Thursday, July 3, 2008

Malaysiakini: Explosive claims linking Najib to Altantuya

Malaysiakini: Explosive claims linking Najib to Altantuya. Balasubramaniam exposed the hidden secrets about the murder case of Altantuya at 11.30a.m. at Anwar's press reception held at PKR headquarters.

Bala was the private investigator of Razak Baginda, a political analyst for DPM Najib. Bala made a 16-page Statutory Declaration to the police. He revealed that he gave a detailed statement to the police after Altantuya was murdered, but somehow when he testified the attorney general shunned some important details.

These details included that Najib did have intercoarse with Altantuya, and both of them and Razak did have a meal together in Paris.

But when the court case was in progress last year, Najib denied that he knew Altantuya. When Raja Petra made the Statutory Declaration that Rosmah the wife of Najib was at the murder scene of Altantuya, she denied the allegation too.

Was Najib and Rosmah lying? How come they could stay so calm by Rosmah's saying that she would not sue Raja Petra?

DAP veteran leader Lim Kit Siang was right when he said that Najib should go on leave from his DPM duties until cleared of allegations in Balasubramaniam SD (

Najib is PM-in-waiting. He should have a good image in the sight of all Malaysians so that we can trust him.

I hope that PM Abdullah will really make sure the police is given a free-hand to do their jobs. We want to have an independent police force as well as judiciary.

And let us pray that God will do a justice. The court is about to give its verdict on 23rd July. And hope that the court would hold on to that and make sure the attorney general will do a fresh investigation. God bless Malaysia.


  1. If I were a hollywood scrip writer, this would be the most possible scenario: Razak Baginda was always the alibi and the fall guy (and he was rewraded handsomely) while Najib was S@#*%^ing the poor lady.
    Rosmah found out about it plus the money and diamonds lavished on the lady and she went berserk. She took matters in her own hands and ordered her body guards to do the unthinkable. She was a woman scorned.She was so enraged that she even stupidly implicated herself by being present when the body was being blown up.

  2. Hi Bexe,

    That was an excellent script. You must make it in such a way that the audience will guess who was the master mind till the end. But I don't know what would be the end? The master mind would be caught or the innocent being punished?