Friday, June 20, 2008

沙进步党出高招 SAPP's smart tactics




Today SAPP of Sabah supreme council held an emergency meeting and made two important decisions. First, SAPP has not decided to pull out from BN. Secondly, according to the media reception by Yong Teck Lee the president on 18th June in tabling or supporting a motion of no-confidence in the PM, the party will stick to this decision when Parliament resumes on 23rd June. Whether SAPP or Pakatan Rakyat will table a motion, let us wait and see.

This will be a good show in Parliament, because if SAPP were to move the motion, or PR to move it and supported by SAPP, they are both making history.

PM was very nervous, we could see it through the way he cautioned all BN MPs to be present all sessions and whole day-long, and not to support the motion.

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