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The Church Plays the Role as Salt and Light

The issue of the RM1.75 million grants to four Methodist Churches in Sibu during the recent Sibu by-election has resulted in much discussion among both Christians and non-Christians. Methodist Church Executive Council Bishop Rev. Hwa Yung has admitted that they were now caught in a dilemma.

What shall they do with the money then? To take the money, the Church is seen as accepting bribes. To return it, the Church is seen as taking sides to the Oppositions. There were members in the four Churches made complaints that they were not consulted when the leadership made the decision of taking the money.

I was reminded of a story in the Bible which we could draw some parallels – the betrayal of Jesus by Judas. Jesus, while on earth, was not only proclaiming the Gospel of Salvation but making an effort to eradicate the unjust rule by the Roman Government. He was bold to confront the strong and mighty that the deprived and the oppressed were delivered! In fact, from the works of Jesus, he was seen as one of the most outstanding Revolutionist in his era.

Judas betrayed Jesus

But somehow Judas Iscariot, one of his disciples who had been living with him for three years and a half, had become a stumbling block to him. He betrayed Jesus to the Jewish Council for a bribe of 30 pieces of silver. Nevertheless the mission of Jesus triumphed and for 2000 years His followers have been continuing in their struggle fighting for a fair, just and righteous society.

But somehow the conscience of Judas pricked him. He was remorseful about his sinful act. At least Judas had changed his mind over his wrong deed. He brought back the 30 pieces of silver to the chief priests and the elders, saying, “I have sinned by betraying innocent blood.” Nevertheless, despite making such a right move, it did not save him. He committed suicide. In fact he could have just turned to the Lord for forgiveness. What a tragic end for the story!

It is true that the grants were the taxpayers’ money. It is also true that this was not the first time the government has given such grants. And it is also true that most of the money for religious bodies is usually given to one particular religious community, with relatively much smaller proportions given to other communities.

However, regarding to “the government is trying to right a past wrong”, I beg to differ from this thought. Firstly, the Government was very hasty in making the move and it was a last minute one to beat the deadline of by-election campaign. Secondly, why was there no Church being benefited in the Ulu Selangor by-election which took place two weeks before the Sibu one? The answer is not hard to perceive. Because more than 50% of the voters there in Sibu were Christians! And added to that, news revealed that most of them were standing on the side of DAP, the rival contester. There is nothing wrong to ponder for a while, “What if there was no by-election in Sibu, would the grants being offered?”

The four Churches did put up an advertisement for acknowledging the grants taken. The leadership felt justified claiming that Christians should always be grateful for goodness received. By doing so the Churches should not claim that they were non-partisan. In future should the Church advertise again when a rich member gives a big offering to the Church? Did not the leadership know that the advertisement would have some impact on the Christians in their choice of support? By doing so the leadership cannot claim that the grants were unconditional. Now only the Holy Spirit could check the motive behind the move. Taking the grants and moved against the will of the Church people for a fair election is equivalent to betraying them.

This is a proof that why is it so important that the Church do not comply in vote-buying election campaign tactic. The receiver is slave to the giver.

I think the four Methodist Churches should open the time to their members for a dialogue. The leadership should listen to their opinions. An unwise move will cause a split among the flocks.

Christian community affected as a whole

Christians, be aware! What has transpired to the four Churches should not be seen as an isolated case. We should see a large picture that it is affecting the Christian community in the country as a whole. The brethrens in Sibu are not alone. All Christians are members of one body, that is, Jesus Christ.

Jesus said that Christians are the salt of the earth, and the light of the world. But many of us are unable to handle these roles well. We are especially prone to fall when Mammon (money) comes by the way. Remember that greed was the cause of downfall for our ancestors. The Snake challenged Eve, “…. you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:5). It was a greed for power! Greed also caused his honor as an Archangel for Lucifer who claimed that “I will make myself as the Most High!” Again the greed for power! And he revolted against Yahweh, and consequently God cast him down from Heaven and thence he lived miserably as Satan the Devil!

RM1.75 million was a lot of money. I am sure that not many Churches have ever received such a lump sum in one go! I do not dare to judge that the taking of the grants was a result of greed. But I would visualize that out of the blues such a lump sum was granted, the matter of “right and wrong” would slip one’s mind unaware! Excitement would overshadow conscience. Lo and behold, the excitement was only short-lived when rumors and criticism flew all over the air. Suddenly the recipients realized that they were caught in a dilemma.

I mentioned that taking the grants does affect the Christian community as a whole. The way we react to an offer speaks a clear message. Most Churches are in need of funds, for sure. But we must always see the whole picture by putting ourselves in the shoes of Jesus. “What would Jesus do?” ask we! If we divert our attention from the Lord, “self” will take over. We will behave as people who are without divine faith. We will act as an opportunist. We will begin to thank and praise God that luckily a by-election was taking place at our home. “This is chance in a life-time”, shouts we, “let’s grab it!”

Thus we could be blinded by sudden gain and do not see that we Christians are indeed the salt of the earth and light of the world. The world is tasteless, so let us give it some taste! The world is dark, so let us shed some light over it.

Over the past 47 years (for East Malaysia) or 53 years (for West Malaysia), vote-buying have been the practice by the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN). BN has been abusing the treasury funds for its political campaign. If the Christians agreed that the practice was an unfair electoral game, do we still condone such malpractice? Instead of putting in an effort to correct the wrong, we participated in it.

Discouraging the Church from participating in malpractices does not mean rejecting the kindness of the Government. We need to convey to the Government a message. We tell them Malaysia need to move on to greater maturity. If we aspired to squeeze into the row of an Advance Nation in the year 2020, then we must first start off with a fair and transparent Electoral System

Asking the Church to reject the “grants during the election periods only” is a move to put this kind of abuse to an end. If there are more and more people say “NO” to it, we will only see hope to the dawning of a Better Malaysia sooner. By then, both the Ruling and Opposition Coalitions will win their votes through Good Report Cards and Convincing Election Manifestos. Very soon Malaysia will regain her identity as a Rainbow Nation. No matter what race and what religions you belonged, you only belonged to the citizenship of Malaysia. This is truly 1Malaysia! Amen.

Being opening in the discussion on the matter has an advantage that the BN Government will be careful next time during the elections that Churches would not be easily tempted by sweeties. I would suggest to the Government to start drawing up a system in allocating funds to Churches.

Lastly, as regard to Metro Tabernacle which received the RM500,000.00 in contribution after the Church suffered arson, the incident was an entire different matter. The Church should be happy to take the money. In this case, a mishap suddenly took place, and the Government was genuine to chip in the money to help cover the loss. Thank you, Mr. Najib Razak our Prime Minister for that.

Euro Crisis to Set One World Currency?

Revelation 13: 11-18

11Then I saw another beast rising out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. 12It exercises all the authority of the first beast in its presence, and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal wound was healed. 13It performs great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in front of people, 14and by the signs that it is allowed to work in the presence of the beast it deceives those who dwell on earth, telling them to make an image for the beast that was wounded by the sword and yet lived. 15And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain. 16Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave,to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, 17so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.
Friday, May 28, 2010 – by Staff Report

Is Europe heading for a meltdown? ... This financial crisis is worse than the sub-prime crash of 2008 because the sums are so much bigger and it is governments that are in dire straits. Edmund Conway explains the dangers. Mervyn King, the Bank of England Governor, summed it up best: "Dealing with a banking crisis was difficult enough," he said the other week, "but at least there were public-sector balance sheets on to which the problems could be moved. Once you move into sovereign debt, there is no answer; there's no backstop." In other words, were this a computer game, the politicians would be down to their last life. Any mistake now and it really is Game Over. Or to pick a slightly more traditional game, it is rather like a session of pass-the-parcel which is fast approaching the end of the line. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme:
The wise men of Brussels and the courageous citizens of the EU will muddle through.

Free-Market Analysis:
As the money crisis seems to grow worse in Europe, we have begun to wonder if there are parallels to the 1907 financial panic in the United States that gave rise to the Federal Reserve. The dominant social theme way back then (assuming an active power elite, and we do) was along the lines of "The US banking system is too fragmented and a lender of last resort is badly needed." JP Morgan assembled his rich friends in the library of his exquisite New York mansion and bailed out the market, but only six years later, the Federal Reserve was born, the bastard child of false market-insolvency rumors and a knobby-nosed father (Morgan, himself).

There is, in fact, still speculation today that Morgan's camp planted the initial rumors of instability that swept the market and triggered the crash of 1907. Why on earth would he do such a thing? To generate the eventual result: the creation of the Federal Reserve and its passage by the US Congress. This is one perspective, anyway, the "paranoid one" that you will not find in most mainstream history books or college texts.

Back to our larger theme. We have written in the past (see – IMF Plotting Gold Backed SDRs) that we did not see how on earth the power elite was going to get from fairly abstract monetary concepts like SDRs to an actual worldwide consensus for a more globalized currency (and a global warming – "carbon" – currency seems, as well, to be a non-starter, at least currently). In fact, we have speculated that the elite could decide on a gradualist approach, setting up a thesis/antithesis dialectic between global money and regional money to move the conversation gradually in the direction of a worldwide currency. But perhaps there is a faster way. Let us see ...

The European financial crisis started with Greece and, it's true, Greece's problems are moderate ones for the EU given its size and amount of debt. But this crisis has not been resolved despite the supposed US$1 trillion that has been set aside to discourage "wrong way" speculation in Greek debt. We saw yesterday that the larger market was up because of statements from Chinese leaders that they were not going to sell euros and were perhaps to continue to be a net purchaser. So this is what market confidence has come to: China, a rigid, neo-communist state with a raging property inflation problem is seen by "the market" as a lynchpin of the Western capitalist system. What a hoot. You can't make this stuff up.

Anyway, from our perspective, a hypothetical path to a world currency (with some speed) would involve certain very specific elements. It would include, obviously, a very serious sovereign wealth crisis spreading from country to country thoughout at least the Southern half of Europe. This crisis, hypothetically, would be averted by heroic Brussels bureaucrats but not before a significant amount of financial pain was inflicted – good and hard as H. L. Mencken might say. It might even involve the dissolution of the euro and the shrinking of the EU itself. But the pay-off for the power elite would be the ability to float a scenario that proposes a worldwide currency to avert additional difficulties going forward. Here's some more from the article excerpted above:

Strip away the details – the breakdown of the euro, the crumbling of the Spanish banking system to take just two – and what you are left with is the next leg of a global financial crisis. Politicians temporarily "solved" the sub-prime crisis of 2007 and 2008 by nationalising billions of pounds' worth of bank debt. While this helped reinject a little confidence into markets, the real upshot was merely to transfer that debt on to public-sector balance sheets.

This kind of card-shuffle trick has a long-established pedigree: after the dotcom bust, Alan Greenspan slashed US interest rates to (then) unprecedented lows, which helped dull the pain, but only at the cost of generating the housing bubble that fed sub-prime. It is not so different to the Ponzi scheme carried out by Bernard Madoff, except that unlike his hedge fund fraud, this one is being carried out in full public view.

The problem is that this has to stop somewhere, and that gasping noise over the past couple of weeks is the sound of millions of investors realising, all at once, that the music might have stopped. Having leapt back into the market in 2009 and fuelled the biggest stock-market leap since the recovery from the Wall Street Crash in the early 1930s, investors have suddenly deserted. London's FTSE 100 has lost 15 per cent of its value in little more than a month. The mayhem on European bourses is even worse, while on Wall Street the Dow Jones teeters on the brink of the talismanic 10,000 level.

It is obvious that the sovereign crisis can inflict considerable pain. And it seems to have just begun. Yet perhaps our scenario is too simplistic, too conspiratorial. We ourselves have maintained that the problems with the EU and the euro are probably in excess of whatever the elite had expected – and they did expect a crisis of this sort, one that was supposed to drive the EU into a closer political union. The idea, however, that the power elite could engage in cold-blooded manipulations of whole countries is fairly difficult to countenance. On the other hand, there are historical speculations that JP Morgan, at the height of his wealth, controlled in some sense up to half of the profitable enterprises in the United States. Wealth can be concentrated and great wealth begets wealth, especially because the current fiat money system that tends to collapse the middle class.

Assume somehow that the unrolling sovereign crisis is indeed a prelude to a fear-based promotion seeking a worldwide currency (and perhaps some sort of worldwide central bank to go along with it) and one begins to see the outlines of an especially audacious dominant social theme. Perhaps this theme would be buttressed with other fear-based promotions – local and regional wars, even confrontations that utilize small nuclear devices.

We're just speculating here, of course, for our window on power elite activities extends only to a modest comprehension of how elite promotions might operate. Yet even in stating this, we should also point out that these themes are promoted by a vast array of institutions – media properties, think tanks, NGOs and assorted non-profits, not to mention governmental entities. To accept the idea of dominant social themes is to accept that the elite has tremendous influence worldwide and especially in the West. We're past that point of course. We do accept it.

We would also point out that to try to force the issue now of a truly global currency would be audacious in the extreme. Citizens of the Anglo-American axis are up in arms over the poor economy and Europe is smoldering as well. Never has a sociopolitical awakening swept the West as it has now – courtesy of the Internet and its continual truth-telling. There is more and more anger over central banking, the West's serial wars, the over-taxation and the general dysfunction of regulatory democracy.

Does what we have proposed skirt the fringes of reality? If the powers-that-be were ready to tolerate a protracted series of sovereign crises in Europe – and it may be there is not much more to arrange -- alongside perhaps some unsettling wars, it might be possible to traumatize citizens of the West enough to make them amenable to global solution. This solution in our estimation might include the return to some sort of gold standard, but unfortunately not a market-based one. The elite would try to insist on a standard that it could in a sense control and continually manage – at least in our opinion.

Conclusion: All this is no doubt far fetched. But the Panic of 1907 and the subsequent erection of the Federal Reserve – if one accepts the relationship between the two – provides us with a template for the same sort of manipulation on a bigger scale (assuming one believes in the possibility of JP Morgan's market manipulations). However it is also true that this article itself is evidence of the difficulties that the elite would face in implementing the kind of program we have suggested. After all, if we are able to anticipate it, it has occurred to others as well. This is perhaps the elite's biggest challenge in the era of the Internet. It is most difficult to promote an audience, if it comes to that, aware of your intentions and the permutations of your strategies.

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sibu by election 090510 sibu church针对前基督教联合会主席吴吉平批评4家诗巫卫理公会,在补选时 接受政府175万拨款的言论,马来西亚卫理公会会长理事会今日承 认,陷入微妙的两难之中,不过仍尊重4间堂会领袖的权利,由他们决定如何使用拨款。








“基督教会关心的是道德与法治。虽然如此,教会并不能在政党政治上偏帮一方,理由有很多,包括教会在政治分界的两方都有基督徒。此外,教会也要提防给人一 种印象,以为是给在朝或在野的政党利用了。”

“基于这个理由,此时拒绝接受政府拨款不一定是一个解决方案,因为人家会误释为拒绝政府偏袒反对阵线。很清楚的,我们陷在了加在我们身上微妙的两难之 中。”


他表示,马来西亚卫理公会尊重这四间堂会领袖的权利,按各自情况决定如何使用所拨之款。同时,包括会督及全体会长在内的总议会理事会,将与该堂会共同寻求 明智的处理方案。

“我们要在此向本会所有牧师和会友们呼吁,勿评论此事,以免把事情闹得过大。反之,让我们留心我们的主耶苏在马太福音5章16节所说的话,特别是在我们目 前的状况中显为重要的‘你们的光也当这样照在人前,叫他们看见你们的好行为,便将荣耀归给你们在天上的父’。当我们真正的如此生活时,我们就可以深远的满 足了我们的四年主题,‘宣扬圣经神圣,更新转化国家了’。”







这就如同在婚礼期间,牧师未宣告:“我奉圣父、圣子与圣灵的名,宣布你们为夫妻,上帝所配合的,人不能分开。”以前,这对男女不应该行房的道理一样,因为两人未具有夫妻合法行房的身 份。我非常欣赏卫理公会规定属下牧师不可为未婚成孕的新人举行婚礼的规定。

但我国的体制不完整,选举与补选间, 原本的政府往往大笔拨款来助选。我期待教会是领导民众改变不完美体制的动力,是社会改革的动力,不是由不完美的社会与体制使唤。

因此,作为卫理公会会友,我认为,卫理公会受款时应该说明:“谢谢首相的拨款,但我们认为这笔钱应该在选举后才拨较恰当,因为我们认为选举 期间原本的政府就没有运作政府资源与拨款的权力,无论这笔钱是来自民联州政府或国阵联邦政府。”

如此一来,便不 会有会督所说的“收被误为接受贿选,拒绝被视为支持在野党”的困境。

再者,我们即使教会崇拜奉献期间,卫理公会 也先说明:未洗礼或不明白奉献意义者,请不要奉献。我们在教会内处理奉献与金钱有如此严谨的态度,在处理来自教会外的拨款,岂非也具有同样严谨审核的态 度?

我们期待卫理公会有事后反省的态度,给广大群众展现教会不同的光盐气度,而非为了面子发如此的文告,将责任 推给“收被误为接受贿选,拒绝被视为支持在野党”!

想一想:唐崇荣牧师曾说:事奉了这么多 年,他从来没有向有钱人要一分钱,因为:我们不需要请有钱人(包括信徒或非信徒)来帮助上帝!


Church is non-partisan, but we will keep the money

Bishop Hwa Yung
May 28, 10

Many of our church members are aware of the reports in the media that the government made grants to four Methodist churches in Sibu, on the eve of the recent parliamentary by-election. The Council of Presidents discussed this matter at its May 25 meeting.

Pending fuller deliberations on the matter by the General Conference Executive Council at its upcoming meeting, we wish to issue a pastoral letter stating the following:

1. First, the giving of grants to religious bodies for the advancement of religion, as well as to other bodies like schools, etc, is a government responsibility. To receive such is a citizen's right. After all, the money given is actually taxpayers' money.

Indeed the problem in our country is that most of the money for religious bodies is usually given to one particular religious community, with relatively much smaller proportions given to other communities. In so far as the money was given to the churches this time round, it can be said that the government is trying to right a past wrong.

Moreover, it should be pointed out that this is not the first time the government has given such grants. Further, our churches are not the only recipients. Other religious groups also received similar grants.

2. However, as the public at large has pointed out, the problem with the grants made in this instance is that of timing! They were given on the eve of a closely fought by-election and therefore perceived to be manipulative and highly questionable. Some people have therefore urged the churches involved to return the money.

3. The Christian church is concerned about morality and politics. Nonetheless, it cannot take sides in party politics for various reasons, including the fact that there are Christians on both sides of the political divide.

Furthermore, the church must also guard against being perceived as being used as a tool by political parties, whether those in government or those in opposition. In light of the above, rejecting the grants given by the government in this instance is not necessarily the solution, because it could be misinterpreted as a rejection of the government in favour of the opposition.

Clearly we are caught in a delicate dilemma, which has been forced upon us.

4. The Methodist Church in Malaysia respects the right of the leadership of the four churches to decide on what to do with the grants given, in accordance with the conditions pertaining to them. At the same time, the General Conference Executive Council, which includes the bishop and all the presidents, will work with the churches concerned to resolve the matter wisely.

5. Meanwhile, we would like to urge all our pastors and members to refrain from making any comments on the matter so that it does not get blown out of proportion. Instead, let us take seriously the words of our Lord Jesus in Mat 5:16, which is particularly significant in our present context.

'In the same way, let your light shine before all men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.'

When we truly live in this manner, we will go a long way to fulfil our Quadrennium theme, 'Spreading Scriptural Holiness, Transforming the Nation.' May the peace of the Lord be with all of you!

The writer is chairman of the Methodish Church's Council of Presidents.


Sibu result reflects growing Christian vote

May 28, 2010
DAP made a special appeal to the Christian voters in Sibu. — file pic

KUALA LUMPUR, May 28 — DAP’s surprise win in the recent Sibu by-election was the latest message being sent to the Najib administration that it needs to buckle down and deal with the “Allah” issue sooner rather than later.

The party made a special appeal to the Christian voters, citing the need to prevent Putrajaya from regulating the ways and language of worship for non-Muslims, after a landmark court ruling on Dec 31 that allowed the word “Allah” to be used by all.

The rise in a conscious Christian vote came after churches in Muslim-majority Malaysia reported a growth spurt, and leading the pack was the 82-year-old Sidang Injil Borneo (SIB), an evangelical movement that worships mainly in Bahasa Malaysia, the national language.

An SIB churchgoer reads from a Bahasa Malaysia Bible, which contains the word “Allah”. — Picture by Choo Choy May
Its sphere of influence is growing fast, particularly among the Orang Asli tribes in the Malay peninsula, said the Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM), an umbrella body that represents voices from both the orthodox churches and evangelical groups.

CFM general secretary Tan Kong Beng credits SIB’s growing appeal to “cultural affinities” between the local indigenous community and those from the Borneo interior.

First set up in Sarawak in 1928 and regarded as a relatively young church, the SIB has been making inroads into Peninsular Malaysia in the last two decades.

Some 30 SIB congregations have been set up in the peninsula to date, with more on the way.

Tan sees the SIB evangelists from Sabah and Sarawak to be more empathetic with the Orang Asli groups and so better able to build a closer rapport with the locals.

“Urban West Malaysians are very different from the Orang Asli,” Tan told The Malaysian Insider.

He explained that English — commonly used in the city and town churches — proved a challenge to those living in the rural areas.

The Bumiputera generally speak in their own native tongues, or the national language with outsiders, he said.

The SIB congregation in Shah Alam consists mainly of youths from Sabah and Sarawak. — Picture by Choo Choy May
The SIB community in neighbouring Shah Alam have been making regular visits to a remote Orang Asli village the next state over for the past few months, its pastor Richard Samporoh told The Malaysian Insider.

The church has a dedicated Orang Asli ministry, made up mainly of young working adults and university students who visit the tribespeople and provide a range of social-welfare services, such as basic health checks and free tuition classes, making the indigenous more receptive towards the church.

But even as the church expands, so have its problems.

SIB church leaders from both sides of the South China Sea complained of the home ministry’s increasingly heavy-handed treatment towards the church and its members, prompting them to file several lawsuits against the government.

Earlier this year, a group of Orang Asli Christians in Pahang sued the government for refusing to supply water and electricity to their village church.

The Jahut from Kampung Kubang Pasu lost the case at the Temerloh High Court but were appealing the decision.

Next week, the High Court here will attend to a suit filed by Sarawakian SIB member, Jill Ireland Lawrence Bill, who sued the home ministry for seizing her personal religious books and CDs, allegedly because they contained the word “Allah”, which may “confuse” Muslims.

Pastor Jerry Dusing, who heads the Sabah SIB, said the confiscation of Christian books remains a problem in Malaysia.

He, too, has filed a similar suit against the government for confiscating an imported shipment of Malay Bibles three years ago. The court will hear his case later next month.

Samporoh conducts worship in Bahasa Malaysia. — Picture by Choo Choy May
Pastor Danil Raut, president of SIB Semenanjung, related that the indigenous tribes in Sabah and Sarawak have been using the controversial “A” word in their worship since before Independence.

His fellow SIB member, Alfred Tais, who also sits on the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) committee, explained that the Bumiputera Christians were upset because they perceived the government’s restrictive policies as a violation of the Federal Constitution and the terms laid out in the agreements for the Borneo states to join the peninsula to form Malaysia.

The ruling Barisan Nasional government had tried to play down the issue, only to have it backfire on them, as seen by the way Sibu — where over half the electorate were Christian — voted earlier this month.

The secular DAP, which had been placed as the underdog in that by-election, had mounted an aggressive campaign, arguing the right of non-Muslims to use the “A” word.

“We’re not creating it to be a hot topic but… we can’t control public sentiment,” Dusing told The Malaysian Insider just before the polls, highlighting Sibu’s extraordinarily large Christian voter population.

“To us it is a hindrance to be able to practise our religion freely. The Christian community is concerned that our Bible is placed under internal security. Books that teach positive religious values placed under restrictions.

“We hope the government will take a sensible attitude towards this problem,” he said.



【乱石崩云/唐南发专栏】1999年烈火莫熄风起云涌的时候,前基督教联合会主席吴 吉平毅然投身反对运动,抗衡马哈迪扭曲司法、打压政敌的不公义行为。

吴吉平的做法得不到基督教界的认同,批评他“把政治带入教会”的领 袖不在少数。倏忽十载,其中虽有挫折与低潮,吴吉平对公正运动却始终不离不弃;尽管经历了308的政治大海啸,让人民公正党顿时奇货可居,吴吉平身为领袖 之一,依然保持一贯低调的方式,只在必要的时候发言,证明了他当年的政治选择决非投机之举。

有人担心教会政治化,固然可以理解,但邀请国阵 领袖出席圣诞节活动、配合马华公会举办“爱国祈祷大会”、甚至由部长为基督教的大会主持开、闭幕仪式等,难道就不会把宗教政治化?


正如我所观察到的,308大选以前,黄燕燕和伯纳东博(Bernard Giluk Dompok)普遍被主流教会视为基督徒参政的“榜样”;308大选之后,随着民联执政霹雳州和雪兰莪州,信仰基督的倪可敏、倪可汉和郭素沁(天主教徒) 等在野党领袖也就不再是“敏感人物”了。

无论我国的基督教界怎么辩驳,以往种种的事迹证明教会领袖鉴于“政治 正确”的考量,倾向和执政党保持联系是铁一般的事实。比较不为人注意的,是这个现象其实和马来西亚独特的政治生态密不可分。

马来西亚的基督 教纵使宗派各异,大致上都从属福音派,除了某些特定仪式或传统,基本信仰没有太大差别,都专注于传扬福音。思维稍微广阔的,尚纳入社会关怀性质的工作,但 分享教义和见证依然是重点。也因为这样,往往被人视为“内向的教会”(inward-looking church)。

帝国主义盛行的时 代,欧洲和北美洲不少基督教宗派也派遣宣教士到世界各地传扬福音,建立教会。当中固然存在具有“文明教化”(mission civilisatrice)思维者,但更多的教会为了福音能够深入民间,在马来亚创办了医院和母语学校,造福社会和人群。

为了方便统治, 英国殖民政府不鼓励宗教团体涉及政治;而以白人为首的教会在异乡和异族间工作,也同政治斗争保持一定距离,以便发展并巩固宗教、医疗及教育事业。


独立以前,殖民政府形同马来亚、新加坡、砂拉越和北婆罗洲教会的守护人;独立以后,教会面对无神论者主 导的马来亚共产党地下抗争、回教党在半岛东部和北部持续扩张的影响力,以及宗主国已然离去的现实环境,联盟/国阵(尤其是马华公会)于是成为教会的自然伙 伴,加以靠拢是理性的选择。

更重要的,作为庞大的执政集团,联盟/国阵无论在政策制定与资源分 配方面都占尽先机,缺乏任何足以与之抗衡的世俗政治力量,教会与其“交好”是再自然不过的事。而且这个现象并不局限于基督教,回教以外的其他宗教也不例 外。

譬如马华公会近年就很重视佛教界,在日益回教化的环境中,黄家定、黄家泉和翁诗杰都极尽所能突出本身的佛教背景,似乎如此就能化解马哈 迪当年武断宣布马来西亚为回教国的宪法危机。

国内宗教的版图分布和强势的政府主导之外,1969年的513事件被执政者充分利用,违反人权 的法律逐一出台以防止民众质疑巫统的马来人议程,导致任何同宗教与种族有关的议题皆变得极度敏感。在回教徒占多数的国家,基督教会不得不谨言慎行,对政治 更退避三舍。

对于1987年10月的茅草行动中蒙难的在野党和华教人士,大家耳熟能详。可是又有多少人知道其中有位名为Poh Boon Sing的基督徒也无辜遭殃呢?不知道是情有可原的,因为教会普遍上对这个历史事件保持沉默,而这位基督徒后来当了牧师,全职牧养教会,从此不问政事。


308大选之后,不少年轻的基督徒开始反思政治的意涵,以及教会如何看待政治。他们不再满足于“为执 政掌权者祷告”或“记得履行公民投票的义务”等样板式的讲台教导,而渴望教会领袖能够提供更切合当下政治局势发展的信息。

教会如果要对年轻 的会众发挥更大的影响,就不能继续自我设限,视反对政治为畏途。

耶稣基督本身就是异议份子,其一生都在与政治体制抗衡。希律王要追杀他,犹 太教的宗教领袖也把他看作威胁,两者都欲除之而后快,以免他颠覆当时的政体和宗教层级(religious hierarchy)。

换句话 说,靠拢权势——无论国阵或民联——来求存从来就不是耶稣的本意。对遭受资本主义体制压迫的拉丁美洲信徒而言,耶稣是革命者;对经历过种族隔离政策的南非 基督徒,耶稣是黑人。耶稣的“颠覆性”,是坚定他们信仰的源头。

这不意味着教会必须凡事都与政府作对,但面对种种的压迫与滥权,基督徒选择 沉默只会遭致他人无积极意义的嘲笑,再多的信仰见证也不能改变外界负面的看法。 【参见:教会语言与思想枷锁:续谈基督 教徒的政教矛盾】

我反对政教合一,也相信耶稣的国不属这世界,但这不应该是基督徒对政治噤声的理由。“惟愿公平如大水滚滚, 使公义如江河滔滔”,以及“行公义、好怜悯、存谦卑的心与上帝同行”,都是基督徒在不公义的体制中无畏无惧发声的基础。


随着国家日益回教化,教会的不安与日俱增。虽然偶尔敢于表达对回教党的不满,面对巫统的霸权却束手无策。 毕竟从殖民地时代开始,教会就没有反对政权的习惯和传统。一旦有人尝试打破这个局面(例如吴吉平),教会领袖担心受波及,乃迫不及待地划清界限。

因此,诗巫卫理公会的领袖驳斥吴吉平的文章,完全是 意料中事。但指吴吉平“嚣张、口出狂言”,则未免言过其实。读了后者文章的人都会同意,其文笔谨慎持 平,而且极具说服力,没有丝毫挑衅的成份。

事实上,教会如果在真理上站得稳,应当理直气壮地告诉纳吉:“合理与合法的拨款,无任欢迎,但不 应该在竞选期间,因为这是违反选举法令的行为,我们不能陷你于不义。”

而纳吉如果真是开明与公正的首相,也必会明白并尊重教会的立场。何来 难为之处?

一个信靠全能上帝的人,不应该会担心讲了真话而得罪政府或政党。如果潘 霍华牧师(右图)勇于为信仰而殉道,我国教会领袖在必要时候向国阵或民联政府表达异议,又有何难?马来西亚当下的政局,难道会比纳粹德国更险峻?

很 显然,不少人敬畏上帝,但更害怕政府。得罪前者,大可祷告祈求饶恕;开罪后者,只怕连身家利益都要失去。

然而,基督徒不准备随时失去这一 切,又岂能得着所渴望的生命?(路加福音17:33)


读者来函 [2]


作者/Chopin 2010年05月28日 11:05 am

这事件发生的时机实在不容他们狡辩为只是一笔普通拨款,这很明显的这是一笔政治拨款(坦白点说就是贿选)。首先国阵选择在补选的竞选期如此高调拨款给这四 间诗巫教会,分明是收买诗巫人心的一着,因为诗巫有大量的卫理基督徒选民。不然他们为何不在乌雪或全国各地拨款给教会呢?

如果这四间教会 只是默默地接收“拨款”那或许还能说的过去。但四教会收到款项后竟然在报章上登广告感谢国阵政府,在补选的敏感期里这只能解读为一项配合国阵的竞选策略的 举动。

教会领袖想辩解登广告为感恩之举,试问登广告感谢别人奉献是教会的一般做法吗?如果不是,为何单单国阵能获得如此厚待?教会此举与 那些自甘向强权卑恭屈膝涂脂抹粉的团体有何分被别?登广告的效果是突出他们感谢上帝还是感谢国阵,会否影响选民的投票倾向?教会领袖在作出这个决定时动机 是否纯正无可指责,有没有对大局仔细衡量过?


提 醒东西马各教会:

3. 一个人不能事奉两个主;不是恶这个,爱那个,就是重这个,轻那个。你们不能又事奉神,又事奉玛门(玛门:财利的意思)。(马太福音6:24)
4. 上帝是行公义、好怜悯的,他对教会的期望也是如此。教会切忌成为多行不义者的帮凶。

二战时的德国教会,还有启示录里七间教会中大部分的下 场如何,堪为殷鉴。


作者/evo7kei 2010年05月28日 11:05 am


在 道场义务工作的经验,也让我更有信心想要协助马来西亚成为一个更公平和廉洁的国家。如果首相纳吉不以身作则,反而鼓励你用贿赂的方式来达到目的,根本就是 把真理颠倒。所有马来西亚人民的宗教信仰都被巫统的烂人来管理和摆布,我是不会妥协的。

唐南发和吴吉平的看法是超越宗教,并对国家社会怀 有关怀和为人民服务。不管我们是什么宗教教派也好,我们的信仰是不可以被烂纳吉来搞砸的。保持坚定和正确的宗教价值观都是我们信徒应该做的。如果还以什么 烂理由来支持错误的行为,那我觉得这宗教领导人也不配称职。

宗教人员应该要怀有服务和教育大众的态度,对抗不公义的事本就义不容辞。就拿 两则真实个案来告诉大家,中国佛教“弘一大师”在二战期间救国救民的精神,发挥慈悲心并与日军对抗。台湾佛光山“星云大师”也因为民进党陈水扁的腐败,在 2008年召回所有在海外的弟子回台湾投票并让民进党败选。

最后,我希望我们的国家所有不同宗教领导人会发起一个很强烈的信息给信徒,宗 教也可以让腐败的BN领导人下台!还有自称自己是虔诚的“佛教徒”的黄家定,黄家泉和马华的领导人,省点吧!我绝不容许佛教名义给你们搞到这样,回家忏悔 并隐退吧(虽然你们捐钱也弥补不了你们的罪业)。



我国宪法明言每个公民拥有宗教自由。首相纳吉的一个马来西亚理念,乃包含各族和各宗教共创 国家。首相对回教以外的宗教,显得开明。他出席宗教庆典,包括今天到十五碑锡兰佛寺出席卫塞节庆祝活动。作为一个基督徒,我希望政府能够设定完善制度拨款 给宗教团体、包括基督教会。

首先,须知在不少先进国,它们藉著给予基督教会优惠和恩惠,社会的罪恶和问题也相应地降低。在 这些国家,最受欢迎的移民和工作申请者就是牧师。因为它们知道这些人士是来帮助稳定社会问题的。或许 读者以为它们都是基督教国家,所以没甚么大惊小怪!不,全世界最大的回教国家印尼,除了极端的亚齐省和苏拉威西省外,其实对回教以外的宗教相当开放。基督 教会容易获得政府拨地建教堂。如果你是外国牧师在印尼表明身份的话,当地人包括回教徒都会尊敬你。

目前我国的罪案率很高,这些问题乃骨牌效应地造成各种社会问题。我国的警察人数以人口比例高居 国际前几名,但政府仍然说需要增加警察的人数,这只能治標不能治本。要社会良好,必须从教育著手。基督教会就可以扮演一个良好的角色,因为教会陶冶信徒成 为好公民。

基督徒都是提倡和平者,並且他们的圣经教导信徒必须为国家的和谐及掌权者祷告。当他们能够为这 些事项祷告时,很自然的也会以行动表现为一个爱国者。教会传教是一回事,但它们贡献社会不等於只为了传教,它们都是为缔造一个美好的国家而努力。

基督教会的共同点就是积极地参与社会事工,包括戒毒所、孤儿院、老人院、单亲妈妈收容所等。它 们大多数都是由教会承担一切开销的,其他没有开设这些事工的教会往往也会奉献资助它们。不过事工也会遇到经费不足的阻碍,结果一些宏图大计必须列入等候名 单。必须提出的一点是,那些曾经申请政府资助的事工,到后来大多数放弃靠政府,因为政府插手在行政里,导致事工不进反退。

2007年,格那拉再也前国会议员卢诚国曾通知一些教会领袖,每个基督教戒毒所可以获得政府每 年2000令吉拨款。但却因不是一种制度,结果不了了之。

我国的天主教和基督教的教会数目不少,若要达到拨款给每间教会將消耗国库大笔金钱,那是不实际 的。我作这样的建议:既然天主教有自己的总会,及基督教有不同宗派的总会,譬如神召会、卫理公会、圣公会、浸信会、信义会等,政府 可每年制度化拨一笔款项 给各总会。因为各总会清楚知道自己属下各堂会的需要,就把款项进行內部份配。若各宗派有社会事工的话,应增加若干比率拨款。

教会面对重大的问题之一是建堂,我们希望政府尽可能拨地给教堂。即使教会自费买地,也难获得政 府批准建堂,希望政府放宽通融批准。至於建造教堂或购买建筑物供崇拜所,政府可通过总会的申请,无论建筑物大小,一律给一个固定数目。至於教会的门牌税和 地税,把它们降低到每年一令吉象徵式的收费。


Thursday, May 27, 2010

教会应打击“选举才拨款”的买票做法 - 回应四所诗巫卫理公会











看了官佰永教会领袖的反驳吴吉平弟兄的呼吁后,我心里很为信仰的破裂难过,以下是我尝试综合补选、拨款与 信仰的立场提出个人意见,希望更多教会领袖关注参与讨论:我们的信仰如何建立在基督耶稣的真理与基础上。

根据 《当今大马》新闻报导“教会拒退还诗巫“糖果拨 款”反呛吴吉平嚣张且自鸣清高” (,我特别节录这段比较触动我信仰思绪的谈话。

“官佰永也辩称,若因为补 选而获得更多拨款,也可视为是上帝所赐的特别契机,过后再按教会需要,加几倍赐福教会,让教会恩上加恩。”

基 督徒们,上帝的恩典怎么可以是非不分,建立在别人的贫穷、落后与痛苦上的?就算是没有基督信仰的人,他们也会按着民主、公平、道德观念上衡量大选与补选应 该不应该收受礼物与金钱。

但是作为正信的基督徒,有十字架的恩典与真理的基督教会,公然把影响选民投票的金钱当 着上帝所赐。做为当地教会与地方领袖(基督徒应该在属灵与世俗的责任上让人认识我们是跟随基督耶稣的门徒)竟然看不到收取了补选期间的金钱带来的效应?对 许多知识与政治水平一般的人来说是可能拨款代表善政、代表政府体贴人民,这样可以让许多选民对投票有完全相反的认识。这一票可能就是因为教会有拨款而看不 到,许多人的痛苦、水灾等等民生问题,而这原本就不应该在补选才大发热心的!

当这位教会领袖借用安华也鼓励人民 收取国阵的金钱与拨款来说明吴吉平弟兄嚣张,正好说明了,这位教会执事主席,根本分不清安华或民联要求民众接受国阵各种各样的金钱或物质,是要人民认清这 些东西原本就属于人民的,别忘了,民联领袖呼吁人民在国阵领袖主动给予,不但要加倍的索取,还不要忘记把票投给能够为人民做事的民联或人民心目中真正为民 服务的候选人。这里的意义是,当没有任何法律或执法单位命令国阵停止,在选举期间以金钱、物质等等来利诱人民的选票,民联领袖就必须教育人民选票是投给真 正用心经营政治的人民领袖。作为教会领袖的官佰永弟兄,不可能没有属灵的眼光与耶稣基督的公义来看待,民主选举必须在公平、透明化与符合人民需求的最基本 的公平平台。

一旦教会在补选期间接受一笔的金钱,不管在什么用途都不会荣耀上帝,因为这样的举动有几个层面招致 对自己教会牧者的羞辱。

1.如果教会领袖非常肯定诗巫选区的5万4695选民都能够分辨接受国阵的礼物、拨款是 与没有接受是没有分别的,那么教会在这时候接受国阵的拨款是否是基督教会的好见证?上帝要我们行公义、好怜悯存谦卑的心与上帝同行(弥6:8)。那些没有 接到拨款的群众与没有投票资格的他们是否因此没有得到官弟兄说的上帝的所赐,还是国阵领袖这样做根本扭曲了选举应该以政策、辩论及实事求是的选举态度来公 平竞争?

2.如果教会认为在补选期间接受拨款没有影响选举公平,为什么不能在选举后才接受拨款?教会的举动是否 已经失去做人民老板(选民决定候选议员命运)的尊严?作为地上的基督徒我们有比没有信仰的人更大的属灵透视力与社会责任感。就算我们有些人不能同意民联的 政策或作风,也应该让人民可以公平、透明度的选出真正的人民代议士,这样的道理不可能教会领袖比其他人更不懂的。

3. 教会怎么解释耶稣说的怜悯人的人有福了,因为他们必蒙怜悯?到底教会该与(怜悯)更多没有得到基本照顾的诗巫人民同在,还是先领取拨款?在这补选期间,最 重要的难道不是让人民充分的善用民主投票权来争取福利与国家(诗巫是国会选区)的政策能够平等对待全国人民?教会不是要教育人民做一个有尊严的人,做一个 讨上帝喜悦有尊严有担当的人吗?教会不是要以圣经真理教导社区人民关于怎么让上帝国度行在地上如同天上吗?

到底 我们基督徒怎么思想,如果社区人民连基本的公共设施都不足,连西马的一般记者都洒泪当场。请问基督的教会如何形容上帝的国就在苦难的人民中间?拥有设备齐 全及漂亮教堂的教会与信徒及领袖们,是否把握机会教育或帮助软弱的人民善用公民权利来争取现在中产阶级基督社群所拥有比基本人权更好的祝福?

最后关于教会领袖退休后应该尊重现任领袖的说法,我个人不敢苟同。我们相信教会遴选领袖都必须经过迫切的祷告、信徒的见 证、领袖的德行、教会连接祷告与信仰认知的接纳等等过程。因此教会领袖退休只是上帝兴起新的领袖,不表示过去的领袖就不能在信仰或属灵事工上给予教会劝告 与提醒。我认为用一般世界的领袖任免来看待属灵领袖的看法是不符合圣经一贯教导,同时不懂得感恩上帝,因为那些在上帝面前为义而说话的神的仆人使女。

政治认识方面,大家政见可能不尽相同,但是却不能对信仰的核心价值与感恩的对象有如此大的分歧。我想在信仰的认知上首 先我们感恩的是上帝的创造、耶稣基督的救恩与圣灵的感动。在这拨款事情上教会所做的已经是理亏,怎么还先感恩予不尊重选民的国阵,这不是本末倒置吗?


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


前基督教联合会主席吴吉平批评4家诗巫卫理公会,在补选时接受政府175万拨款的言论,掀起教会的反弹, 其中一个教会更反批吴吉平嚣张及自鸣清高。

吴吉平也是公正党纪律委员会成员,他日前发表一篇《我们不接受这种钱》(,呼吁诗巫的4所教 会秉持基督教精神,拒绝国阵在诗巫补选期间派发的“糖果拨款”。

经过部落格及网络媒体的广泛转载后,其中一家受 惠教会的负责人挺身反击吴吉平的言论。



“吴吉平身为一个教会领袖,尚未向教会了解真相,只凭自已的想像及猜测,就如此批判教会,攻击教会无良知。他这种自鸣清高成何体统? ”

官佰永也是诗巫卫理福善社社长,他表示,教会是否可以接受政府的拨款见仁见智,但政府的钱绝对干净,因为这都是人民的税收所得,更何况教会都 是以正常程序申请而获批准,没有涉及任何交易或附带条件。

至于在领受了款项后在报章刊登致谢,官佰永辩称,这也 完全符合信仰的教导,以体现感恩的行为。

他也辩称,若因为补选而获得更多拨款,也可视为是上帝所赐的特别契机,过后再按教会需要,加几倍赐福教会,让教会恩上 加恩。




官佰永强调,本身 绝对认同吴吉平所说,即政府应建立良好制度给予各团体协助,拒绝拜票性的拨款。

不过,他反呛吴吉平,在批评政府 的同时,试问民联的政策是什么?

他也质疑吴吉平是以哪一个身份发言。他说,若吴吉平是以前基督教联合会主席的身 份发言,那就应该了解,一个领袖卸任之后,就不应再代表该组织发言。

“否则他的言论不但不具代表性,也是对该组 织现有领袖的不敬。”

“若吴吉平是以公正党纪律委员会成员的身份发言,那其言论就更无意义,因他已被自己的政治 思想及理念所影响,被自己的政治议程所渗透。更何况政治人物,包括该党精神领袖安华都不反对团体向政府要求拨款。”


Tuesday, May 25, 2010



姑勿论诗巫国会 议席补选的结果如何,报导所述投票日前夕颁发一百七十五万马币特别拨款给四个卫理公会的事,作为一个卫理公会的会友,我感到非常不安,我相信许多基督徒也与 我有同感。

当权的,无论任何政党, 落到要在选举期间大抛特殊拨款给选区内各领域,博 取选民支持以增加票数始终是令人困扰的。这 种最后一分钟的努力,尝试让人以为是同情和关注某个特定群体选民的行为简直不诚实、虚伪和伪善。真有诚意的执政者会有一个既定的制度衡量问 题和各个选民的需要,并有足够的预算,井然有序、透明、公平和有效地分配,并计划如何解决当地的问题。竞选活动进行时,大笔的公款 能突然变出来供运用,人民的需要突然会引起当权者的特别关注令人匪夷所思。

宗教群体,穆斯 林或非穆斯林面对的困境、需求和须关注的问题是大家有目共睹的。若有诚意、公正并妥善地处理,它们不会成为选举的课题。同样道理,某 个族群面对的困境或多年未解决的民生问题和威胁如水灾、道路情况等也就不会被提出来。因此,最后一分钟选举糖果特别拨款意味着当局默认缺乏正确和诚实的规划和实 施。

除此之外,在投 票日前夕提供特殊拨款给四个诗巫卫理教会尤其教我耿耿于怀。我是基督徒,更是卫理公会的会员,该宗派远在国家 未独立之前已经在各个领域包括透过教育服务人民,尤其显著的是女性教育的推广,我的母亲就是其中一位受惠者。

我感到很痛心, 也十分关注针对这特殊拨款的言论。发言者不仅关心诗巫和马来西亚,也关心这令人哗然的一幕可能影响教会的良好声 誉。以下是一 些评论:

Jin Chuah令人担心的地方是一百七十五万马币的拨款分发给诗巫四间卫理教会可能造成尚未投票的基督徒不露面。

陈:上帝在看着诗巫,但他对国阵的糖果无可奈 何。

阿邦阿 迪:就 像我昨晚说,上帝让钱给比下去了。而卫理公会领了这笔国阵的贿赂再次证明,比起钱,上帝算不得什么。你们这班民联家伙,你们只会等奇迹出现。那么,今天发生的奇迹是$$$$$$。金钱会说话,金钱会走动...

Fairplay Lee
所有的基督徒弟兄姐妹不要受骗,醒觉起来 投票支持正义和求圣灵引导。

失望:联邦基金调拨一百七十五万至四教堂不是从 国阵袋子拿出来的,它原本就是人民的钱。你们不要以为钱来得迟。投票前想想诗巫子民。

阿卡:圣诞老人把数以百万计的钱给教会,每 个贫穷的伊班人只得六百令吉 。下一轮也许每个伊班人可以获得六千令吉,每间教会六百令吉。不知道牧师们会不会因这百万的金钱 败坏?

Kumar. Pg一百七十五万的贿金,基督徒是不是把宗教操守当掉给巫统了?

阿尼尔:如果你问我,我不认为诗巫教会 应该在竞选期间接受这笔拨款,即使他们的追随者仍然可以自由投票,要知道这是贿选,无论是收买的一方和被收买的都要负责(虽 然人们可以体谅那些迫切需要钱的人的状 况)。但我不认为教会正处在这种水深火热中。他们蒙召要持守一个更高的标准,为他人树立榜样,拒绝任何形式的腐败。 这样可以教训那些行贿的:有些东西金钱是买不到的。

灯光投射之下无 论是对是错,不分宗派,将会影响整个马来西亚的基督教会。马来西亚人都在注视着我们,或开声或静默,等着看我们在这种情况下怎么办。他 们在等待一个明确的立场。这事发生在诗巫,但其后果会影响极其深远。它甚至不只是关乎基督教社区本身,而是影响我国的选举进行方式以 及在选举期间,并甚至其它时候人民的言行。

我谨呼吁在这次 事件直接涉及的教会: 如果这一切报道是错误的,根本没有发生这样的事,请站出来直言。如果这是真的,他们给了,你们也 拿了,全数退回给他们。 我们不接受这种钱。教会穷就穷吧(如教堂老鼠),但如《箴言》告诉我们,贫穷但快乐因为 问心无愧。

我也诚恳地呼吁 所有马来西亚教会,通过马来西亚基督教协会(CFM):请让我们向国家和世界发出一个明确,不含糊和永不更改的信息 作为公民和纳税人,我们应有这权利实践和 遵行我们的宗教信念,以和平和有秩序的方式,享有我们应该得到的合理资源分配。我们欢迎任何当政者,在恰当的时候以开明的态度与我 们坐下来商讨,了解我们的宗教和我们这社群的需要,还有我们关切的崇拜场所、丧葬地点和马来文圣经问题,以及我们将如何继续透过社会 关怀,服务全体有需要的马来西亚人。 公平地提供我们应得的设施和资源,但请不要在补选前夕给我们特别拨款我们不接受这种钱。不必 了,谢谢你们,不要在这种情况下。

不然的话,我们 所发出给政府,无论是现任或将来的,无论是国阵或民联的信息将是那以基督为名的教会将会在这样的情况下接受这种钱:你们出价吧,我们可以收这 样的拨款。我们鼓励参加竞选各造用金钱赢取选票,有出更高价的吗?

基督的教会向所 有的人宣扬在一切事上维持基督的道德价值观和标准。基督信仰的标准既然这么崇高,教会就必须持守自己所标榜的标准。


来源: (刊登于2010517日)

原著:We Don’t Take Such Money

Writer: Goh Keat Peng



注:受惠的四所卫 理公会是:

En Tao Methodist Church,
Tien Tao Methodist Church, RM500,000
Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church RM400,000
Hwai Ang Tong Methodist Church RM350,000

Friday, May 21, 2010

Christians to Unite for Global Day of Prayer

In Malaysia, the Global Day of Prayer (GDOP)is held at Selangor Shah Alam Indoor Stadium on 23rd May at 6.30 p.m. The coordiator National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF) distributed 12,000 tickets to various Churches. Although admission to the event is free, those interested need to obtain tickets for security purposes.

In Malaysia, the GDOP only started in 2006 among the evangelical Churches and each year it was hosted by different Churches, hence only a limited number of people could be present. This year the NECF has brought the event to a larger venue.

In conjunction with the event, NECF has invited the Election Commission to participate in voters registration.


Thursday, 20 May 2010 02:36 PM
EDT Adrienne S. Gaines News - Featured News

Hundreds of thousands of Christians worldwide are expected to participate in the 10th annual Global Day of Prayer being held Sunday.

Founder Graham Power will host a large-scale gathering at the Newlands Rugby Stadium in Cape Town, South Africa, where the first Global Day of Prayer was held in 2001.

"People just have such an expectation," Power told Charisma. "I have such an expectation that God is going to do something really dynamic."

The event is inspired by 2 Chronicles 7:14—"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land"—and is expected to have participation from every nation.

Participants will pray about the global HIV/AIDS pandemic, crime and government corruption, among other things. But Power said uniting the world in prayer is just the first part of a plan God showed him in a series of visions.

The second aspect-promoting integrity among Christians in church, business and political leadership-will officially kick off Sunday via a Web site dubbed (

The "waves" of awakening will lead to a revival "bigger and greater than what we have ever yet seen," said Power, who discusses the history of the global prayer day in his book, Not by Might, Nor by Power (Creation House). "I don't know what God's timing is, but He has shown that Africa would be a light to the world, as crazy as that sounds. ... I am very expectant that there's going to be something very dynamic that will develop from here."

The global prayer day will be preceded by 10 days of continuous prayer, and a three-day conference featuring Michael W. Smith and international prayer leaders such as Harvest Evangelism founder Ed Silvoso and Generals International co-founder Cindy Jacobs began Wednesday in Cape Town.

The South Africa Global Day of Prayer gathering will be broadcast live on GOD TV.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

In God We Trust of In Government We Trust?

At Sibu Parliamentary Seat by-election, PM Najib made a grant of RM1.75 million to four Methodist Churches, they were:
En Tao Methodist Church, RM500,000
Tien Tao Methodist Church, RM500,000
Sing Ang Tong Methodist Church RM400,000
Hwai Ang Tong Methodist Church RM350,000

Prime Minister Najib was desperate to clean-sweep all by-elections when he made his way to campaign personally. He just had a good time in USA meeting with President Barack Obama. So sailing on that glory he campaigned confidently in Ulu Selangor. BN won by a majority of 1725 votes. But it was not Barisan Nasional's "excellent" policies that resulted in the victory. Instead it was money politics. It was estimated that he pumped into the constituency a hefty RM170 million. Many of the BN promises are yet to fulfill.

With the victory in Ulu Selangor, he was convinced that the bribery-election is always a magic that worked and would work again, this time round, in Sibu. He found out that more than half of the voters in Sibu were Christians. He also found out that the Christians were inclined to support DAP.

So Najib resorted to please the Christians, especially the Chinese Christians. And he made a grant of RM1.7 million to 4 Methodist Churches. I was disappointed that the Churches accepted the money!

Our Constitution guarantees freedom of religion for all citizens. As such, the government is obliged to be fair in making grants to all religious bodies. Sad to say that it was not true. Churches in Malaysia are self-survived! Some Churches did sometimes receive grants from the Government, but it was only a handful of them.

Why were the 4 Methodist Churches given the grant out of the blues? The money was not a regular allocation. It happened, simply because a by-election was taking place at the town where the Churches were located. So Najib's message had an implication - Isn't the BN Government cared for the Churches? So please vote BN as a returned favor. Or if you don't feel comfortable to reject us, don't vote, just stay at home. Yes, the grants were not money from UMNO or BN. They were taken from the treasury.

It was absolutely wrong to use public funds to achieve a party's goal. I hope that Christians in future elections will go to the poll to vote for justice. We should not be moved with sweet goodies along the way, be they from BN or Pakatan Rakyat (PR). We pray for the dawning of a better Malaysia which is free from corruption, injustice, rotten judiciary, racial prejudice, religious prejudice, manipulations of Government Institutions like the Police Force and Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission.

Accepting the money would mean that our God no more important. We don't want to inherit the spirit of Esau. Esau sold his first-born right with a mere bowl of red bean soup. Should Churches sell away our right to vote for a better future for our next generations with earthly bribes?

Christians, just ask ourselves, do we practice "In God We Trust" or "In Government We Trust"? If we put our faith in the earthly institutions, God won't work! I know that many Churches need a lot of funds to run their institutions. Nevertheless we should always turn our eyes upon Jesus Christ. I pray that Christians will not depart from faith in God. Sometimes it can happen even through the insincerity of liars whose consciences are seared.

Monday, May 17, 2010

We Don't Take Such Money

by Goh Keat Peng

Regardless of the results of the Sibu parliamentary by-elections, the reported “special grants” of RM1.75 million to four Methodist churches on the eve of polling day is very troubling to me as a Christian who attends a Methodist church and I am sure to many other Christians.

It is always troubling when a sitting government, regardless of which party, has to resort to dishing out “special grants” to various sections of the constituency involved in an election for the sole purpose of increasing their votability. Such last-minute attempts to be seen as being sympathetic to the concerns and needs of specific sectors of voters is dishonest, insincere and hypocritical. A sitting government which is genuinely sincere would have had a system in place to gauge issues and needs of the respective voters and to have an orderly, transparent, fair and effective way of allocating adequate budget and plans to resolve problems on the ground. It is difficult to see how large sums of public money could suddenly become available or that the people’s needs could suddenly catch the eyes of the powers that be only when election campaigns are on.

The issues, needs and concerns faced by religious communities, Muslim as well as non-Muslim, are there for all to see. If sincerely, fairly and properly dealt with, they would not become election issues. Likewise, issues facing particular ethnic communities or perennial problems and threats such as floods, road conditions, etc. Therefore, last minute “election goodies” and “special grants” are tacit admissions of lack of proper and honest planning and implementation on the part of a sitting government.

Apart from all this, the matter of offering “special grants” to the four Methodist churches in Sibu on the eve of polling day is especially troubling to me on account of the fact that I am a Christian and a member of the Methodist Church, a denomination which among other things have served the people of this country well before its independence in various social fields including education and especially the education of women one of whom was my own mother.

I was saddened and very concerned about comments that were made regarding these “special grants” by concerned citizens who not only care about Sibu and Malaysia but also about the possibility of how this blatantly desperate episode could also affect the churches’ good name. Here are a few samples of such comments:

Jin Chuah: The worry part is RM1.75 million of Federal
allocation has channeled into 4 Methodist churches in
Sibu resulting those christians who yet to cast their votes
may not turn up.

Tan: god is watching SIBU”, but he is helpless with BN’s goodies.

Abang Adek: Like I said last night, God is nothing compared to money. And the Methodist Churches who took the bribes from the BN only prove again to all, that God is nothing compared to money. You PR guys only hope in miracles. Well, the miracle happening today is the miracle of $$$$$$. Money talks, Money walks…

Fairplay Lee: All christian brothers and sisters do not be cheated and wake up and vote for justice and be guided by the holy spirit.

Disappointed: the RM1.75 million Federal Fund channelled to 4 churches is not BN pocket money but rightfully the rakyat’s money. Dont u think the money comes a bit too late. Think Sibuan b4 casting yr votes.

Aca: santa… gives millions to churches and only RM600 per head to poor Ibans. Next round maybe Ibans get RM6,000 per head and RM600 per church. Wonder whether the pastors can be corrupted by the millions?

Kumar. Pg: Dengan rasuah sebanyak RM1.75m,
adakah orang kristian akan meyerahkan maruah
ugama mereka kepada UMNO?

Anil: If you ask me, I don’t think the churches in Sibu should
have accepted those grants during the election campaign period -
even if their followers can still vote as they please. After all, this is
vote-buying and both the buyer and the recipient need to be
responsible (though one can understand the circumstances of those
who desperately need the money). But I don’t think the churches are
in such desperation. They are called to uphold a higher standard and
should set an example to others by rejecting corruption in all its forms.
It would also be a telling lesson to those who offer them the money -
that there are some things that money just cannot buy.

The spot light rightly or wrongly is therefore very much on the Christian Church in Malaysia regardless of denomination or communion. Malaysians are watching us and wondering aloud or silently, waiting to see what we will do under these circumstances, waiting for a clear word from us. This happened in Sibu but its ramifications will be much wider in scope and depth. It is not even just to do with the Christian community as such but how elections are conducted in the country and how we conduct ourselves during elections and at other times.

I respectfully appeal to the churches directly involved in this episode:
If it isn’t true and it didn’t happen, then please say so.
If it is true, offered and received, give it all back.
WE DON’T WANT SUCH MONEY. Let the church be poor (as a church mouse) but
as the Book of Proverbs say, poor but happy keeping a clear conscience.

I also respectfully appeal to all Malaysian churches through the Christian Federation of Malaysia:
Please let us send a clear, unmistakeable and irrevocable message to the country and the world. As citizens and tax-payers we deserve to practise and observe our religious faith in peaceful and orderly fashion and we should get reasonable amounts of resources to enable us to do so. Any sitting government is welcome to sit down with us, discuss and understand in a timely and civil way our religion and our community’s needs and concerns regarding places of worship, burial grounds and our bibles in Bahasa Malaysia as well as how we will continue to serve all Malaysians in need through our social services. Provide the facilities and resources justly due to us but please don’t give us “special grants” only at the eve of by-elections. WE DON’T TAKE SUCH MONEY. No, thank you. Never under such circumstances.

Otherwise, we will be sending the message to the government, present or future, BN or PR, that the church which bears the name of Christ is ever willing to take money under such circumstances: “Make us an offer, we are open to such funding. We encourage electioneering where money is utilised as a means to win votes. Is there a higher bid?”

The Christian Church preaches moral values and standards in all things to all people. It wants to take the moral high ground. It must therefore be subjected to the same high moral standards which it espouses.

We serve a risen saviour whose birth in human form was in a humble manger because there was no room in the inn for his parents. Let us stay true to our calling.


Thursday, May 13, 2010








Malaysia to Regain the Identity of a Rainbow Nation

Today is the 41st Anniversary of May 13. It was a day of Racial Riots.

There is nothing worth to commemorate on this date. As a Christian I would pray for the peace in Malaysia.

Malaysia was used to be a model country in racial harmony. But today she needs a fresh touch by the Lord. It used to be harmonious in the 1950s and 60s until May 13 in 1969. The conflict marked a scar in this multiracial country. Thence each race began to keep a distance from the other.

Despite of ethnic diversity we could live in unity. Such is an identity of Rainbow Nation. We must struggle to bring Malaysia into a new dimension. Not only to bring back the departed glorious days, when different races ate, played and worked together, but to also mobilize people into the world to promote harmony.

We would want to see all wealth of the country is equally shared among the people in the country. We want to bless everyone both at home and abroad.

In this posting, I have included 2 photos on today's calendar. Coincidentally on the right side of the calendar (se pic below) was a Chinese proverb which reads "Jia pin si liang qi, Guo luan si zhong chen." The first sentence means "When the household is in poverty, you will think of a good wife. And the second one means "When the nation is in havoc, you will think of good officials." I believed God has a purpose to allow me discovered the proverb. Before the foundation of the world God has already put it on this calendar!

So can you see now that it is crucial to pray for good leaders to rise up to govern the nation? We need leaders who have a heart for the country instead of selfish gain. These are the people who would want to see a better Malaysia coming to pass.

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她在中国曾艰难地逃亡了十个月的時间,据说中国沿诲城市曾在那段時间抓到了几十个“柴玲”。逃亡对一个二十四岁的女孩子并不轻松, 那不是电影中的惊险片断,而是真实的危险和死亡的威胁。


离婚不久她受到更大的打击,她做军医的母親和她深爱的祖母在痛苦的思念中相继去世,记得她母親去世那天是柴玲的生日,我从普林斯顿医院逃出来去看她,她哭著说: 妈妈二十五岁生了我,而当我二十五岁生日時她却离开了我,都怪我……那晚突然停电了,她点燃了一只红蜡烛,我们在烛光下泪水中默默地伴她遥祭自己的母親。对于我们这些天安门一代,哪一个人不对家和亲人亏欠和内疚?很多人的親人失去了地位和工作,甚至失去了生命,这重担足够我们担一生的。


我是当时少有的几个站出来为她讲话的人,我认为那种屠杀的责任在学生一方的说法就象是指责一个被奸杀的少女一样:谁叫她反抗了?没看到强奸者手中有刀吗?听话不就没事了吗?…… 这些强盗的理论竞然被视为正常,好像世界历史上只有中国的精英站在政治 操作的层面上指责被污辱被屠杀的人,这是中国知识分子的悲哀,因为他们思想中只有利益沒有正义。这些人不象人!在金钱和权力的诱 惑面前中国知识精英几乎集体犬儒,集体出卖了良知,直到有一个叫邓月娇的女孩子向这种理论说“不”。


我的精神很坚强, 但我的肉体很软弱。” “父啊,让若愿意,就把这杯撤去,然而,不要成就我的意思,只要成就你的意思。”( 路加福音 22 :42) 耶稣说的“杯”,指的是十字架上的苦难和死亡。既然上帝的亲身儿子的真情都从未遭 到过非难,何况柴玲是人不是神,她只是一个23岁的年轻女孩子。我们为什麽要痛斥柴玲的语言哪?

今天信主后的柴玲虽然曾经备受煎熬,但并不怪罪人们对她的痛斥,她认为这是人们不了解历史真相的原因,大多数的人们还是善良公正的。像基督在临行前的另一句话一样,“主啊,原谅他们, 因为他们做的是他们不知道的。” 但是, 我们不能继续容忍无意无知和有意误导。试想一下,如果圣经里面只记载了耶稣先前的挣扎,不记载耶稣战胜恐惧,最后毅然自愿无故,毫无反抗地走上十字架一样,用他自己的受难和死亡去为我们赎罪,完成上帝的旨意,给他挚爱的人类一个永生的机会,那我们对耶稣的认识会是多么的片面。事实上,就像耶稣最后的时刻一样,在5月28号上午柴玲说过那些求生的话,她以为那是她人生最后的一刻,因为她准备离开广场,去从事更危险地劝阻军队的计划。那些日子里,外人不知,广场在媒体和人群的包围下,是最安全的。她希望万一出事之后,世人不会误解我们追求的是死亡。但她下午听到反对的建议,就立即放弃了离开广场的计划,从此始终留在广场,直到6月4号清晨,柴玲跟天安门广场最后的几千名学生一起,自愿地放弃了她求生的愿望,放弃了她对挚爱的父母、年迈的奶奶、幼小的弟妹和年轻的丈夫的眷恋,坦然和坚定地在广场的纪念碑下面对机枪和坦克,准备为热爱的祖国和陌生的同胞的新生和自由献身。 她从没有丢下同学们逃跑,更没有逃进外国大使馆或几天前就逃到了东南沿海等待偷渡。她一直坚持在广场直到6月3号晚上面对机枪坦克,在六四清晨多数同学做出撤离的决定,她才带领同学们在枪口和军队包围中走出广 场,而且她走在第一排,那是最危险的一排,如果军人开枪,她会第一个死。同胞们,这是多么了不起的勇气和献身,这是柴玲和天安门一代,对我们同胞姐妹们奉献的多么大的爱啊!

难道是因为她说出了大家共同的求生愿望我们就任由魔鬼摆布,硬不面对她最后战胜恐惧,勇敢地一直坚持在广场,面对死亡的真相?难道我们堂堂中华儿女,会硬让谎言蒙住我们的双眼,任由人们对柴玲和她代表的的天安门兄妹的勇气和献身抹黑,涂炭?!确实,柴玲和我们都没法解释为什麽很多同胞牺牲,我们却允许生还。尤其是备受磨难的天安门母亲们。这也是她这么多年来一直被深压在生存罪过感的苦海里的原因。作为一个目击者和幸存,我知道6月4日清晨,在硝烟和弹屑中,我们一起最后走出天安门广场,走到北京大学,在我们后面的是肆虐追逐的的坦克,又夺取了十几个同学的生命和身体。柴玲直到把活下来的同学全部带回学校,总指挥的任务结束以后,才开始了走向了她个人后来才知道的在中国大江南北,艰辛逃亡的十月生涯。直到在最后一刻,她被 关在一个船的木箱里4天5夜才死里逃生,历尽艰险逃出生天。所以我认为,她能如此神奇地活下来,只能归功于上帝的恩典。

面对对柴玲的漫骂与指责, 作为七尺男儿,我不忍心让一个在那场运动中失去了家庭失去了母亲奶奶的弱小的女孩儿单独背天安门屠杀的十字架!我只所以站出来说真话,不为别的,只求良心的平静。

柴玲没有邓月娇的修脚刀,她选择了沉默,从那以后,那个小鸟般快乐的小丫头不见了,柴玲从媒体和人们视线中消失了,她不再与任何人联系,也不再相信任何朋友和战友,她将自已裹的严严的,恐怕再一次被所谓的“战友”和 “自由媒体”伤害。连我也十几年未见到她。


去年在华盛顿六四二十周年对死难者的祈祷会上,我看见了柴玲,在《奇异恩典》的歌声中她泪流满面,我从台上走下来和她握手拥抱,那天我按手为她祷告,封锁和其他的几位成为了基督徒的同学们也一起按手在她身上,祈求上帝来引导柴玲的灵魂。那一 刻,圣灵感动我,终有一天她会再被我们心怀无边的神找到,和我们站在一起,成为上帝的儿女。我相信,无论这个世界有多少患难、困苦、逼迫、孤独、冷漠,都不能使我们与 神的爱隔绝。我相信有一天,我们会在基督的国度中聚集!

正象使徒保罗所说的那样:“谁能使我们与基督的爱隔绝呢。难道是患难麽,是困苦麽,是逼迫麽,是饥饿麽,是赤身露体麽,是危险麽,是刀剑麽。…… 然而靠着我们的主,在这一切的事上,已经得胜有馀了。”( 罗马书 8:35-37)。

那次祷告会是2009 年6月4日夜晚,整整六个月过后的2009年12月4日,柴玲的心灵被主的慈悲和恩典感动,决志接受耶稣为主,成为主的女儿。感谢主,神听了我们的祷告。哈利路亚!

昨天,柴玲传来她的见证,那是她为受洗和德州一次中美基督徒聚会中准备的,她当時使用的是英文稿,后由德州的弟兄姐妹译成中文。她告诉我她在刚做完一个牙龈手术后,忍痛一鼓作气,靠神的启示,用了六个小时就写完了这个见证。我今天将这个见证 推荐给弟兄姐妹,让我们为她祷告,让神的爱除去她过去生活中一切的伤害,让神的灵引导她一生爱主、跟随主、事奉主,荣耀主!

“若有人在基督里,他就是一个新造的人,旧事已过,都变成新的了。” 阿门!

2010 年 4 月 28 日华盛顿郊区


我叫柴玲,2010年4月4日,在纪念主耶稣复活的日子里,我在波士顿受洗成为上帝的儿女,主耶稣的门徒。我亲爱的丈夫和孩子们以及众多的主内弟兄姐妹一起见证了这一時刻。当牧师奉圣父、圣子、圣灵的名为我施洗時,主的爱、神的灵立刻充满了我,从未有过的喜乐和释放从我内心涌流。我由衷地对主说:主啊,我感谢你救我脱离罪恶,脱离人世和捆绑而成 为一个新造的人,我愿望一生一世跟随你、事奉你、荣耀你!

1966年,在中国史无前例的文革爆发前夕,我出生在山东省沿海 的一个小渔村里 ,我的父母是一对年轻的中国人民解放军的军医。尽管文革时整个中国到处是混乱和恐怖,成千上万无辜的人被折磨和摧残,我的家庭在部队里基本上躲过了这场风暴。我对童年的记忆就是孤独。父母亲经常被排到穷苦的农村或地震或其他灾区去抢救那些比我们更不幸的人们,像标语里说的那样:“救死扶伤,治病救人,实行革命的人道主义。”小时候生病难过最需要父母在身边的时候,他们经常派遣在外不能在身边照顾我 们。

虽然小孩子的我不全了解父母工作的重要性,但童年的经历使我对他们的献身工作的精神很尊敬,父母的身体力行也使毛主席语录里的教诲在我的幼小心灵里扎根:热爱祖国,热爱人民,随时准备为了一个共产主义的远大理想去牺牲个人的利益甚至包括牺牲个人的生命。那个时候跟很多同龄人一样,我从来没有想到要怀疑伟大领袖对远大理想的定义和说法,也没有真正体会到牺牲的全部含义。虽然现在了解到,想做好事的原因和动机 是上帝与我们同在的表现,但那个时候我们并不认识上帝。那个时候我们是不允许认识上 帝的。记得小时候提及“上帝”的书都被列为 禁书,按列宁的话:“宗教是统治者用来麻醉人民的鸦片”,是资本主义麻醉人民的邪恶工具,“上帝”是一个不可公开传颂的字眼。结果是,一个没有上帝的社会里,很少有爱。在我长大走出的军队营房时,我才了解 到这个社会上到处都有仇恨,怀疑和恐怖,没有想到成人的社会里比幼时更孤独。毛主席去世后,文化大革命终于结束了,新领导人鼓励教育和改革。在短暂的一段时期内,我们国家充满了希望和活力。那个时候,我们家对教育的重视以及孤独的童年使我成为了一个 好学生。昼夜不息的学习和努力使我成了个典型的永远没有安全感总在不断努力的好学生。17岁的时候,我跳级进入中国最好的大学北京大学学习,成为中国极少数的全国三好学生中的一员,实现了父母和祖先“赶考进京,科学救国”的梦想。




一天傍晚,他进到一个很偏远的村子里。这个村子又穷又偏僻,女孩子长大都嫁到 外地去,几十年来还没有一个媳妇娶进来。村里穷得叮当响,连鸟从天上过也不下来歇歇 脚。突然有这么一个大学生骑着自行车闯进来,全村人都惊喜的不得了。村里的长老把大 家召集到一个用土坯和麦梗搭起的草棚里,这个研究生和长老被围在中心,农民很敬畏的把一个用黑色油毡的包裹被送到他的身边。老村长小心地一层一层地打开,生怕弄坏了,原来里面是一本很旧的圣经,已经发黄和破碎,是四十年前解放初期,外国传教士被迫离开中国时留下的。这些年来,历经那些运动,村民们一直冒着生命危险保存着这本圣经。遗憾的是,村里能识字的人或者过世了,或者离开了,这些年来,村民们没有一个人能看书写字,每次礼拜时他们都是用手摸一下包在油毡里的圣经,用手的触摸与上帝的精神进行沟通。现在终于这么一个有知识有学问的大学生从天上掉下来,村民们的祈祷终于被听到了。感觉到上帝听到他们的呼声更加鼓舞了这些贫苦和绝望的人们,他们更殷切地想知道圣经里面都说些什么。那天晚上,这个研究生借着微弱的油灯,读呀,读呀,那些村民们站着望着他,如饥似渴地听着从他嘴里读出的每一个词;他们一动不动地听着,直到窗外破晓。村民们得回田里干活了,他们不情愿地离开了。


我那时还是一个在校园里干劲十足试图同时干很多事的年经女大学生,但这个故事让我停了下来。我被他所看到的感动了,吸引那些村民的精神也强烈地吸引了我。因为我们从小到大一直被要求要热爱共产党领导人和毛主席,我看到人们做的一切都是出于害怕或无奈,从来没有看到人们公开表现出的这样一种真诚强烈的忠诚和信仰。同时由于另外 一些我时至今日都不能理解的原因,我的生活已经改变并且慢慢失去控制。





在1989年春天的那50天里,我看到了希望和爱带给人的力量,在一个炎热的夏日,一个贫穷羞涩的男人硬塞进我手里五元钱让我买些水给我的学生们喝,在那一瞬间,我理解了这是他爱的表达。当我把他的爱变成买来的冰棍水的时候,饥渴疲劳游行的同学们也唤起了爱和温暖。同学们的爱和温暖又传进了更多北京人的心里。这份爱和温暖融化了很多年来的仇恨和不理解, 唤起了更多人的爱和温暖,于是,整座北京,整个中国,整个世界都被爱和希望的力量和希望所笼罩,在哪短短的50天里,我们冲破了魔鬼用仇恨,暴力,孤立和恐惧制造的枷锁,真正体会到做自由人的尊严和美好。那个时刻,我们也找到了真相:我们爱人民,人们也同样会爱我们。我们爱祖国,那么祖国和其他许多国家也会爱我们。甚至北京的小偷们也发起了罢工,以停止盗窃来支持我们的运动。天安门事件在世界舆论的帮助下不断地扩展,最终成为全球性事件。这次事件触动了其他文化环境和其他大洲的很多人。这次事件以难以想象的程度改变了我们每个人的生活。

那么执政者方面的真相是怎么样呢?他们能够理解我们的爱心吗?他们会允许人民自由吗?现在我们知道了他们没有。六月三号晚上,最后的时刻来临了,当坦克和军队蜂拥而来的时候,我与最后的5,000名学生从广场撤离。我看到了屠杀后的长安街,空气都迷谩著恐怖和愤怒。在枪与血的惨烈中,我们看到了执政者给我们的回答:当我们付出 爱和和平的时候,他们却回报给我们死亡和屠杀。起初我们没有人能够相信。我怎么能够相信人民解放军会杀死自己的人民?我就是军人的后代。对我来说,他们是叔叔和阿姨,是兄弟和姐姐。我们爱他们,他们怎么会不爱我们,要惨杀我们。


尽管我们哭泣,我们不能相信,但死亡还是一步步的朝我们走来了。在那50天里,我不得不克服许多新的情感和考验,从生活简单的研究生到群众运 动的领导者;从一个无忧无虑热爱 跳舞的年轻人到处于现在可能失去 自由;从梦想到美国学习然后开心快乐地生活到可能面对永远失踪的可能,而现在,我们面对的却是毫无疑问的死亡。


从小孤独地在医院周围长大的我总是很害怕死亡。有一次看到死人从太平间里抬出去,我停下玩耍,跑回家里躲避,当晚连做噩 梦,梦到自己掉进一个深不见底的黑洞里,无穷无尽地下坠,我的心都被悬着窒息,每次都在尖叫中醒来。但是在六三的晚上,这不再仅仅是梦了,这次是真真切切的,我不知道怎么去克服对死亡的恐惧,也不知道怎样去征服对父母兄妹和爱人的眷恋。许多想法一起涌上心头:千里之外,如果我不在了,我的家人会变成什么样, 他们该怎么活下去哪?生病的母亲会怎样坚持下去,疲劳心碎的父亲会怎样地生活下去。我的夫婿好年轻,我们曾梦想的家庭和儿女都没有 时间实现…. 如此多的问题,如此短的时间。没有答案。那么,最后的时刻就这个样子了!就这么完了?

作为一名学生,我可以只考虑自己的想法。但是作为一个学生领袖,我不能只沉浸在个人的苦恼中,我必须去看望一下我的同学们。在纪念碑的西北面,在灯光下,我看到他们的表情跟我的感受一样:悲哀,难过,极大的无助,低落,极大的困惑和对死亡无名的恐惧,像是在等待宰割的羊羔一样。那时,所有的豪情壮语都消失了,死亡的威胁象大浪淘沙一般,洗净了所以尘世的浮杂和嘈闹,只剩下了最纯净最真实的感觉: 那是一种多么绝望无奈无助的感觉,就像我运动中一直都不愿面对承认的感觉:有心报国,无力回 天--- 哀!

古人说“人将去矣,其言也善,鸟将去矣,其鸣也哀。”今天,当我们在青春年华,面对死亡最后的一刻时,我们都在心里默默地念着绝食书里的话,对我们生命里最热爱的人们告别,对我们对生命里最珍贵的事物告别,“别了, 同仁, 保重!死者和生者一样地忠诚。别了,爱人,保重!舍不下你,也不得不告终。别了,父母!请原谅,孩子不能忠孝两全。别了,人民!请允许我们以这样不的已的方式报忠。“

这些写在5月13号的话,在6月3号的晚上不幸的印证了。我默默地难过的地看着我亲爱的同学们,在这样生命的最后一刻,在我们不得不做出为了一个更高的理念去舍弃一切人世珍爱的时候,我还能有什么样的语言来安慰他们,我能有什么样的话语再给他们勇气和决心?在那个最后的时候,许久以前的一个蚂蚁的故事突然涌上心头,我温柔地 把她分享给同学们:

“从前有个山,山上有很多蚂蚁,大概有13亿吧。一天山上着火了,蚂蚁们必须转移到山脚下才能存活。他们聚成球状,穿过火海,结果外面的蚂蚁被烧死了,但里面蚂蚁却存活下来了。今天晚上,我们就是站在祖国最前线的蚂蚁。因为我们的死亡,会换来一个自由民族的诞生…“ 欢笑鼓舞重新回到我们学生们的脸上,在告别生命的最后时 刻,我们共同找到了自己的牺牲的原因和目的。这个共同的原因和目的给了我们共同地带来了去面对死亡和黑暗的勇气。就在那个时刻,在同学们的鼓舞和掌声中哦,一股巨大的爱的暖流席涌到我的全身,我的眼睛离开了可爱的同学们,移向广场背面那无穷无尽的士 兵和坦克的黑影里,移向天安门背后深远黑暗无边的中南海里,移向那与地面分不开的黑暗的天空里,我多么由衷地感到在我们准备把最宝贵的生命奉献给人民和世界的时候,我们对人民和祖国的爱是多么的强烈啊。我多么希望有一天,那些从没认识过我们的陌生的中国人在享受到我们的鲜血和生命所换来的幸福和自由的时候,他们能够记住我们是曾经多么地热爱着他们;我多希望在中南海里下令开枪的领导人能够感受到我们无限的爱,我多希望在广场长安街上手持屠刀的士兵们能感觉到我们无限的爱!感谢主,奇迹般 地,我活了下来。6月4日清晨,在多数同学决定撤离时,我们指挥部带领着最后5,000名学生中的许多人走出了广场。今天回顾,我相信我奇迹般的生还一定是上帝的作为, 但是我永远我会忘记在生命最后一刻我们对人类的爱的体验,这一定是那些没有能够生还的同胞姐妹们最后的感觉。也是耶稣基督在十字架上最后的感觉。



来美国不久,我的婚姻破碎,我们这对北大校友;经过“血与火”走出来的“ 患难”夫妻在获得自由后却分手了。儿時的恐惧孤独再一次包围著我。更致命的是我的母親 和祖母相继去世了,我的母親25岁生了我,而当我25岁時她离开了我……家破人亡,我生命中最爱的三个人在短短的几个月内一个个离开了我,而我喜欢的那份工作不愿意因为我而破坏中国区的生意,接着是一些恶意中伤和攻击,每一次黑暗时刻的来临都比前一次更猛烈。这就是我为民主付出的代价。这一切对于我太沉重了,打击象海浪般排山倒海涌来,使我窒息。我害怕黑夜的来临,漫漫长夜中我常不知所措,而神沒有忘记我,当地华人教会的弟兄姐妹常为我祷告,安慰我,帮助我,我的第一部汽车也是当地华人教会的信徒送给我的。尽管我当時还无法接受耶稣作生命的主,但却透过教会感到爱和接纳。感谢主,这十几年来没有放弃我,丢下我,主帮助我拿到普林斯顿大学的国际关系硕士学位和哈佛大学商学硕士学位,使我能胜任政府和非政府组织以及美国公司的工作,神也奇妙地 把一个爱主的美国弟兄带到我的身边,在十年间,我们彼此相爱,我们有了三个可爱的孩子;我们也把家庭扩大到了中国,捐款帮助那里的孤儿;除了家庭我也创了一个软件公司,感谢主,我们现在已有280个雇员,公司正在稳步健康地发展。这些都是神的恩典!去年春天,正值天安门事件20周年纪念,当年天安门事件中的同伴方正来找我,这让我吃了一惊。在广场上,我并不认识方正。我后来了解到在6月4日我们离开天安门广场的时候,我在前面引导队伍前进,而他是走在最后面的。后面的坦克高速驶来,方正,经历了广场上最后一刻那最强烈的爱的洗礼,下意识地在生命最宝贵的几秒钟里,自愿的把旁边的刚认识的年轻女孩推到安全处,而他自己却失去了可以拯救自己的宝贵几秒种,他的双腿被坦克压短,另外几位同学们却活活地被压成肉饼。

因此20年后,我是见到了坐在轮椅里的他。听着天安门事件后他的故事,我想当时如果坦克不是从后面而是从前面驶来,我的生活也可能像他那样。他说随着时间的流逝,越来越多的人从中国的经济发展中受益,也便淡忘了当年的牺牲。 天安门事件的受害者被遗忘了,他们每天都在贫穿和病病中挣扎。


方正的到来对我的心灵上带来了很大的震撼。但我在海外民运中备受伤害,不得不把我的心灵紧紧地对世界关闭起来的十二年里,我一直有一个信念:只要有一天,我把公司做大,我就可以建立一个大基金会,那个时候我就会有能力来继续拯救中国。但是方正 的到来把我从自己的隔离中惊醒,使我看到了天安门同胞的挣扎和苦难。我不能在等下去,我必须马上立即打开资源,给他们帮助,解救他们的疾苦,使他们在这样漫长的黑暗 里不要丧失希望。

于是在六四二十周年的日子里,我承诺未来五年捐一大笔款以帮助他们。因为我这个承诺,接下来的夏天成为我生命当中的另一个黑暗期。这次,中国政府代理要求我的家庭成员直接传达给我一个消息,那就是我捐款不会给我以及我的家庭带来任何好处。尽管生活在美国这片自由的土地上,我仍然感受到乌云压迫在我头上。这片乌云时刻笼罩着我。在表面上看,我过着完美的美国式生活:可爱的孩子和丈夫,家庭,公司,私立学 校,假期,但是我感觉到自己被监视和跟踪,我的电话被监听,我们的电脑被侵入,以及导致一些持不同政见者神秘的车祸事件。那么他们有没有做过其他事情?他们下一步要做什么?在这片自由的土地和勇敢者的家园上,我并不觉得安全或自由。

为了天安门运动痛失了许多亲人之后,我对新家庭的爱已超过了一切。我对年少无 知的孩子以及亲爱的丈夫负有责任。我的丈夫是典型的开心善良有正义的美国人,对于另一个黑暗政体的残酷和结果并不知晓,他最爱的消遣方式是看红袜队,爱国者队以及其他 一些他可以抽空看的体育比赛。但是,我是一个辛存者,我有著良心和道义上的责任。我陷入了两难……

方正被安上假肢后,他与他太太第一次跳舞,为了庆祝他重新站立起来,我要坐飞 机去华盛顿。在飞机上,撒旦开始攻击我……半昏迷状态的我醒来感到窒息和眩晕,一种将死和失去控制的感觉。这种黑暗势力的攻击,是我在天安门广场也未曾体验过的。但是这次,我陷在了过去和将来之间,我失去了所有的目标和意识,我丢掉了所有力量。我呼求主耶稣的帮助,攻击才慢慢退去。



在过去的岁月中,许多人已经在传播关于耶稣的信仰。在南卡莱罗纳州开办宗教学院的好朋友杰瑞•亨特(Jariy Hunter)以及科德角(Cape Cod)卫理公会教派牧师都向我介绍耶稣。近来普林斯顿的余英时余师母也鼓励我看一看圣经。

那天晚上,我遇到一位叫小约翰·雷吉(Reggie Littlejohn)的新朋友。她是虔诚的基督徒,并且相信自己领受了上帝的使命来关注中国强制堕胎的野蛮事实。她说她直到自己熬过一场危及生命的疾病之后才真正知道上帝,她还告诉我自那场病后从她从一个诉讼律师改行做人权人士和电影制片人,而现在她把自己的时间用来为服事上帝。


我问她有没有看见过上帝?她说她自己没有,“圣经说:没有人见过上帝,惟有上帝怀里的独生子将他表明出来。”她送给我一本 书,叫《天上的人》。这本书讲述了一个中国年轻农民因为神奇迹般地救活了他病危的父亲而归向耶稣的故事。后来他成了一个牧师。 并且因为把福音书带到中国而多次被送入监狱。一次,他们打断了他的腿,但是在上帝的帮助下,他在众目睽睽之下走出了监狱,而他并没有意识到自己的腿已经被上帝治愈了。在这本书的最后,他问道,“那么你准备好跟随耶稣吗?”

我合上那本书,拿起电话,“雷吉,如果你认为每个读完此书的人都会成为基督徒,那么你肯定是疯了。”我只是在半开玩笑。对我来说,信仰耶稣就等于是回到那些迫 害。我花了20年的时间才刚刚让自己从那里摆脱出来。同时,雷吉给我了一部关于约翰福音书的电影,每次看着电影,听着耶稣的话,我都感觉到自己燃烧的心中有一种难以解释的平静和安宁。几个星期之后,事情一环扣着一环,戏剧化的事件也出现了。雷吉和我参加了美国国会人权委员会对于中国强制堕胎的做法的审判。我觉得,直到听了吴娟的故事,我才真正了解中国。

吴娟在拿到准生证以前就怀孕了,她要隐藏她怀孕的事实希望能保住她的孩子。计划生育部门的官员们殴打折磨她的爸爸,强迫她在父亲和孩子两条生命之间做出选择。她父亲没有泄露一点消息,但是计划生育部门的官员们还是想法找到了她藏身的地方。她被 拖到一个医院强制堕胎。两针打下去,孩子不动了,但是却奇迹般地留在了她体内。那个时刻,年轻无助的妈妈吴娟对她的孩子感到很骄傲,并且鼓励孩子说:“宝宝真强壮,也许宝宝能逃过堕胎针活下来。” 但是第三天,吴娟还没明白怎么一回事,她就被拖进了手术室,剪刀插进了她的身体,把她的孩子剪成了碎片。在她无助的眼泪和哭喊声中,她能听到的只有剪刀的咔嚓声。最后,医生拽出一只婴孩的脚,五个饱满的小脚趾就像玉米粒 似的。这个场面深深地 烙在吴娟的心里。孩子死了,吴娟生命的一部分也离开了。她讲到这里,这个调查庭只有我们和吴娟的流泪和哭泣声。在痛苦和悲伤中,我们的心碎了,因为吴娟和她无助的孩子,为了中国每个妈妈和她们未能出生的孩子。这个时刻让我回想起1989年6月4日那晚的屠杀中我们经历的所有无助和痛苦。那是个那么野蛮的夜晚,但我们没有力量去阻止,世界的其他人也不能。


在极度的惭愧中,我意识到了正在发生的事情。尽管已经过去20年了,没有人能够忘记1989年的天安门大屠杀。但是我们中没有多少人能意识到计划生育政策要比光天化日下发生的天安门屠杀残忍上千倍,百倍,而且每一天这种残忍都在重复。吴娟哭着说,“谁能帮助她们?谁能拯救她们?在中国,计划生育政策和强制堕胎政策已经杀死了几百万的无辜生命。怎样才能制止这种 非人道的犯罪?何时才能制止这种非人道的犯罪?”

吴娟的哭声使我受到了极大的震动。如果有谁可以阻止这种野蛮,那必定是上帝,也只有上帝。因为我曾经努力过,上帝知道我曾经是多么虔诚地努力过,但我们没有成功。再一次,我发现自己在上帝的国门前徘徊,想去相信却有许多问题。首先的问题是:“佛教怎么办呢?我的基督教信仰是否就是对那些曾经救我生命的佛教徒的背叛?“我亲爱的丈夫回答说,“不是的,神爱每一个人。” “如果我请上帝来拯救我,成为我生命中的主人,我的生活会失去控制吗?我会成为归回耶路撒冷运动中的一员吗?对于中东我一无所知,而且我也不知道我的孩子们会不会喜欢他们的食物。”


她说话的时候,我心里渐渐变得清晰,许久来我一直不愿打开的记忆之窗开始在脑海里呈现出来,1989年中国北京的50天里充满的希望和爱,以及在6月4日我所刻骨铭心的爱的记忆,我脱口而出:“我多么希望能够把上帝主耶稣的爱带到中国,希望人们能够感觉到上帝的爱心,治愈心灵上的创伤,那么这么多的悲剧就不会永远发生,那时的中国会成为多么美好的地方啊…” “这就是主对你的生命的使命,把它写下来。” 雷吉打断我,“把主耶稣的爱带到中国——这就是上帝给你的计划。” “哇,这是项宏伟 的工作。我该从哪着手呢?”因为我记起了当年对天安门事件的信仰以及随之而来的痛苦 和牺牲,“我还要再一次的经受失去所爱之人的悲痛吗?”

“上帝会安排给我们可以胜任的工作。像科里泰纳布(Corey Tenneboom),她为了保护犹太人而失去了很多她爱的人,然后当她意识到自己不能继续做这种拯救工作了, 上帝便安排给她一项同等重要的工作。”



这时候,雷吉的回答变的柔软而温和,“柴玲,鉴于你曾经的经历,你所忍受的痛 苦,上帝会知道你是很认真地信仰他的,以及你准备好为他再做奉献和牺牲,上帝会特别的珍惜你对他的信仰和皈依…”


那是个周五下午,上帝通过雷吉的话深深地打动了我。这么多年来,我为中国的民主事业做出这么大的努力和牺牲,不但没有得到理解,反而遭受世人无情的攻击和诽谤,至到要我对死难的同胞 负罪。我从此不再相信世间有公正,也不相信人间有友情。杀人者可以逍遥法外,被杀幸存者却要被言论封杀唾弃。但是在人间的所有不公正之中,万事清 楚,万事万能的主耶稣基督却完全理解我过去的纯真和献身,因而会格外珍爱我对他的皈依。基督的话使我封闭了20年的厚重心灵之门第一次被打开了,深藏在里面的那个遍体鳞伤的心终于被上帝的理解和公正被感动了。憋了20年的终于被理解的感激泪水象开闸的龙头,哗哗地从脸上涌出。生怕雷吉听到我的哭声,我急急放下电话。




直到下个周一,我才把这个消息简要地告诉了另外一个天安门事件的朋友周封锁,在20周年纪念的时候,他曾经和我在华盛顿一个古老的長老会教堂里参加了一个很长的祷告会,并且把我的灵魂奉献给上帝等待他的教导和呼召。5个月之后,我成了一名基督徒,他很开心。他有个特别的故事,我愿意在这跟大家分享。他当时与我们都在天安门,像我一样也是在21名通缉犯中。不幸地是,他被抓到,在监狱里呆了几年。十年前,他来到美国时同样很憔悴。他的心里满是复仇和挫败感。就在那时,他皈依了基督教,在上帝的面前放下包袱,重新找回了平静和力量。是他的功劳把方正带出了中国,方正的出来 导致我的决心,由此开始的一连串事件最终引我走进主基督的怀抱。

付希秋(Bob Fu),一位援助中国家庭教会运动的朋友听到了这个消息后,给我发来了封热情洋溢的短讯。他和家人的牺牲和奉献也是世人要记住感激的事情。

还有当时天安门运动中的副总指挥张伯笠,他曾在中国躲避两年的追捕,过著地下生活,他在逃亡的旅途中找到了耶稣,现在在美国做牧师的他给了我许多的帮助,每次通 电话都用主的话鼓励我坚固我,并为我祈祷。

另一位朋友熊焱也是天安门事件中的学生领袖,在监狱里过了几年,现在他作为牧师在美国军队里扮演卓别林的角色,指引美国士兵为保卫自由而战,从伊拉克回来后也给我 发来了愉快的短信。上帝对他的奉献是如此地爱护,一次在伊拉克时,对方的炸弹打到他的帐篷边都不能爆炸。


我发现,平时共事为中国的妇权和儿童权益奔波的的张菁也是一位虔诚的天主教徒。短短的几天内,我长久失去联系的朋友们 因为我信仰基督教而与我重聚。这次,我们的连结和信任因为共同的信仰而加强了。

最后是引导我冲破终点线的亲爱的姐妹雷吉。当我告诉她的时候,她开心地尖叫了起来。平静下来之后,她给了我更多书和CD,让我继续了解耶稣。在她西部的家里,她 建议我去公园街教堂找一位导师指导我学习圣经。这就是为什么我们今天会在这里;我们遇见了波士顿历史悠久的公园街教堂优秀的主任牧师戈登(Gordon),我们的新朋友钟约翰(Rev.John Chung),以及我祈祷希望找到的圣经思想导师,就是站在我旁边的可爱的塔米(Tammy)。尽管到现在为止只过了五个月,但是我无法全部列举出上帝让我们做出的以及通过我们所做的惊人的改变。


主耶稣通过父亲无意的验血过程让父亲防止了突然心脏梗塞死亡的可能。我们得知 父亲患上了白血病。通过圣诞前夜的祷告,神的医治和安慰临到我们,我们了解到上帝已经确保父亲所得的白血病是危害最小的那种,在药物的帮助下有痊愈的机会。主也开始改善我长期以来忽视的健康,我甚至减掉了顽固的婴儿肥。而且神也把我的孩子们召唤到他 身边,孩子们是和我一起受洗的,现在一想到主耶稣会守护着他们,把最好的东西带到他 们生命里,我就觉得很快乐!这也是父母能够给孩子们的最好的礼物。感谢神,赞美主! 我们的家庭成从没有象这样与主耶稣更近而像现在这样更亲密,快乐,热爱过,我们的婚 姻在主里更加美满幸福。

有趣的是,我们的事业也在改变。在我们事业前进的时候,我们更有目标感和更强 烈的使命感了。我的二十年都不能完成的天安门回忆录在一神奇的速度写成,我相信只有 上帝才能使这项工作这么快的完成。而且我现在融入了有信仰的人组成的新社区,比如其中的塔米(Tammy)就是一个很棒的神学家兼导师。她很大方地抽时间在周末教我学习圣经,教我完成新基督徒要做四个基本步骤。在我的一生中,我一直在一个人挣扎和抵抗, 我从来没有现在这样感觉受到彻底的欢迎,教导和接纳。

圣经说:“所以你们不再做外人和客旅,乃是与圣徒同国,是神家里的人了。”我 终于回到家了。回家真好!

当我回顾中国的时候,我的整个人生终于有了意义。中国家庭教会的发展对我的启 蒙终于导致我走上天安门,天安门屠杀暴露了共产党政权的残暴真相。在过去的20年中,中国同胞完全失掉了对共产主义的信仰饥渴寻找时,上帝靠中国家庭教会的蓬勃发展 把主的福音和救赎传遍中国大地,使一个新的中国在和平的方式中诞生,当今,中国无数 信仰饥渴的人来拥抱耶稣。圣灵的风将耶稣的大爱和他的福音带到了地球上人口最多的国 家。就像当年耶和华从埃及那里将以色列拯救出来一样,上帝现在也正将中国从共产主义 的禁锢和苦难中解救出来。

上帝是如此地仁爱善良,尽管中国曾经对主耶稣和他的信徒做过很多邪恶的事情, 比如在 19 世纪初期杀害传教士和中国基督徒,但上帝都从来没有放弃过中国。虽然在成 长的过程中,我们并不知道上帝,但是上帝在我们生活中无处不在:在我不知道如何做完 美的祷告时,上帝回应了我的祈祷,使我成为一个优秀的学生 来逃离那个小渔村;把六四的同学带回北大,不知道如何逃离的时候,我们得到一本圣经,但是当时愚蠢的我们却说 “圣经难道能帮助我们藏身吗?”即使这样,上帝也没有动怒于我们,他启动一些虔诚的 佛教徒去冒着生命危险来营救我们。

在任何艰难和考验中,上帝并没有阻止坏事的发生,但确保在艰难的旅程中总有不同的天使护行。我们当初开始民主运动的时候,高喊着人人生来平等,但心里总是不敢肯 定。现在我知道我可以自信地说,因为是上帝按着自己的样子创造了我们,所以在神的面 前人人平等。

上帝之爱是如此的广阔。现在,我真切地理解了耶稣被钉在十字架上时为我们付出 的爱,就像当年我们在最后的时刻 ---- 1989年6月3日晚上我们准备好奉献出自己最宝 贵的生命和爱给中国,不同的是那時我们是为了我们所爱的国家和民族,而耶稣在十字架 上奉献出了自己,他为的是全人类的罪人能得自由和永生!因为主耶稣基督的牺牲和受 苦,我们才能与圣父联合,获得永生。皈依主后,主会在我们里面,我们在主里面,我们不仅未来在天堂中获得永恒的生命,而不是孤独地面对永远的黑暗的同時,在地上存活的 時面里也有主每天引导前 行!

上帝的宽恕是如此彻底,即使那个同他一起被钉死的两个罪犯之一,当他对他的罪行忏悔的时候,耶稣承诺会把他带进天堂。要是中国领导人能够听到这样的福音多好呵,不管他们曾经做过什么,只要他们能够忏悔,他们也同样可以得到我们所拥有的神的爱和 宽恕。他们将得到多么大的一件礼物啊?这样他们自己和中国最终都会得到自由!我希望有一天,中国会向南非一样,在曼德拉一样的领导下,通过真相与和解,真正铲除魔鬼通 过人的弱点来制造苦 难的根源,使中国的每一个同胞姐妹,从贫苦到富贵,都真正得到拯 救和平安。

主耶稣的力量是如此伟大,他的胜利是如此的肯定。那就是主复活的意义——那是 我以前不能理解的部分,就像我不能理解上帝分开红海解放以色列的做法。因此在所有的考验和困难中,主耶稣的得胜不是“会不会”的问题,而是他决定“何时”以及“怎样” 去完成宏伟的计划。因我相信主耶稣就是胜利。

感谢赞美上帝,我相信我中国的兄弟姐妹可以自由无惧的信仰耶稣的那天就要 来 了。而中国人民和美国人民一样最终将在基督里得到真正的自由!