Monday, September 1, 2008

When will a lady president surface in America?

Do you want Obama or McCain to be the president of America?

If I were to choose, I will base it on Biblical Moral Values. Obama supports Homosexuality as well as abortion, whereas McCain was against these.

Quite many people also think that the whites are still unable to accept a black man as president.

But it is understood that the elites of New World Order are the ones who fix up the presidency. Whoever the president may be, he or she must accept their mission in setting up a one world government.

When will a lady president surface in America? Well, maybe it is soon. Let be analyze:

1. If Obama loses, Hillary will be the next candidate 4 years later.

2. If Obama wins, he will probably be so unpopular that 4 years later Hillary will be fielded instead of him.

3. If McCain wins, but somehow something happens to him during his term in office because of his old age and poor health, Sarah Palin will take over the president's office.

4. If McCain were to complete his full term, and since by then he is too old, Sarah may want to stand for election next term.

4. So it is possible that the next presidency fight will be Hillary Clinton vs. Sarah Palin.

Many years ago, a well-respected late Pastor in America (I forgot who he was) saw a vision that a lady president was to surface in America. And she will be the last president of America too!

What is the logic then? Could that be by her 2 terms in office America will come to oblivion? Or America will declare an Emergency Rule after a major disaster and the president will remain in office infinitely? And soon after the country will decline into oblivion?

"Oblivion" does not mean America will be diminished from the world map but rather her sovereignty will be dissolved. Yes, the sovereignty of America and all countries must be dissolved. By then the one world government, that is, the Antichrist government will dominate the world with their 666 microchips system.

Well, it is always difficult to analyze end-time events with Bible prophecies. But for me I always liked to exercise my brain.

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