Sunday, July 6, 2008

Malaysiakini: 10,000 people at noon

Malaysiakini: 10,000 people at noon, please refer to

From 10a.m to 12.00 midnight, the ordinary citizen are gathering at Kelana Jaya Stadium to protest against petrol hike. At noon there was 10,000 people.

Since petrol hike on 4th June, people have been upset all these while. Then there was shocking news that the aide of Anwar accused his boss for sodomising him. Obviously this was a political conspiracy which served to hit two birds with one stone - to finish off Anwar's political life and to distract attention from petrol hike.

Malaysia has 100,000 police. For an international ratio, a police to 250 people is just nice. As for Malaysia, ours is 1 to 260 which is near normal. But the crimes here are rampant. What are the police doing? They used the police in the wrong place.

We seldom see police around us nowadays. But they are only good at deploying them to set up road blocks, visiting places of rallies. Well, in the past, they used water-canons and tear gas to disperse the crowds on several ocassions. The police were waisting our time by causing unnecessary traffic jams. The road-blocks were meant to delay people from reaching at the destination.

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