Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Testimony of Australian Church an inspiration to Malaysian Church

This morning it was raining in Perth. Rain was precious to Australia. One of the reasons why the world suffered food shortage was the drought in Australia for the past 2 years. Australia is a main exporter in rice, wheat and oats, etc.

But lately there have been lots of rain in Western Australia throughout winter till now. Other states also improved. The Christians played a great role in crying out to God.

It is time for Christians here to rise up. Prayer works! Lat year May, Christians held a combined prayer rally at the stadium praying for a good government. They unanimously agreed that God would not bless Australia till the nation seek forgiveness from the Natives for ill treating them.

Then last year November God made a godly man, Kevin Rudd, win the election and became Prime Minister. Nobody thought John Howard would lose as the economy under him was booming.

The first major thing Kevin Rudd did was to apologize to the Natives.

Malaysian Church should be inspired by this testimony. We must see God transform our nation. Well, prayer is the answer.

Christians in Perth are praying for Malaysia. Please visit the website at:

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