Monday, December 24, 2012

The World Did Not End On 21st Dec, And Neither Did My Life Too! 世界没有在12月21日结束,我的性命也一样无恙!

Well, the world did not end on 21st December, and neither did my life too!

2012 has come to an end. As a Christian, I would always count the blessings of God at year-end. I had a close shave with death. But God’s time for me was not up yet! If not because of His grace, some of you would have had sung “Amazing Grace” for me!

On 22nd November morning, we have our monthly Subang-Sunway Chinese Pastors’ Fellowship at USJ 1. After the meeting at about 1.00 pm, Pastor Henry Yap who came back for holidays from New Zealand requested me to send him to the Commuter Train Station at Subang Jaya. That day I exchanged my new car with my wife’s old one.

After dropping him off, I drove from Carrefour Hypermarket using Jalan Kemajuan going towards SS19. While driving smoothly at green light along the crossroad junction at Jalan Jengka, I was appalled to see a car dashing straight at me from the right at high speed! My first thought was perhaps the traffic light had gone haywire that both of us were at green light!

Oh, either he would hit me or I would hit him! My reflex action was to accelerate, hoping to clear him. “Bang!” It was disaster! My car spun one and a half rounds. When I came out of shock, I saw the other car was fuming with smokes. His air-bags were activated! It was a 6-month old Toyota Vios.

I drove him to the USJ 8 Police Station to make a report. In the car he told me that he recognized me. After exchanging conversation, I was amazed to find out that he was actually the eldest son of Cecilia and I’s friend! The world is very small indeed!

That young man was at fault. He came out from SS16/1 at the arrow junction (please refer to photo) with Empire Gallery at his back and Subang Parade on his left. There was no traffic light for him. He could only “stop, look and go” to make a left-turn and no other way. But, he went straight ahead and hit me where I came from his left in front of him.

There were several things I wanted to thank my God for:

1. When my car spun, one of the wheels had lifted up. But my car did not overturn.
2. My car did not hit on any other vehicles or objects.
3. When my car spun, I felt that I was being held steadily. Thus my neck did not break.
4. It was not me who rammed at his car. Since my car has no air-bags, otherwise I could be injured.
5. The other party was fine.



1122日上午,我们在 USJ 1 有常月的梳邦市-双威镇牧者联谊会。散会后将近下午1点,从纽西兰回来度假的叶挺隆牧师要求我送他去梳邦市的电动火车站。那天我把我的新车跟妻子调换她的旧车。

放下他后,我经过家乐福超市沿着可玛朱安路往 SS19 方向走去。当很顺畅地在绿灯经过正卡路十字路口时,我很震惊看到一辆车以高速度向我右边驰骋而来!我第一个思想是交通灯痴线了!我俩的交通灯都正是绿灯吧!


我载他去 USJ 8 的警察局报案。在车里他说他认得我。在交谈之下,我很惊讶发觉到他竟然是我和淑芳的朋友之长子!世界真的是太小呀!

是那年轻人犯了错。他从SS16/1 出来在箭头路口处(请看照片),Empire Galley 在他后面,梳邦百利在他左手边。他只能停,看,走地转左而没其他选择。然而他却直行,在他前面我从他左边前进时直撞上我。



The young man on the left was the other party

This was the junction where he came out. He was only 
allowed to turn left, but he went straight!

The car after repaired

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