Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UMNO-PAS talk - PM loses direction - Malaysiakini

UMNO had three talks with PAS in the name of "Malay and Muslim unity". But Pakatan supporters need not worrying. The first two times happened quite some times ago, and why did PM Abdullah only reveal it now? Because the present situation is not favorable to BN. PM's action showed that he has lost direction. It was a desperate move.

If PAS were to agree with UMNO's agenda, PAS would not stand by Pakatan in voting no-confidence against PM.

PM tells it out just to cause split to Pakatan. But let there be no anxiety. PAS will not reunite with UMNO after a divorce. PAS will never trust UMNO anymore. Once bitten twice shy. I think there is no point for PAS to be bitten again, to be shamed by UMNO again.

The action of PM had already hurt the non-Malays. Why did PM want to play the racial game? Even the Malays abhorred PM's action. No matter what race we are, all of us are Malaysians.

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