Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ministry in Perth, Australia - First three days

10 Sep - From Singapore to Perth
My younger brother Hoy Thin, together with his wife and daughter, sent me off at Changi International Airport. We took the sky-train at Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and had lunch there. Later we took a shuttle bus to the Budget Flight Ter

Got on board Tiger Airways Airbus 320. This picture was taken from my seat at 17F.

On board, I bought a 300-ml mineral water for S$3.00 (RM7.20). It was the most expensive mineral water I have ever paid for. It was definitely a disadvantage for a low Malaysian currency spending in countries with high currencies!

The plane arrived at Perth International Airport at 9.00p.m. It was early Spring and temperature was 14 degrees C. The host, Tim, picked me up at the airport and headed straight to his holiday home at Mandura which was at the sea-side. The journey took about 45 minutes. Guess what the first food I ate in Perth? Malaysian durian. Tim's in-law Mike bought it at the supermarket. It was a factory-made frozen product from Malaysia. I ate 2 seeds.

11 Sep - Fishing at Indian Ocean
About 8 a.m the host, his in-law and I launched out into Indian Ocean for fishing. The sea was choppy and we sailed back. When we decided to do crabbing instead, at that moment rain began to pour. So the plan was cancelled. We cooked curry fish head and sambal squids for lunch.

12 Sep - Driving
I drove from the host's house at Fremantle to his office at Welshpool (18KM), navigating with the help of a GPS kit. After using it, I may consider owning a set back home. The car was a Toyota Camry 3.0. Price of cars are low in Australia. A new Camry current model of 3.5 only costs A$35K. How much is it selling in Malaysia? Of course don't count in rate conversion. To many, it costs you a bomb - RM200K! Malaysians are indeed miserable in terms of cost living. How I wish there will be a wise leadership to lead us into international competativeness!


  1. Hi dad! its great you had fun there! post more picture up! great to see them