Friday, August 8, 2008

Olympic Games - and the spirit behind it

by Joh.W.Matutis of Berlin, Germany

While preparing for my preaching today about the three men in the fiery furnace (Daniel 3), God spoke to me saying:

My children, the time has now come, where what matters is your steadfastness. Will you also be able to stand?
Will you also stand fast like these three witnesses of mine?
Will you pass the acid test?
Are you as fast and undeviating as those ones?
Will you also confess me like they did?
Are you really equipped for this time of testing?

The whole world fell on its face, at that time, and worshipped the golden image made by King Nebuchadnezzar.

They all fell on their faces. What will you do when it is your turn to do the same? Do you have enough strength for resistance in you?

I was really shocked, when the Lord spoke so to me. Then I heard a voice which said; Now has come the time, when the way for the kings of the east is being prepared. (see Revelations 16:12).

Look at the Olympic games in Beijing/Peking. These are demonic games. Check it and see, said the Spirit of the Lord to me. And I did it. And this is what the Lord revealed to me in a few moments.

For your information, in those days, the Nazis had the idea, which they also carried out, to light the Olympic fire on mount Olympus (20th July 1936) and then carry it from Greece to Berlin. During this Olympic torch relay there were many protests on the way, exactly as it is at present during this torch relay from Olympus to Peking.

The Olympic games start exactly, according to the Chinese horoscope on the 08.08.08 at 8 hours and 8 minutes.

Exactly 88 days before then, God had forewarned the superstitious Chinese, through the strong earthquake in Sichuan/China (12.5.08/ 1+2+5=8). In China, feasts, dedications and celebrations are appointed, according to astrology.

Then the Lord said to me, pay attention my son, these Olympic games are exactly as they were 70 years ago (1936), when they took place in your country, Germany under Hitler. And what happened then? Think! My child. History repeats itself after 70 years.

I was shocked, and had to check back on the reports of the Olympic games of 1936 in Berlin. In these reports, I found so many parallels to the games in Peking. The perfect, and from the state controlled order of the events. The exclusion of undesired persons (Jews, Gypsies and prostitutes). The Press and Information censorship, etc. And then the occult background.

In November 1989, a few days after the fall of the Berlin wall, top dignitaries from all over the world were in attendance at a meal which took place at the Pergamon alter in Berlin. The Meal was named RESURRECTION, which was supposed to demonstrate that the spirit of Olympus had been resurrected.

In Revelations 13:3, the deadly wound was healed. The whole earth wondered after the beast, and obeyed him.

Even Obama's visit to Berlin and his speech (made between the symbols of the 2 heathen gods Janus and Mercury on the Victory Column and the Brandenburggate) are part of preparations of the stage for the antichrist. He even referred to the fall of the Berlin Wall, "that deadly wound, which was healed". Even he wanted to pull down the walls between Christians, Jews and Moslems. See:

This is also the slogan of the games in Beijing: "One World - One Dream."

Then said the Lord to me further: Tell my children, it is later than you think (the time is far spent) The adversary runs to and fro, seeking whom he can devour. He sneaks in with nice and sweet words around you, in order to entice you to follow his path.

Wake up! My children. I am at the door! Great storms roar all over. The earth quakes, the forests burn, the rivers overflow their banks, the people rise up against one another, the fishes in the sea are dying. All the signs I gave to you, to indicate my coming, are happening all around you.

Wake up! Take care, that your lamps have oil in them, and the wicks are trimmed. My day is near, says the Lord.

The kings of the east are preparing themselves. They are already stepping on the world stage. The attention of the whole world is drawn towards them right now.

Pay attention to my words, says the Lord. I want to find my people ready when I come again.

For you, who fear my name, upon you will my salvation and my sun arise. If you only abide in me, and I in you, no one will be able to separate you from my love. I will also protect and deliver you, just like I did for the young men in the fiery furnace. You do not need to fear.

My people, your salvation is near. Be prepared, say the Lord.

They (people) should be warned, and informed about the occult background behind these present Olympic games in Beijing.

And just like a dictator arose, 70 years ago (1936) in Germany and Europe, so also a demonic spirit is preparing a way for itself.

The perfect stagings can be seen at the moment as controlled by the Government.

The deadly wound is of course healed and all the world can now obey the beast (referred to in Revelations 13).

The bible says: An army of 200,000,000 soldiers will march over the Euphrates (Revelations 16:12/9:16) and that can well be the Chinese.

We live in the end time.

Pastor Joh.W.Matutis (see english menu)
Berlin (Germany)


  1. This is something new. How does the kings of the east tie in with prophecies about the antichrist from the EU?

    We also have to be careful about the Kingdom Now theology which suggests Christians will take over government positions and bring establish the heavenly rule on earth.

  2. It will happen when Antichrist will instigate the nations to rise up against Israel.

    The Dead Sea is rich in asphalt, a mineral used for nuclear weapon. As such, many countries would want to conquer Israel in order to loot the mineral.

    The saints will reign with Jesus on earth after the rapture.