Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Evangelist Roberts Liardon Leads London Bible College

Tuesday, 29 September 2009 04:29 PM EDT Adrienne S. Gaines

Evangelist Roberts Liardon has been named principal of the International Bible Institute of London (IBIOL), the training arm of the charismatic Kensington Temple London City Church.

The school, which began classes Monday, trains Christians to evangelize throughout Europe and around the world.

"Roberts brings an enormous amount of experience in ministry in general and in training in particular," said Colin Dye, founder and president of the school and apostolic overseer of Kensington Temple. "We know Roberts will be a blessing to us, and we hope to be a blessing to him."

The appointment comes nearly eight years after Liardon stepped down from his Embassy Christian Center in Irvine, Calif., after confessing to a short-term homosexual relationship with the church's youth pastor.

Dye said he believes Liardon, 43, has been fully restored to ministry since his December 2001 confession.

"He went far beyond the recommendations set for him by those involved in the initial six-month process of his restoration," Dye said. "After two years of counseling and recovery, he returned to ministry."

The scandal, however, triggered an exodus from Liardon's church and his accredited school, Spirit Life Bible College. Some leaders who left complained that Liardon did not accept initial pastoral counsel from a leader who advised him to step away from the pulpit for one year.

Both organizations closed in 2007, when Liardon relocated his itinerant preaching ministry to Florida.

Dye believes the two ministries will be of mutual benefit. Because Kensington Temple is part of the Elim Pentecostal Churches of Great Britain, Liardon will be subject to its accountability structure as part of the church's staff.

But Dye said Liardon is answering a Macedonian call by moving to London, where he said religious freedom is being stifled as a result of Islam's influence across Europe. In September, a Christian couple who run a hotel in England was arrested for talking to a Muslim about Jesus, he said. Other Christians have been fired for saying "God bless you" or wearing a cross.

"[Liardon's] burden for Europe as a major 21st-century spiritual battleground has been welcomed by European ministers who see his coming as part of the ongoing spiritual partnership between the U.S. and Europe," Dye said.

In a statement, Liardon said IBIOL will emphasize evangelism to prepare students to reach diverse communities with the gospel. "IBIOL is raising up men and women of faith who can stand against these challenges," Liardon said. "We are training them to re-evangelize European nations and to plant new churches. Much of Europe has no effective evangelical witness."

Liardon is the author of God's Generals, a history of Pentecostal pioneers. He has relocated to London, but will continue preaching, writing and leading his international missions ministry.


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  1. ronerts confession happened after he was caught. he also told the church that he had been seeking help, but help wasnt working. that was a lie. he had not been seeking help, as he made it sound. he made it sound like he had been seeking help for a long. why didnt he step down then? who counsils you to stay in ministry while having a homosexual affair with your youth minister... YOUTH MINISTER! with the kids! parents begain pulling thier chilfren out for thier own protection from this secret he had kept for so long... al the while ministry hasnt asked him to step down. liar! counsil wasnt helping? how long had you been in counsil? it was working? you either lied and got caught or you kept it a secret from your congragation, while doing ministry and homosexual practices while at the same time, counsle never asked you to step down? liar! what counsil keeps homosexuals in ministry? it wasnt working? it wasnt working cause they approved of him being in ministry while getting counsil for boffin the youth pastor... which very strange, the youth pastor also was never removed by council, it must have been a long time in council. roberts must have told them everything about the youth pastor. you would think... so then they let them both minister while they are both in council? liar! wolf in sheep's clothing! liar! council wasn't working? how long had you been going? liar... he got busted cause john currate could not take the hiding and sin anymore. roberts was having him live in the same house, having youth meetings and sleep overs there. doesn't sound like council to my... john got tired of it. wanted out.. after the youth minister had confided in less boweling "not to counsiling ministers" as roberts would have you beleive. they then called roberts in and the whole mess and more lies began... including his lies that he had been seeking help all this time. liar. no help, no names, no doctors. no shrinks named, no one. cause it was a lie saying he was seeking help, while all the time no one ever bothered to ask john the youth pastor or roberts to step down from pastoring a world wide church, or impressionable young children with a secret homosexual as youth pastor and head pastor... wernt they both receiving council till the day john confessed to the rlm board. no. that was a lie! i was there sitting in thpews when he confessed. that liar! it wasnt until john wanted out and confessed to less boweling and some of hte other support. that roberts was confronted. robe4rts had been sucking penis up to the day of his confession.... and according to him... council knew about it and allowed it to go on. even with john still working closely with the youth.... great council. liars... all of them. until he confesses he had no council, and lied to his congregation about being in counseling, i have no respect for him. as soon as the cat was out of the bad. they scrambled to make stories. and bad stories at that. Roberts liar done