Friday, July 25, 2008

Did the Right hand know what the Left is doing? - Malaysiakini

I always read Malaysiakini for updated news. But this time around I couldn't read a piece of news, i.e, after the UMNO supreme coucil meeting, there was no press conference.

UMNO's main topic of discussion was the UMNO-PAS meet-up that had taken place 3 times since the 308 election. The meetings had drawn much criticism from the people-at-large. Pak Lah had always claimed that he was the PM of all citizens. But now he was being accused of playing the racial card in order to save his declining kingdom. For that cause, at this moment of time it is understood that he would be too embarrassed to face the journalists and public.

Was there a heated deabte in the coucil meeting? Was Pak Lah being rounded up? Or the whole council stood by him for continued talks with PAS in order to split Pakatan?

Pak Lah had fallen into the present dilemma, sometimes I think much of the troubles in fact came from his deputy, Najib. Did Najib consult Pak Lah for his action in order to gain back his scathed reputation? It is likend as "Did the Right hand know what the Left is doing?" I doubted Pak Lah know before-hand. For example his meeting up with Saiful for plotting against Anwar for sodomy claimed by Raja Petra. Pak Lah could be in the dark. And subsequently the Right hand had to pick up the dung which was cast by the Left, and after picking it up he even had to hide it and made himself stink.

The only solution for Pak Lah to free himself is to throw them all out! PM must determine to prove his government free from stains.

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