Friday, April 19, 2013

TEACH UMNO-BN A LESSON - Anwar tells Chinese voters: Rocket or not, vote for DAP

Friday, 19 April 2013 02:05Written by  Wong Choon Mei, Alaa Soleiman, Malaysia Chronicle

TEACH UMNO-BN A LESSON - Anwar tells Chinese voters: Rocket or not, vote for DAP
Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim called on Chinese voters not to be tricked by Prime Minister Najib Razak's  "dirty politics", accusing the ruling Umno-BN coalition of trying to cheat by making it impossible for the DAP to use its Rocket logo in coming general election.
He also advised the DAP, one of the 3 Opposition parties that make up the Pakatan Rakyat coalition, not to be demoralized but to continue to fight even it if it meant having to contest under the logos of the other 2 Pakatan parties - PKR and PAS.
"Umno-BN is not making sense.  Saturday is nomination day and today, suddenly they are saying DAP cannot use the Rocket. I told YB Lim Kit Siang not to worry.  Tuan Guru Nik Aziz has already said use the Moon (PAS logo), use Keadilan (PKR logo)," Anwar told a packed political rally at Wangsa Maju on Thursday night.
"Do you think the Chinese are afraid of using the Moon? Do you think they are afraid of Keadilan. Let’s teach them a lesson."
Using the RoS to derail the Pakatan's advance?
The 64-year-old Anwar was referring to the announcement by the Registrar of Societies that it could not recognize the current set of DAP office bearers pending a probe into the party's recent internal election, which has been disputed by disgruntled members.
The RoS snub is seen by many political pundits as a sly move to derail the Pakatan by whittling down the popularity of the Chinese-based DAP by forcing it to contest under the logos of PAS, an Islamist party, and the multiracial PKR.
Although Election Commission deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar has said he believed the DAP could still use its logo, there are concerns that with their office bearers 'disqualified', there would be no one left in DAP who could authorize their candidates to contest under the Rocket logo. 
The Umno-BN has long been accused of racial and religious politicking and many of its strategists still view Malaysia's fast-evolving society as being divided by communal and religious boundaries. Hence, the latest allegations that Najib was trying to push Chinese voters back into the MCA's fold by making it appear that the DAP was subservient to its partners and could not protect the rights of the Chinese community.
In recent years, MCA - the BN's Chinese-based component - has lost tremendous ground to the Pakatan Rakyat and faces political obsolescence in Malaysia's 13th general election which is due to be balloted on May 5. Nomination day is on Saturday April 20.
Anwar also warned Umno-BN leaders that to poke fire in such a way would only backfire.
According to the Pakatan de-facto chief, Malaysians have already risen above "narrow" politics and agenda. This phenomenon was taking place across the nation and citizens were now more concerned about justice, a level playing field and transparency rather than dwelling on racial and religious differences, he added.
"What type of politics is this? Politics is for agenda, manifesto, policies. I say to DAP, if you can use the Rocket, use the Rocket, if you have to use Keadilan, use Keadilan, if you have to use the Moon, use the Moon. But fight we must, fight we must," said Anwar to thunderous applause.

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