity and harmony for the betterment of all the people of our county.
* Released on behalf of Proham by Tan Sri Simon Sipaun (Proham chairman), Prof Handan Adnan (Proham deputy chairman), Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam (Proham member) and Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria (Proham secretary-general).

默迪卡55周年倒数于独立广场 55th Merdeka Countdown at Merdeka Square


"Janji Democrasi" (Promise of Democracy) was organized by a multiple of NGOs. Prior to the gathering, Chief Police Officer of Kuala Lumpur has announced it as illegal, reason being that the organizer has not complied to the Peaceful Assembly Act that required application for 10 days in advance. Despite of that, there was a crowd of over 10,000 people.

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Hudud: A PAS objective, not an agreed Pakatan agenda

Thursday, 30 August 2012 admin-s
Mat Sabu was telling the truth when he denied he said PAS would amendment the constitution to implement hudud. The word ‘hudud’ was planted into the conversation by the reporter, who was smart enough to put the questions in such a way that Mat Sabu could hardly answer in the negative.
Kim Quek
Like any reader of The Sin Chew Daily, I was stunned by its front page headline on Aug 28, which reads: “PAS will implement Hudud when it rules”.
My split-second reaction was: “Gosh, this is serious!”. Flashing instantly across the mind is the image of an Islamic state, mixed with the consternation that PAS might have suddenly changed course over the Islamic state issue and the devastating electoral repercussion that can be expected to ensue from the Chinese community following such a shocking turn of event.
Anxious to know more, I read through the entire two pages covering the event without pause, and was relieved that, as I expected, PAS has indeed held on to its policy of putting the pursuit of an Islamic state and implementation of Hudud as a long term objective – certainly not the current priority. I am happy that the alliance of PAS-PKR-DAP remains intact and on-course in its relentless march to Putrajaya.
Meanwhile Sin Chew’s headline on Aug 28 has kicked up a mini-storm in the Internet.

PAS Deputy President Mat Sabu immediately denied that he said PAS would amend the federal constitution to implement Hudud should it come to power.
“I did not say (we'll bring) hudud (to Parliament),” he told Malaysiakini.
He added that good governance and social justice must be practised in Malaysia before implementing the Islamic penal code.
However, Sin Chew on the other hand also defended its headline report by giving the following sequence of events through its website on Aug 28 (Tuesday):
Stage 1: On Sunday, Aug 26:
Sin Chew asked Mat Sabu to comment on PAS President Hadi Awang’s statement on Saturday (Aug 25) that PAS would implement Hudud through the democratic process.
Mat Sabu answered: "Democracy is to govern through the ballot box, and change to any policy must be done through Parliament, and two-thirds support (in Parliament) is needed to amend the constitution."
Stage 2: On Monday, Aug 27:
Based on the above Mat Sabu answer, Sin Chew’s evening edition said in its headline story: “Mat Sabu says PAS has decided to propose constitutional amendment to implement hudud should the Islamic party capture Putrajaya”
Upon learning from an English daily that Mat Sabu had denied saying so, Sin Chew called Mat Sabu to clarify further.
Mat Sabu reiterated that if any party wanted to amend “any Act”, it would need to go through Parliament, and that he didn't mention hudud. He also stated that the party had not discussed whether to table a motion to amend the constitution.
However, Sin Chew reporter pressed further and asked: “The ‘any Act’, does it include hudud?”. Mat Sabu answered: “Yes.”
The reporter further asked: : “Can I say PAS ‘memang berhasrat’ (intend) to amend the constitution to implement any Act, including hudud, but at the moment has not discussed the matter of tabling a motion in Parliament?”. Mat Sabu answered: “Can.”

Stage 3: (Tuesday, Aug 2)
Sin Chew splashed the headline “PAS will implement hudud when it rules”, saying in its first line: “PAS Deputy President Mat Sabu says PAS intends to seek constitutional amendment in Parliament in order to implement hudud, when it rules in the central government”. 

From the above sequence of events, we can see that Mat Sabu was telling the truth when he denied he said PAS would amendment the constitution to implement hudud. The word ‘hudud’ was planted into the conversation by the reporter, who was smart enough to put the questions in such a way that Mat Sabu could hardly answer in the negative.
In fact, Mat Sabu was only making a general remark when he answered that a constitutional amendment needs to have two thirds support in parliament. He was certainly not specifically referring to hudud, so it is not fair to coin the words in such a way as to portray Mat Sabu as driving the point that PAS will seek parliamentary approval for implementing hudud upon taking over the federal government.
It is apparent that Mat Sabu didn’t want to give a direct answer. The reasons are simple.
In the first place, a parliamentary motion from PAS needs to go through the process of building consensus within Pakatan Rakyat, more so when it is a constitutional amendment as momentous as the introduction of hudud and the conversion of the status quo into an Islamic state. There is no such consensus now or in the foreseeable future.
Secondly, social conditions are not ripe for implementation of hudud as exemplified by the lack of social justice and good governance in our country, as pointed out by Mat Sabu and other Islamic scholars.
Thirdly, it is suicidal for PAS to hammer home the hudud agenda at this sensitive election time when it says it is still in the process of building greater understanding among non-supporters of hudud,who in all likelihood, predominate the electorate.
So, with all these hurdles standing in the way, does it make sense for PAS to trumpet the message that upon reaching Putrajaya, it will implement hudud – as if this is currently its urgent priority?

Perhaps what causes the furor most is not so much the details in Sin Chew’s report as the grossly misleading and sensational title of “PAS WILL IMPLEMENT HUDUD WHEN IT RULES”. It distinctly gives the impression that hudud is on the cards, the moment PAS steps into Putrajaya.
So, who among the non-Muslims wouldn’t be alarmed and shocked by such a headline and the leading sentences of the story, when they have all along been assured that PAS will only move through consensus within Pakatan Rakyat and that the latter’s prime political objective is to improve the people’s welfare by replacing the corrupt and obsolete Barisan Nasional?
Considering that many readers do not read through all the relevant details or possess the analytical mind to sort out the wheat from the chaff, many must have already been misled and alienated by this sensational report.
(In all fairness to Sin Chew, despite the misleading headlines and the leading story on Aug 28, its entire coverage of the subject, particularly its exhaustive coverage spreading over five pages in the following day, Aug 29, do contain sufficient truthful information for the more discerning reader to form the correct conclusion).
Now that the damage has been done, it falls upon Pakatan Rakyat and democracy activists to dispel the misperception and spread the truth that hudud remains a PAS objective, but not an agreed Pakatan Rakyat agenda when it comes to power. And hence, a vote for PAS is not a vote for Hudud, but a vote for good governance. 


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辛蒂雅各牧师第一个预言 –– 第四场,201283 星期五上午


我特别要对东马的人说话。 主说,我给东马一个打开国家命运之钥匙。主说, 东马的教会当兴起。你要成为我的关键,是用来打开和关上命运。主说,当开始禁食和祷告,就从今天开始!我会在东马兴起一股先知代祷之风,主说圣灵之风即将吹起,上帝的复兴之火将被释放,整个地区将经历圣灵的运行,主说。

所以主说道,这个国家正处在一个历史的交叉点, 在未来的日子你们将左右这国家的未来。但是主说,若我的子民听我的呼召,现在还有时间可以带来改变。


辛蒂雅各牧师第二个预言第二晚公开聚会 – 20128月3

今晚在教会主让我看见, 有警醒的人,亦有带动复兴的人。他们好像改革者马丁路德。圣灵和神的话语开始对我说话,好像先知发预言一样。圣灵说,在这禧年,众教会要前进。大使命被赋予马来西亚的教会, 去,使万民作我的门徒和医治有病的人。

主向我说,如果马来西亚的教会愿意的话,我正预备着致使它们来行出使徒行传的生命。你知道,五旬节意味着欢庆。 圣灵已经预备大大地倾倒圣灵的恩膏。如今你在前进中,你正处在改变的过渡期,听我说……你们是从一个时间到了一个新的节期。要把握时机,你需要抓住上帝所定的时刻。如果你有参于早上的研讨会,当中有哭泣,我知道它如难产。但有时我们不知道怎么做,因为那是圣灵的工作。圣经说有各种的圣灵的工作,所以我们尽管向上帝说……“我们要的是一个巨大的苏醒!我们要从过去的季节转移到使徒行传的五旬节!”我们要改变。我们要说,上帝!就是现在。它像齿轮般前进!



因此,我们必须合作。圣经使徒行传431说:–“ 祷告完了,聚会的地方震动,他们就都被圣灵充满,放胆讲论神的道。我喜欢尼日利亚人说,圣灵Holy Ghost),他们放胆传讲上帝的道。人说千千万万的信徒同心合意。某些超自然的事情发生在他们的心。








辛蒂雅各牧师第三个预言第二晚公开聚会 – 20128月3


上帝说我要准备摇动系统。 我要摇动结构。上帝说,我要摇动所有看似不能被摇动的。不要惧怕这新改变因我要做一件新的事情,我要在国会释放改革的恩膏。我要在这个国家的政治领袖释放改革的恩膏, 上帝说。我要兴起一个而降卑另一个。这是神所预定的时间,我要使马来西亚转向她的命运,我要释放经济的复兴,因贪污的灵被推倒。


上帝说,我将运行如强大的风,要将千计的灵魂吹进上帝的国里。若一间教会有一百人,他们会成为一千人。若教会有一千人,他们会成为两千人、三千人。我要开始以不同凡响的方式建造大型教会, 主说。

主说,其中一个伟大的神迹会在大学里发生,上帝说,我会在大学里兴起二十四小时祷告。我会大大地与年轻人同行。等着看, 我更会在参与代祷的大学教授中动工……。还有栽培工程学的学府,上帝说,我会动工。

主说, 我会准确的安排这次的大选。它不会来得太早,也不会来得太迟。当我的教会开始禁食祷告,每一天应当有人为这个国家禁食祷告,上帝说,我一定会开始行曝光的事,主说。



你将会对你的孩子说,“当上帝说大唤醒要来临时,我就在其中……。”我还记得当年我参与预言阿根廷大复兴,就像今晚, 当时我预言,小教会将会成为千人、万人教会,它真的发生了。你知道吗,当一个国家的黑暗权势被瓦解时,有谁不想得救呢?当人真的能看见耶稣时,人心就向上帝打开,那就是复兴。现在就像妇人怀胎的时候一样。



主说,“零贪污,无妥协!我所揭穿的事将会成为头条新闻…….。” 上帝说,我要开始揭穿幕后国家与国家间暗中进行的贪污事件,当我开始动工无人能豁免!他们将无法买通律法而不被绳之于法,无法再靠关系脱身,因我是天上的审判者,我会审判这一切。我说,这个国家不再因贪污而削弱。



The Three Prophecies on Malaysia by Rev. Cindy Jacobs in 2012

Rev. Cindy Jacobs

PROPHECY 1 BY REV. CINDY JACOBS - Session 4 August 3 – Friday

“And the Lord would say there’s been a marriage of a religious and a political
spirit that is trying to affect this election. And God says, Do not let even that
political spirit affect the way you think, says God, and the way the Church votes.
For God says, I have a plan for this Nation even in the next election and I am
getting ready to shake and shake and shake, says God. But God says, I know what to do. Do not thwart my plans by thinking you know the way to go, for this is the time for the church to seek Me and disengage from the powers of darkness that want to sway the election.

I want to particularly speak to East Malaysia. And the Lord says, East Malaysia I
am giving you a key to unlock the destiny of a nation, says the Lord. And the Lord says, let the Church of East Malaysia arise. And I am making you My hinge, says the Lord, that will open and close a destiny, says God. And God says, Begin to Fast and Pray.. Now! ..from today. I will raise up a movement of prophetic intercession in East Malaysia, says God that will become a wind of the Holy Spirit and it is going to begin to release the Fire of God in revival that will lead the whole region experiencing a move of the Holy Spirit, says God.

So the Lord says, you as a Nation are in fact at the moment of a hinge of history,
where You were even open the destiny wider Or for a season it will be shut close
in the terms of advancement. But God says, there is time, if my people will pray
and heed my call.

So in the Name of Jesus, I bind the political spirit that is trying to affect this
election, and the religious spirit. And we say: you will no longer be in cooperation. You will no longer be in connection as it were a marriage together. We cut your tie today and we decree the will of God done on earth as it is in heaven!”

AUGUST 3, 2012

Lord is showing me in the Church this evening, there are awakeners, there
are revivalists. There are those that are like a Martin Luther who is a Reformer.
And the Holy Spirit began to speak to me and from the Word of God and it’s like
prophets can prophesy and then they can share a moment… And this is what the
Holy Spirit spoke to me: He said that in this year of Jubilee, we are moving, we,
the corporate Church. But the Church of Malaysia has been given, of course….
The Great Commission, to go and make disciples of nations and heal the sick.

And the Lord said to me, I am getting ready to actually cause the church of
Malaysia that if they are willing, TO LIVE THE BOOK OF ACTS! And you know,
Pentecost means Jubilee. And the Holy Spirit is getting ready to pour out an
anointing for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with great power. And so you are
moving right now. You are in transition. Listen to me… You are going from one
time to a new season. And there are Kairos moments that you need to grab a hold of. If you are in conference earlier today, when there was weeping, I recognized it as travail. But sometimes we do not know what to do with that, because there is an administration of the Holy Spirit. The Bible says there are diverse kinds of administration and so we are going to take the anointing in the House to say… “God! We want a GREAT AWAKENING! We want to shift from the last season TO THE BOOK OF ACTS - PENTECOST!” We want a shifting. We want to say, “God! Now!” Its like Shifting Gears!

And as you see that as the Holy Spirit fell, 3,000 were saved. The Bible says that
God added daily to the Church. And as you begin to look to the Book of Acts,
you find out there were great warfare around them, and the Holy Spirit spoke to
me that you are moving to a new season where there is going to be clashes but
don’t fear it because there is violence in the heavens and the Spirit’s realm over
what’s about to take place. Just like in the Book of Acts. Every time the Kingdom
advances, there were push backs from Satan’s realm. Are you getting this?

That’s good news! You are not a tourist in your own country. You are really
bringing change. The Will of God being pulled from heaven to earth. Are you
understanding this?

And we must cooperate. And then the scripture, it says in Acts 4:31 – “they pray
at the place where they were assembled together were shaken; and they were
all filled with the Holy Spirit.” I like the Nigerian says, the “Holy Ghost” and they
spoke the Word of God with boldness. It says the multitude of the believers were
of one heart, one soul. Something happened supernaturally to their hearts.

And God began to move and in Acts 5:28, they threatened and said, “Did we
not strictly command you not to teach in this name? And look, you have filled
Jerusalem with this man’s doctrine…” A whole city was reached!

Can God transform cities? Can God transform cities?

Can He bring a great awakening to Malaysia? Can He bring a great revival?

Doesn’t He want to pour out the Book of Acts today? Doesn’t He want it to do
through you?

Don’t you want to be a revivalist?

Don’t you want the power of the Holy Spirit to move through you?

If so, get up here & let’s make it so!


“The Lord would say over Malaysia, I am getting ready not only to awaken you as
a church. But I am going to awaken righteousness in this Nation, says the Lord.

And God says I am getting ready to shake systems. I am going to shake structures says God. I am going to shake everything that cannot be shaken. But God says, Do not fear, the shaking because I am ready to do a new thing for I am going to release a reformation anointing upon the parliament. I am going to release a reformation anointing on the governmental leaders of this Nation says God. And the Lord says, I am going to put one up and bring another down. And God said, This is a Kairos moment of turning says the Lord, where I want to turn Malaysia to her destiny and I want to release an economic revival as the spirit of corruption is pulled down says God.

And the Lord said, I want to make this Nation a wonder to many nations. So you
will lend to many nations and not borrow.

And God says, I am going to move like a mighty rushing wind to such a degree
that thousands upon thousands will be swept into the Kingdom. And there are
those churches that are 100 members. They are going to be 1,000 members.
There are some that are 1000 members and they are going to be 2,000 and 3,000. I am going to began to grow mega churches in outstanding ways, says the Lord.

And the Lord said, one of the greatest wonders, will be on the university
campuses, says God. I am going to raise up 24hr houses of prayer on the
University Campuses. And I am going to move with the young people in a great
way, says God and the Lord said, “Watch and see”, what I will do even among
the professors, who intercede… and the engineering schools, the schools of
engineering, says God, I am going to move.

And the Lord says, I am going to time this election precisely. It will not come
a moment too soon. It will not come a moment too late, says the Lord. For I
would say, as my Church begins to fast and pray, every day THERE SHOULD BE SOMEONE FASTING AND PRAYING FOR THIS NATION, says God, Surely I will begin to do some outstanding exposures, says the Lord.”

Excerpts of prophecy to Bro Paul Low (Transparency International- Malaysia)
related to the nation.

Cindy Jacobs' Comments:
Do you understand what a kairos moment this is?...

God is a History making God. He is the God of History. And the Lord said, this
nation was at a point, a turning point. It is at the hinge of history, that’s what He
said earlier today. And the Lord spoke over East Malaysia… And God said over
East Malaysia that you are the key to the election, the key.

You will be able to say to your children, “I was there when God said the great
awakening would come..” I remember being a part of the great Argentine revival
prophesying the kind of things I did tonight. That churches that were small would
become a thousand, ten thousand. It happened. You see, when the powers of
darkness are neutralized over a nation, who wouldn’t want to be saved? ..if they
could really see Jesus. People become so open to the Lord, and that’s revival. It’s a very… pregnant moment.

But Transition is a serious time. It could go one way or the other. So it’s up to
you to pray, it’s up to you to stand up.

Prophecy for Paul Low, The President of Transparency International Malaysia: 
And the Lord would say, “Zero Corruption, No tolerance!.... And what I expose is
going to be headline news,..” And God says, “I am going to begin to expose the
international connections that prop up the corruption behind the scenes and God
says no one will be exempt when I begin to move! They will not be able to buy
their way out of it, they will not be able to say I’m from this family, they will be
able to say, I have that connection. Because I am the great Judge of Heaven, I’m
going to take this to court. And I am going to say this nation will not be crippled
with corruption anymore!” says the Lord.

This is going be a Holy Nation, says God, set apart for me.

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Janji Ditepati or Janji Diketepi?

This is a media statement published by not-for-profit research institute REFSA (Research for Social Advancement) on Wed, 29 August 2012, in conjunction with Malaysia’s 55th year of Independence on 31 August. 
In the run-up to our 55th Merdeka Day celebrations, the federal government has been particularly keen on reminding Malaysians of all it has done for us.
Full-page newspaper advertisements and massive roadside billboards trumpeting ‘Janji Ditepati’ (Fulfilling our Promises) and a theme song of the same title make much of recent BN federal government handouts such as the RM500 Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia cash payments, RM100 student aid and RM200 book vouchers for students.
As generous as these may seem, they are mere peanuts in comparison to the largess heaped upon the elite and connected. The student aid and  book vouchers  totalled RM550 million and RM263 million respectively.  Elsewhere, at the stroke of a pen, the government forgave former Malaysia Airlines chairman Tajudin Ramli’s debts – a total of RM589 million! And let’s not forget the RM250 million NFC scandal which saw loans for cow-farming being used to procure expensive cars and ultra-luxury condominiums instead.
The ‘promises’ the government has fulfilled are mere crumbs in comparison to the munificence shown to its cronies. Just two sets of cronies alone quietly reaped hundreds of millions of ringgit, while millions of Malaysians are exhorted to be grateful for the mere hundreds of ringgit each receives.
Alas, this is but a small example of the federal government ballyhoo that diverts attention from the issues that really matter and the Janji Diketepi (Promises Unfilled).  Our parting shot: 55 years after independence, KL still floods, even after multi-billion ringgit mega-projects like the SMART tunnel.
There is more in the just-published UMNO-Nomics: The Dark Side of the Budget. Written simply by Teh Chi-Chang, CFA, illustrated cleverly by Johnny Ong and endorsed by personalities from Nurul Izzah Anwar to Kee Thuan Chye and Zunar, this book is a steal at just RM35 inclusive of delivery to your (Malaysian) door-step. 
Email or visit to order your copy now! Or visit the same page for a list of book-stores stocking the book. 

Empty denial further dents crime stats credibility, says Pua

August 29, 2012
Pua said that non-index crime has risen sharply in recent years, as was alleged in the anonymous letter. — File pic
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 29 — A mere denial to an allegation of crime data manipulation suggests the police lack credible data with which to disprove the claim, DAP lawmaker Tony Pua said today.
“If there is indeed no manipulation of data as claimed by PDRM (Royal Malaysia Police), how else can they explain the shockingly divergent trends between index and non-index crime?” asked Pua.
Yesterday, former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan expressed a similar view, saying that authorities needed to refute the allegation with objective data in order to head off public speculation.
Last week, an anonymous letter, purportedly written by a policeman who penned his name as Sumun Osram, had alleged that crime cases were being methodically shifted from “index” crime into “non-index” offences that were not registered as part of the official statistics presented by Putrajaya’s efficiency unit PEMANDU.
In Malaysia, the police divide crime into two categories, index and non-index — the former defined as crime that is reported with sufficient regularity and significance to be a meaningful indicator of the crime situation while the latter is regarded as minor in nature.
Yesterday, the police dismissed the claim as “erroneous”, and maintained that both sets of data were taken into account for its crime statistics. It added that “overall crime (Index + Non-Index) has in fact reduced in 2010, 2011 and 2012”.
Pua said today, however, that there was a “significant drop in index crime” but that this was accompanied by “drastic increase in non-index crime” from 2007 to 2011, which appeared to corroborate the anonymous letter.
Using crime statistics provided by the police, Pua said that while index crime had dropped 24.7 per cent from 2007 to 2011, non-index crime has increased 68.7 per cent over the same period.
“What is even more glaring is the fact that ‘non-index crime’ is increasing annually as a proportion of total crime since 2007 based on PDRM data,” he said.
“Under normal circumstances, if the crime situation in the country has improved as much as boasted by the authorities, then both index and non-index criminal cases should show a declining trend,” Pua said.
Pua also pointed to the significant drop in crime-fighting performance “after non-index crime is taken into account” as “strong evidence of manipulation”.
He said Putrajaya had previously “boasted its achievement of 15.4 per cent, 11.1 per cent and 10.1 per cent reduction in the crime index over 2010, 2011 and 2012, respectively”, based on index crime alone.
But PDRM yesterday said that the combined index and non-index crime has dropped 7 per cent, 9 per cent and 5.3 per cent in 2010, 2011 and 2012, respectively.
The data did not, however, assuage Pua.
“While the total index and non-index crime cases based on PDRM data has indeed dropped over the past 2-3 years, it appears that the data has been systematically manipulated to present an inflated over-achievement under the Najib administration,” said Pua.
Last month, PEMANDU defended itself from public criticism after a spate of crime incidents that seemed to contradict the image painted by its crime statistics.
The agency, along with the police and Home Ministry, had continued to stand by its claim that the country’s crime rate has dipped considerably since initiatives under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) were put in place two years ago.
PEMANDU’s crime reduction NKRA (national key results areas) director Eugene Teh had in July released fresh statistics to show that index crime in Malaysia dropped by 10.1 per cent from January to May this year compared to the same period last year.
The agency had earlier released figures to show that index crime had dropped by 11.1 per cent from 2010 to last year while street crime dipped 39.7 per cent in the same period.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Controversial 55th Merdeka Day Celebration for Barisan Nasional only

Merdeka Day bash at Bukit Jalil Stadium a set-back for nation-building by 55 years when Malaysian public excluded from the 100,000-seat capacity stadium which is reserved for “BN invites” only

Last night, in response to the Malaysiakini report “Bukit Jalil Merdeka Day bash for invites only”, I penned five tweets, viz:
  1. Scandalous! Outrageous! What Merdeka D bash is this? Bukit Jalil Merdeka Day bash is invite only- Sara Ghazie(Mkini)
  2. “Got like that one meh?” exclamation will be heard throughout country when Malaysians read “Bukit Jalil Merdeka Day bash is invite only”
  3. No better proof of BN hijacking Merdeka Day celebrations – 1st BN election slogan of “Janji Ditepati” n now 100k Stadium largely BN invites
  4. With MerdekaDay bash BtJalil Stadium hijacked by BN pumped up by rent-MerdekaDay-crowds, all pretence of 1Malaysia inclusive thrown 2winds
  5. What irony 4Najib’s 1Msia signature slogan! “Bukit Jalil Merdeka Day bash is invite only” has set back nation-building in Msia by 55 years!

This morning, the Minister for Information, Communications and Culture, Datuk Seri Dr. Rais Yatim “clarified” that the official Merdeka Day celebration at Bukit Jallil Stadium on Friday is opened to the public, saying:
“The allegation made by certain people that the Merdeka 55 gathering at Bukit Jalil will be only for invitees is not true.
“It is deplorable for certain opposition leader to try to foil what is to be the rakyat’s right to commemorate nation’s 55th birthday.”
Rais need not be so coy as he could name me as the one who had responded to the Malaysiakini report on the Malaysian twitterverse.
If I am wrong or mistaken, I am prepared to retract and apologise as I have no intention to spoil, foil or sabotage the Merdeka Day bash planned by the Barisan Nasional government at Bukit Jalil Stadium, although I strongly disagree with the manner in which the Barisan Nasional is hijacking the 55th Merdeka Day/49th Malaysia Day celebrations, causing even greater division and dissension among Malaysians instead of sparking a transcending sense of Malaysian one-ness rising above race, religion, region or political affiliation in keeping with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1Malaysia policy on both these national celebrations.
However, as a result of Rais’ comments, I have revisited the Malaysiakini report last night as well as my five tweets to ascertain whether I have inadvertently made any mistakes or whether the Malaysiakini report had erred. But I have found neither.
There is no denial or retraction of the statement attributed to the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry secretary-general Kamaruddin Siaraf that members of the public could only witness the 55th Merdeka Day “bash” from four screens outside the Bukit Jalil stadium.
This has been further confirmed by the seating arrangement released by Kamaruddin yesterday where only VIPs, BN component party members, civil servants, schoolchildren and other specially-picked groups – including two minor BN-friendly political parties, Indian Progressive Front (IPF) and Malaysian Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) – have been allocated seats in the 100,000-seat capacity stadium.
The Malaysiakini report last night stated that Kamaruddin, when asked why opposition parties were not included in the seating plan, said that “opposition party members could join the rest of the crowd outside the stadium”.
He said dismissively: “They can come on the ‘tiket rakyat (people’s ticket)’ No problem.”
After reviewing the Malaysiakini reports last night and Rais’ comments today, I stand by my five tweets last night that the Merdeka Day bash at Bukit Jalil Stadium is scandalous, outrageous and a set-back for nation-building by 55 years when Malaysian public are excluded from the 100,000-seat capacity stadium which is reserved for “BN invites” only.
Clearly the Najib administration has never heard or understood the statement “The People Are the Boss” in a parliamentary democracy.
How much would the Merdeka Day bash at Bukit Jalil Stadium cost? Would Barisan Nasional pay for the bash from the BN coffers?
As the Malaysian taxpayers will have to pay for the Merdeka Day bash at Bukit Jalil Stadium, how can the Malaysian public be treated as “outsiders”, relegated to outside the stadium to watch from four screens? They might as well stay at home to watch the live telecast instead!