Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol Price floating

PM Abdullah is becoming more irrelevant each day. He has no sense of economy.

He claimed that it is getting more difficult to subsidise petrol in the country as crude oil price increased. Malaysia is an oil producing company. As crude oil price increased, Petronas, the Malaysian oil company is netting in tonnes of money. I don't see that we can't use the profits to bless the people in return.

Petronas has lots of joined ventrures overseas. But it is very untransparent. Where the money has gone to? All got into the pockets of UMNOputras.

Now for those who had voted for BN during the 12th Gen Election, you must be regretting by now. Before the election, Anwar has promised to reduce petrol price should the Oppositions take over govt. Why did Anwar able to make such a promise? Because he knew how BN top guns handle Petronas money. Should Pakatan Rakyat rules, Anwar will take total control of Petronas. He will use the money to bless all Malaysian Rakyat.

If Anwar could promise to return 20% of oil royalties to Sabah and Sarawak each, why can't BN do that? The answer is simple, the govt squandered all the money in building monuments, with loads of commissions into the pockets.

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