Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pakatan files no-confidence motion - Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini reports 3 important news which I could comment together:
1. PM Abdullah hands over job to Najib in 2 years.
2. Pakatan files no-confidence motion against PM.
3. Mahathir sees PM to hand over job as a temporary tactic, and Najib will have no chance to become PM.

Abdullah still thinks he is a capable PM. That is why he is reluctant to let go despite a terrible defeat on 308. But the economy is on the decline. The petrol hike has caused high inflation and the drop in Share Market. As a matter of fact, he knows nothing about macro-economies. And he could not revert the falling trend.

No wonder Pakatan filed a motion against him, expressing no confidence on him. This is the desire of the general majority. It is time for a capable govt to replace BN. Hope that the Parliamentarian is neutral and does not side with BN. He must endorse it.

Then what Mahathir saw was right. Even if the motion be dropped, and Abdullah continues his office, Najib will have no chance to rise up. The Altantuya case will continue to haunt him. Najib must make a decision now. He must plan to challenge Abdullah in UMNO election in December.


  1. Approximately on 10 July 2008, Dr Wan Azizah Ismail (MP for Permatang Pauh ) filed a motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. Is there anything wrong? What’s wrong with filing a motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. I cannot state that I know all the laws of Parliament, but preventing a Member of Parliament (MP) from filing a motion of no confidence may be unwise. Even if the motion is rejected, it is the right of the MP to file the motion.

    It becomes a problem if the MP is prevented from filing a motion. If the MP is in any way prevented from filing a motion, then it sends a message that the same MP is unwelcome into the Parliament in Kuala Lumpur. If the MP is unwelcome in the Kuala Lumpur Parliament, then the rejected MP’s may have to set up a separate Parliament for themselves in another location inside Malaysia. Watch out. You see, preventing the MP’s from filing a motion is even worse still. Please do file a motion of no confidence in the Kuala Lumpur Parliament if you want to. Even if it does not succeed, at least you tried. Good luck.

  2. levelheaded,

    Your view is right. If a country wanted to embrace democracy, all MPs must be given a chance to file a motion. We don't want to see the Parliamentarian serves as a machanism for the govt.