Sunday, April 7, 2013

BN's 'cut-and-paste' manifesto raises more QUESTIONS than it hopes to answer!

Saturday, 06 April 2013 23:33Written by  J. D. Lovrenciear

BN's 'cut-and-paste' manifesto raises more QUESTIONS than it hopes to answer!
As the stadium-packed supporters cheered on in response to BN’s show-of-might unveiling of the BN’s manifesto, showers of awakening is taking place amongst the millions of citizens all across the nation.
To begin with, people are asking why after over half a century of governing, BN has to now offer RM1.39 per day per affected citizen and further dangles a RM2.78 per day relief aid to the citizens.
Does it not mean that because the economy has been mismanaged, the rakyat have been reduced to such poverty levels that the government has to give such a miserable amount that can hardly buy a man a warong-breakfast with the money?
It raises more questions. So where did all the oil money go to? And is the dished out miserable RM1.39 per day and the now promised manifesto-sum of RM.2.78 per day the kind of relief that can now come from the billions of oil money siphoned all these years?
The other contention that is beginning to fester is the manifesto declaring that more non-Malays will be given jobs in the public sector. What does that mean?
Why wait till GE13, what if there was no Pakatan Rakyat?
The BN manifesto makes the PR manifesto look really very good and right!
Obviously if you review the BN manifesto, it clearly and without any doubt confirms that the BN party has been taking the rakyat on the wrong trip all these years – especially these past thirty years.
Now the rakyat are asking why did BN wait for the 13th general elections to promise such corrective deliverables when the rakyat had been beaten to the brow all these years with so much misplaced priorities and unjust divisiveness of the citizens along race and creed yardstick despite the rakyat and concerned citizens crying out to be heard all along?
You could build Petronas Twin Towers and maha-mega buildings including palatial maligais for politicans, but you could not give the rakyat a decent transport alternative that pinches less on the wallet and saves them quality time.
5 decades of suffering due to deceitful management
And so in BN’s manifesto the trumpeting promise is to address this woe after five decades of suffering borne by the working population. If it is not misplaced priority and deceitful management all these years then what is it?
A deeper reflection certainly unearths another truth. BN in trying to discredit PR’s manifesto has actually re-affirmed that BN was not truly caring for the rakyat as much as it cared for the pockets of those within the power corridors.
There is more to the BN manifesto’s mumbo-jumbo. Let the voters decide.

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