Thursday, September 25, 2008

Detailed Data of Attacks on Christians and Christian-related entities in India

A. Number of Districts affected:

1. Baudh
2. Bhadrak
3. Bargarh
4. Cuttack
5. Gajapati
6. Ganjam
7. Koraput
8. Kandhmal
9. Kalahandi
10. Naupada
11. Narbarangapur
12. Nayagarh
13. Sambalpur
14. Rayagada

B. Number of People Affected:

It is estimated that over 50,000 people have been rendered homeless due to the violence. Around 13,000 people are in the relief camps at Chakapada, Tikabali, G. Udaygiri, Raikia, Baliguda, K.Nuagoan and Phiringia. Many others continue to hide in the forest and elsewhere.

C. Number of Schools and Colleges Affected: 12

1. Mt. Carmel school was attacked in Balliguda.
2. St. Anne's Convent attacked in Padangi.
3. St. Joseph Convent attacked in Sankharkhole.
4. St. Anne's Convent attacked in Pobinga.
5. B D College vandalized in Koraput District.
6. Emmanuel school attacked.
7. Loyola School attacked in Bhubaneswar.
8. Schools and hostel attacked in Rayagada District.
9. De Paul School bus burnt in Ganjam District.
10. School & hostel attacked in Bargarh District.
11. William Carey School attacked in Jatni, Five school buses were broken.
12. St. Arnold school attacked in Bhubaneswar.

D. Number of NGO attacked : 4

1. World Vision in Kalahandi District.
2. Discipleship Centre's in Bhadrak District.
3. Action Ministries office ransacked in Bhubaneswar.
4. Compassion East India office ransacked and looted in Bhubaneswar.

E. Number of Deaths

1. Rajini Majhi in Bargarh
2. Christian killed in Nawarangapur
3. Four killed (one name unknown) Bikram Naik (38), Dasaratha Pradhan (38), Surendra Naik in Kandhamal
4. Meri Digal in Kandhamal
5. Sidheswar Digal Sulesaru village
6. Pastor Akbhar Digal Sulisoru (Burb) killed in Kandhamal
7. Jaka Naik killed in Kandhamal
8. Gapana Nayak killed in Kandhamal
9. Mukunda Burdhan killed in Gajapati
10. Bidyadhar Digal killed in Dugabadi, Kotagada
11. Pastor Dibya Sunder Digal killed in Baragarh
12. Sadananda Pradhan killed in Phulbani
13. Anthou Digal killed in Phulbani
14. Parikhita Nayak killed in Phulbani
15. Pastor Gayadhar Digal killed in Phulbani
16. Michel Naik killed in Kandhamal
17. Pastor Daniel Naik killed in Kandhamal
18. Seven killed in a village called Digi ,Raikia, Kandhamal
19. Daniel Naik killed in Raikia
20. Michael Naik killed in Raikia
21. Rasananda Pradhan killed in Kandhamal
22. Mishra Digal killed in Kandhamal
23. Ramesh Digal killed in Kandhamal
24. School teacher Gullu killed in Kandhamal
25. Trinath Digal killed in Kandhmal
26. Prafulla Nayak killed in Kandhamal
27. Ajuba Naik killed in Kandhmal
28. Pastor's burnt to death in Padmapur Bargarh
29. Abhimonyu Nayak killed in Nayagarh, Barapalli
30. Akbar Digal killed in Totomaha
31. Dasarath Pradhan Tiangia killed in Kandhamal
32. Dinabandhu Pradhan Limungia killed in Kandhamal
33. Gopan Nayak killed in Kandhamal. Mondakia
34. Janamati Nayak killed in Kandhamal Bakingia
35. Jecob Digal killed in Kandhamal Petapanga
36. Kamolini Nayak killed in Kandhamal, Mondakia
37. Khogeswar Pradhan killed
38. Pastor Samuel Naya killed in Kandhamal, Bakinga
39. Mathew Nayak killed in Sarangada
40. Sureshon Nayak killed
41. Sideshwar Digal killed in Kandhamal, Sisapanga
42. Sibindra Pradhan killed in Kandhamal, Sulisoru
43. Nanamati Nayak Bakingia killed in Kandhamal
44. Nabaghana Nayak killed
45. Bastina Mantry killed
46. Kumud Bardhan killed
47. Mathew Nayak killed

F. Number of Churches attacked

1. Balliguda Church building destroyed in Kandhamal.
2. Archbishop's house attacked in Bhubaneswar.
3. Churches burnt all across Orissa State.
4. Churches burnt down in Chichida, Bargarh.
5. Churches burnt in Kalisiguda, Sinaguda, Arangamala, Gumupadar, Masakapanga villages are totally burnt on 27-08-08.
6. A church was attacked in Pottangi of the Koraput District.
7. Around 55 Parish churches and chapels have been destroyed, attacked and partly burnt down in the Kandhmal district.
8. Church building destroyed in Kundra block, Jeypore in Koraput.
9. OMM Church attacked in Phupugam, Nabarangapur.
10. Church Building burnt in Jeypore, Koraput.
11. Seventh Day Adventist Campus attacked Bamanigaon.
12. JEL church damaged Jeypore, Koraput.
13. Churches destroyed Baipariguda, Jeypore, Koraput.
14. In Baipariguda, Korapur 6 churches have been destroyed and the number will increase in the days to come.
15. New life Power Gospel Fellowship church in Punda village Koraput destroyed.
16. Bible Mission burnt on Sep 1st Jeypore, Ambaguda outpost in Koraput.
17. OMM Church attacked Jeypore, Ambaguda outpost in Koraput.
18. A Catholic church attacked in Phulbani Kandhamal.
19. Baptish church attacked and all furniture burned in Kandhamal.
20. Assembly of God, Philadelphia Church attacked at Kakriguma in Koraput.
21. A Baptist Church in Akamra Jila in Bhubaneswar damaged.
22. Church attacked in Jeypore Koraput.
23. Madhupur Catholic Church attacked.
24. A Pentecostal church was attacked Sambhalpur.
25. The Church and Pastors house were burnt in Padmapur, Bargarh.
26. Lutheran Church been destroyed in Narayanpatna, Koraput.
27. Church destroyed at Dhenkanal.
28. GFA church destroyed in Kandhamal.
29. Church destroyed in Jamtangi Boudh.
30. Attempted violence on small churches in various districts, including Padampur, Sambalpur near GM College, Talsera, Dangsoroda, Narayanipatara, Muniguda, Tummiibandh, Tangrapada, Phulbani, Balliguda, Kalingia, Chakapada & Srasanranda.
31. Church damaged & jeep burnt in Rayagada.
32. Church burnt in Raikia.
33. Brethren Church attacked in Ganjam.
34. Church attacked in Bhimaguda, Nabarangpur.
35. CNI Church was torched in Murshingaon, Deogaon of Bolangir District.
36. Bible Mission Jeypore, Ambaguda outpost, Koraput.
37. OMM Church attacked in Jeypore, Ambaguda outpost, Koraput..
38. Church burnt in Mandasara, Kandhamal.
39. In Koraput District at least three churches were burnt down. A church in Daulagaon was burnt down. Another church in Kodulipadar was charred whereas the third church in Nilabari was smoldered to ashes.
40. Church burnt in Bhajiguda, Koraput.
41. Church burnt in Khodta, Koraput.
42. Church burnt Nokera under Kundra PS, Koraput.
43. JELC Church burnt& shops looted in Pandkamari under Kundra PS, Koraput.
44. Diocesan Pastoral Centre suffered heavy damages in Kanjimendi in Bargarh.
45. Church in Bidanasi, Cuttack was attacked; the cross was broken and is being taken forcefully by the fundamentalists.

G. Number of Christians and Pastors attacked

1. Pastor Jeebaratna Lima of Independent Church from Khurda was attacked
The mobs in Balliguda, Kandhamal caught hold of two boys of the Catholic hostel and tonsured their heads.
2. In Khuntapali, Padampur , Bargarh an Orphanage (Missionary House) was burnt, Father Edward was doused with petrol and set on fire but managed to escape.
3. Six Priests were attacked and are still in the hospital undergoing treatment.
4. Twenty Christian are injured in Barakhama as per Govt. report according to GCIC.
5. No less than 18,000 Catholic have been beaten up in Kandhamal alone according to Archbishop Cheenah.
6. Rev. U.C Patnayak who is the president of the Orissa Missionary Movement was attacked by a strong mob of 500. His office residence and Church were burnt by the assailants in Jeypore, Koraput.
7. A Blessing Youth Mission Pastor was beaten up and the Bike was burnt. in Ramgiri , Jeypore, Koraput.
8. Rev. Thomas Chellen, undergoing treatment at a Catholic hospital in Bhubaneswar, India, a Hindu mob lead by VHP nearly set him on fire.
9. A nun named Mina Barua was raped Nuagaon in Kandhamal and Father Thomas Clave was paraded naked. Fr Thomas, director of the Diocesan Pastoral Centre in Kanjimendi, Bargarh and another Nun were injured when the centre was attacked. They were taken to the police station in a disheveled state as the armed mob bayed for their blood.
10. A family attacked in Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi.
11. Pastor Sikander Singh attacked Bhawanipatna, Kalahandi.
12. Pastor David Diamond Pahad in Aampani, Pastor Pravin Sipka, Pastor Pradhan and Pastor Barik beaten up and chased away with their families, Kalahandi.
13. Mob surrounds village to attack Christians Naktikani, Kalahandi.

H. Number of Houses, Shops, Villages destroyed

1. In Rayagada, Gajapati district, 2 houses and one grocery shop belonged to Christians were torched by the Mob. Kumuda and Biswajeet along with their families escaped to a safe place.
2. In the district of Balangir near to Loisingha block the Hindutva radicals attacked 2 villages (Manihira and Pandrani). The activists threw stones at the house of Mr. Pramod Bedi and damaged his property to a great extent.
3. Children home was attacked at G. Udaygiri, Phulbani.
4. Thirteen villages were burnt down in the Bargarh district.
5. Around 1,800 houses have been destroyed in Kandhamal alone.
6. Fifteen organizations have been attacked. This list doesn't include the Catholics Christian houses attacked in Phulbani.
7. HM Sister's residence (Ainthapalli) has suffered damage in Sambhalpur.
8. Houses destroyed Khajurinal, Balliguda Kandhamal.
9. Three Christian shops were looted and burnt. Pastor Alok Das and Pastor I M Senapati beaten up in Kharihar ,Kalahandi.
10. Christians attacked in Naktikani, Kalahandi.
11. Three villages were burnt down in the Gagapati district.
12. Eighty-Two houses were burnt in Mandasara, Kandhamal.
13. Samvadh, a local vernacular paper, reported fresh incidents from Koraput District where a Christian house in Ramgiri was burnt completely.
14. Mr. Benjamin Nayak & Mr. Gomor Nayakin houses in Telingia, G. Udaigiri were charred to ashes. The family members somehow managed to escape and are now in relief camp.

I. Reconversion

♦ Fundamentalists are roaming the whole of Kandhamal district & threatening the Christians to reconvert to Hinduism. Otherwise they would be killed. 5 families are forcefully reconverted in Adaskupa, Kandhamal( near Udaygiri).
♦ Christian leaders said Hindu activists had forced about 3,000 Christians in riot-affected parts of the state to renounce their faith in the past few days.
♦ Reconversion drive is underway in different villages of Kandhamal namely Bogapada, Boriguda, Kutti Guda, Danniguda where 70 famililies have been brought back into Hindu fold. (Info received as on September 9, 2008).

J. Relief Camps attacked

1. The Government Relief Camps set up at Vijay High School Raikia block, Kandhamal reported that drinking water was poisoned on 3rd September 2008. Fortunately, the poisoning of water was detected in time and confirmed by a doctor just before food was served to the Christians taking refuge in the camp, resulting in their going hungry till 4pm. An attempt to poison the drinking water source of the relief camp in Habaq High School, Relief Camp at G. Udayagiri, Kandhamal was foiled by an alert security guard at 9 pm on 2nd September. On Sept 4th a group of nearly 2500 Hindutva extremists charged into the Relief Camp at Tikabali Government High School shouted at the Christian refugees and took away supplies meant for the Christian refugees, while police were silent spectators to the event.

2. In Non Government camps about 93 men, women and children from the District of Kandhamal have come to Cuttack, fleeing from the persecutions at their own villages. They have been sheltered at Peyton Sahi, Cuttack by few individuals of Cuttack Oriya Church (Independent Baptist Church). The members are taking care of the needs through the personal support of the organizers and some well-wishers. The local administration has come forward to supply them with tents & clothing and some cooking utensils.

Data supplied by:
J.David Jerald
P.O.Box 5
Tiruvattar 629177
Kanyakumari District
Tamil Nadu


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