Thursday, June 25, 2009

Najib was not prepared to let go racial politics

I pitied PM Najib. His 1Malaysia motto for governance is definitely a failure. When Pakatan Rakyat had dismissed the idea of Unity Government between PAS and UMNO, Najib was disappointed.

Najib claimed that many Muslims were disappointed. So he pleaded that PAS would push through the talk. It is clear evidence that Najib was not prepared to let go racial politics!

Najib is pitiful. When the time BN was strong, do you think it will consider such proposal by PAS? No way! BN will not even bother to entertain such thoughts.

Barisan Nasional is now standing on thin ice. By next Gen. Election, BN will face the threat of losing power to govern. So Najib has become so humble to plead. If he couldn't get the support from PAS, he will be the the last and shortest-ruled PM.

Najib played with racial and religious issues. He is still living in the past when the Malays used to call for racial and Islamic unity. BN lost her two-third majority in last year 308 GE. The result showed that people rejected playing race-cards.

Therefore, if Najib is so blur about the mistake BN had made, and still step his feet in the dung-pit, he will be stinked all over.

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