Friday, July 4, 2008

Malaysiakini: PI retracts stunning statutory declaration

Malaysiakini: PI retracts stunning statutory declaration, please refer to

It is a stunning news following the stunning revelation. Private Investigater Bala has suddenly retracted his stattutory declaration and replaced it with a new one. The new one had done away with 7 items related to DPM Najib.

This was obviously a political tussle on Anwar. I believed that Anwar should retaliate immediately for the verdict of Altantuya's case is soon pronounced on 23rd July.

Was he under pressure from the authorities? Now the people must make sure that a fair and independent royal inquiry be formed immediately. This is confusing. And who can trust BN politicians now?


  1. actually we really do not know who is telling the truth right from the beginning.

    Nevertheless, with the latest retraction from Bala, Anwar will have to act fast and i mean fast, to produce evidence to link Najib to the murder, if any-lah. After all, anwar has mentioned yesterday that he has evidence allegedly linking Najib to the crime and will be released in the next few days.

    Well, as a damage control measure, time is not in his favour. Produce the evidence now while the soup is still hot for once the soup has cooled down, the damage done from the retraction may be beyond repair.

  2. Alvin,

    You are right. Anwar should accomplish his mission while the window of opportunity is still opened.