Sunday, August 18, 2013

Prophecies on Malaysia Compilation Part 1

Malaysia is called to be The Catalyst for Revival in The Golden Gate Nations and Asia-Pacific Rim of Fire! – Will Malaysia Fulfill our Destiny and Calling in Christ? What are the Consequences if we fail? Can we afford to fail?

Malaysia is being Prophesy as:
·       “The Revival Spark Starter of The Golden Gate Nations and The Asia-Pacific Rim of Fire” – Golden Gate Watch, All Nations Convocation Jerusalem (Repeated over many years)
·       “The Dwelling Place and Habitation of The All Mighty and Epicentre of God’s Spiritual Tsunami to the Nations” – Renuka Hegde, India (1st quarter 2012, SOKOGIM)
·       “The ‘Atlas’ of Asia” to lift up all of Asia through our Prayers; as the Levites lifted the Ark of Covenant on their shoulders – George Annadorai, Singapore (3rd quarter 2012, Sweet Incense)
·       “The Key that Changes Nations” – Cindy Jacobs, USA (ANCJ 2012)
·       “God’s Target to Target the Nations with Clarity of word and Sharpness” – Daniel Pak, South Korea (January 2012, AfriCamp Uganda)
·       Sarah Joy, Malaysia = ‘Ma-lai-si-a’ which means in Chinese: ‘Ma’ = Horse; ‘Lai’ = Come; ‘Si-a’ = West Asia = Middle East: ‘Malaysia’ is the “Horse that Comes to The Middle East” (Bringing The Gospel of The Kingdom from the East Back to Jerusalem via the Middle East and 10/40 Region)“

This is the Destiny of the Golden Gate Nations: “To Bring Back The Gospel to Jerusalem”! As Malaysia Fulfills our Destiny we will help the Golden Gate Nations Fulfill their collective Destiny and Spearhead the Eastern Gate Nations Fulfill their Destiny – “To Prepare The Way for The King of Glory to Return”! (Eze 43:1 – 5; Matt 24:27; Zech 14:4)

Michael Maeliau, Solomon Islands: "Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia are the tent poles that hold up the Tabernacle of David over the Asia-Pacific. Malaysia is to host the next World Prayer Assembly!" - Golden Gate Watch, ANCJ 2012.

Renuka Hegde, India: "God is making Malaysia His Dwelling place and Habitation and from here Salvation will go forth to the ends of the earth." (1st quarter 2012 SOKOGIM). Over 20 months ago she received from the Lord, "the Key to unlock India is to be found in Malaysia". During the 1st AMC Thanksgiving Dinner, she said that prophecy has been fulfilled!

Chuck Pierce, USA: In Malaysia, 2011, Dr. Chuck Pierce prophesied a 3 year progression where in 2013, it is said "do not resist and try to win through rebellion. God is going to favor His kingdom plan to advance in this land. God is going to favor His kingdom plan to advance."

John C. Maxwell, USA: "5 years from now Malaysia will be the fountain Head for this region". It was said in 2008 in Kuala Lumpur and it is exactly 5 years now!

George Annadorai, Singapore: "God has set His Face as a flint towards Malaysia and He is looking at Malaysia like He has never looked at any other nation before, not even Indonesia. We are a Beach Head for the launching of God's purposes." He said this in the capacity as being the Gate Keeper for the Asia-Pacific and He has spent and labored for Indonesia considerably. (Pentecost 2013, Sweet Incense)

Daniel Park, South Korea: "Let new people do new things. Malaysia is my next Target. Go when I speak, people are waiting. Malaysia is My Target. Malaysia will target nations with clarity of word and sharpness. They will multiply and expand what has happened in Taiwan and Korea. They know how to see, hear and obey. They know how to speak to Nations appropriately and fruitfully. I Will Move Mightily for I have heard the fervent prayer of the few. (In Indonesia it was the masses crying out to God). Their prayers have touched my Heart. Because they have moved my Heart, I am going to stand for them and raise up My Righteous Right Hand and touch Malaysia... and Singapore. Malaysia is my entry point to this Region." (January 2012, AfriCamp Uganda).

Korean Team after the 1st All Malaysian Convocation (AMC): "We (Malaysia) have unlocked Korea especially on the Israel Track". Ps. David Rhae said he literally saw Malaysia unlocking Korea with a Key as he sat in the Convocation - (Cindy Jacobs’ prophecy being fulfilled yet again!) He described the situation in Korea where the Church is on the decline, the youths are being lost to the world and the world is flooding into the Korean Church.

He saw Malaysia on a white horse with a General on it and Koreans before the horse as front line soldiers, saying that Koreans are good individual fighters. We need strategy and to see the whole picture. Korea only saw part of it. They didn't see Malaysia rising this way, ever! And they are surprised!

Vin Sie and I are very strategic and important.

Now, Malaysia needs to lead Korea! Times have changed. We ride on Korea. The Lion's Gate has prepared the way for the Golden Gate and now it's our time. "Their time has passed".

This Korean team came to support us in Prayer and stand with us for AMC, The Lord revealed to them. They didn't know why they had to come to Malaysia initially but they just obeyed God's instructions to them.

Korea is a horse and Malaysia is a horse and we will run with the Gospel Back to Jerusalem together.

Korea will stand, walk and support Malaysia and vice versa. 

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