Friday, June 19, 2009

PAS must prove herself that she is capable of forming government

by Steve Oh

As for the PAS call to ban civic group Sisters in Islam many Malaysian civic groups, eminent persons and politicians and individuals have remonstrated against the PAS proposal. Rightly so.

As for PAS wanting to ban Sisters-in-Islam, if PAS wants to retain its image as a progressive political party capable of forming government, then it has to show us it is capable of distinguishing between freedom and coercion.

It would help its cause if it does not resort to calling for the ban of a group of women whose only wrong appears to be their challenging of our false ideas about many things.

This PAS proposal is downright dictatorial. There is something for them to learn from the present political situation in Iran. You need foresight and flexibility to run a diverse and mature urbanized country such as Malaysia.

So far PAS, has shown it has a hard time catching up and may be its own worst enemy in trying to win a Pyrrhic battle against Sisters in Islam and their supporters, amidst growing public support.

If political parties whose modus operandi in debate is unable to win our hearts and minds through rational dialogue, and have to resort to strong-arm measures such as bans and censorship, then they prove they are unsuitable politicians and unworthy of our support. Who wants the semblance of a Taliban administration?

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