Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Poetry Contest: 3 Best Poetries

Here are the three winners of our poetry contest and their tributes to mothers.

When the weight of the world
is on my shoulders,
I turn to my right
and realize I’m not alone,
because she’s helping me carry it.
The stars are written in her eyes,
sunlight in her smile,
and I know for sure,
when this barren earth falls behind me,
she’ll be an angel waiting for me at heaven’s gate.
-Caroline Aung
A mother’s love
is much like an arrow
and her precious child
is the bulls-eye.
Though she may not
be the best archer,
possess the steadiest hands,
or have precise aim,
she is persistent.
Even when the target is far off
or seems impossible to reach,
yes, she will persist.
- Kathy Jeffords
 My mom has her tasks and her faults, but she is the best mom I’ve ever known…
Good Lord knows I’ve tried her patience, more than once or twice…
her enduring love shines forth every day, in little things and big, in her own way…
she’ll never preach a sermon, and
usually not dust a pew at church…
but her and God are well known to each other, they sit at each other’s perch…
she shares His love with family and friends, and often helps people on the mends…
she’s the best Mom I’ve ever known!
-Dani S. Lacy

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