Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Prophecies on Malaysia Compilation Part 2

Do spread these prophecies to your sphere of influence along with the previous and forthcoming ones, so that more and more people of YAHWEH in Malaysia (and globally) know what He has spoken over our Land through credible Prophets, and we will have a common rallying point and cause for Greater Unity :)

As you read and take hold of all of them, you will see God's Beautiful and Awesome Plan for Malaysia and the part we are called to play in His Global End-time plans.

Remember though, Prophecies are conditional to the Church and the people of GOD in that Land responding to His Rhema Word in Season.

Yes, there have been some disappointments and set back, but they are only temporary! 

The Church in Malaysia Will Arise to the Call of the Hour, for Greater Things are yet to Come!!!

Most Prophets the World over are saying the same thing about our Nation, "Malaysia, your time is NOW! This is your Kairos Moment, do not miss it!!!"

Can all of them, speaking through the Holy Spirit be wrong??

What are we going to do?

How are we going to respond Church?

YAHWEH's Eyes are Looking to and fro in Malaysia... 

Who will Rise up to His Call of the Hour and do the Radical Set-Apart things He is Calling us to do?

NOW is the Time Ambassador of ELOHIM, it's time to WAKE UP for the Clarion Call has gone out!!!

Please read:
The Three Prophecies on Malaysia by Rev. Cindy Jacobs



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