Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why US senator cautions PM -Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini reported about US senator Biden's caution to PM for not to repeat past mistakes. His caution was just timely in the midst of political uncertainty. To the US, what happened to Anwar in 1998 was a mistake made by the Mahathir govt. Subsequently Mahathir's fame was tarnished. No wonder Mahathir from thence became critical of the US, esp since the latter, together with Israel, had rejected to fund BN's 1999 poll.

I can't imagine the present govt under Abdullah is trying to play the old game again. Malaysia must be wondering why US and Japan were so concerned about the Anwar drama. Well, the reason is as simple as ABC. That is, by seeing the way police was treating Anwar, all people throughout the world knew that it was a consipracy. Hitherto the police was refusing to release the accuser Saiful's report to Anwar's lawyers. They also insisted Anwar's DNA be tested.

One thing I don't understand is that why were the police not swift in taking DPM Najib's statements, since he was the first person who knew about Saiful's trauma? They must investigate how Saiful, who was just an ordinary young chap, was able to meet up with a VIP like the DPM?

The govt should better pull up its socks. Or else the US and Japan will pull out their funds. Don't sacrifice our economy just for the sake of saving BN.

The following was extracted from

United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee has urged Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not to repeat the mistakes of the past in wake of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s arrest.

"A decade ago, the spectacle of Anwar's mistreatment and imprisonment on transparently political grounds greatly discredited Malaysia in the eyes of the world community. The action tarnished the reputation of then-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad,” said Joseph R Biden, chairman of the powerful committee.

“I certainly hope that the current prime minister, Abdullah Badawi, does not repeat the mistakes of the past.”

“I certainly hope that the current prime minister, Abdullah Badawi, does not repeat the mistakes of the past.”

Biden, a senior senator from Delaware, called on Abdullah to “commit himself to rule of law and good governance in Malaysia”.

His statement came two days after police commandos in balaclava swooped on Anwar’s car as he approached his home, just an hour before he was due to appear voluntarily for interrogation.

His appointment with the police was over the sodomy allegations levelled by Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan, a 23-year-old who was an aide in his office.

Anwar was taken to police headquarters and underwent a six-hour questioning session before being taken to hospital for a medical examination where he was stripped naked and his private parts measured.

He was released on bail yesterday and is required to report back to the police next month.

Anwar has dismissed the accusations as a conspiracy to prevent him from seizing power, and said it was a re-run of events a decade ago when he was slapped with charges widely seen as politically motivated.

Shocked and disheartened

Biden said he was “shocked and disheartened” by the arrest of Anwar, who is former deputy prime minister.

“This action appears to be motivated by political considerations: it comes less than a day after Anwar's announcement of his intention to stand for election to Parliament, and three months after Anwar's party made the strongest electoral showing by an opposition party in Malaysian history.

"The charges against Anwar closely mirror those levied against him in 1998: then, too, politically-motivated allegations were made against Anwar at the precise moment when he seemed poised to challenge a sitting prime minister.”

Malaysia earlier this month issued a formal protest to the United States over its comments on the investigation into the sodomy allegations, accusing it of meddling in its internal affairs.

Government leaders have also attacked Anwar as a "snitch" for the Americans.


  1. Rais said we have our own set of laws and no one should interfere with our system

    well, our system is a corrupt one. No one gets fairness here.Judges give verdicts in favour of the ruling coalition cos they promotions and progress depend on the executive.

    Thank America and Japan from helping us stand up against these neo colonists UMNO and BN

    When ever UMNO is threatened it becomes a national security issue and action is taken against the opposition.

    We welcome the intervention of America and Japan in our internal affairs before Malaysia becomes another Zimbabwe, Somalia or Pakistan.

    We Malaysians dont trust the system

  2. Malayamuda,

    Yes, we must defend our rights for the sake of the next generations. Our country will bankrupt if BN were to rule on.

    Let's save Malaysia.

  3. If we really mean it; to save malaysia. really wanna kick out the incompetent and corruptedtothecore government, by just bashing them in the internet & hoping the opposition party to do it for us isn’t enough. We should take our own action too. However to demonstate or tunjuk perasaan isn’t the effective way. We should instead give pressure to our ‘wakil rakyat’ because they represent us. At each of the respective districts which are under the ruling party, we should invite the news reporters, the polis and demonstrate at the ‘wakil rakyat’ office or home, to officially send them a memorandum spelling clearly their obligation and duty, and our expectation from him; failing which they should resign as failing to represent us. I think it is a more effective way to make our wakil rakyat realise that they are chosen by us and we can dismiss them too. Then they will take action to ensure the government making the right decision or they will swift to pakatan rakyat.

  4. Chong,

    The problem is, the Wakil Rakyat can't be bother to do the right job. I think the most important thing is to check on the Cabinets. So PR MPs must speak up at Patliament sessions.