Saturday, July 12, 2008

Parliament should be a place of Justice - Malaysiakini

Parliament House out of bound to public on Monday (14th July)? Undemocratic!

Pakatan has filed a no-confidence motion against PM Abdullah, whether to endorse it or not is a question mark. But the public is prepared to flock in the House.

To embrace democracy, the govt should allow the people to get in for hearing. Make it into first come first serve. Parliament should be a place of justice. People must see that a fair debate to be granted to MPs from both coalitions.



  1. What I'm seeing is BN's attitude of cowardness when it's facing with credible challenge from any opponent. Grown up and show your professionalism. Nobody should take their own perception to hold people from entering Parliment which belong to the people. People have selected you to represent them at Parliment and you should respective the people either majority or minority component. You better prepare solid answers or questions during the Parliment sessions so that you are doing the right thing for your constituency. No faction syndrome should exist in Parliment when debate issues. Parliment is representing the government of today and cabinet people are created to execute the government policies and directions.

  2. Fadzil,

    Parliament should be the place for a fair game. Whether ruling or opposition, please do things for the sake of people and not themselves.