Sunday, July 13, 2008

No confidence in Proton cars - Malaysiakini

It is disgusting that Proton cars are more than 20 years old, and yet they are still dependent on the govt's help. For any car production plants, by right their productions are ever getting better each year. But unfortunately, Proton is just the reverse - ever getting worse! I bought aN Iswara sedan 1.5 11 years ago. As it was a Japanese engine and most parts were Japanese ones, it is still functioning well except the body got rusty.

They can't give competative prices if they use good parts. Therefore they engaged all the suppliers who could supply them with cheap stuff. So it makes the cars cheaper. But please wait. They are not cheap but instead are one of the most expensive ones in the world. Malaysians suffered as they buy a car. Both Protons and foreign cars are expensive. They need to serve loans between 3 to 10 years.

Why Proton can't offer as cheap as other countries? Because they hired people who have insufficient knowledge on the industry, and yet getting super-pays! And the top guns are getting profits in purchases by marking up suppliers' prices. Mind you, these are tax payers' money as the govt had bailed them out with billions of dollars in the past 20 years.

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  3. Bro Allen

    Why the F does the title of your article have a Malaysiakini tag at the end? What's the relevance? Just so that you can get a free ride on Malaysiakini?

    Anyway the quality of this article is so pathetic and of such poor English that it merits no comment. You have said nothing new or anything that is really informative for anyone.

  4. Don,

    The tag has its relevance, you must log on and read it.

    Of course there is nothing new because people are fed up with them.