Friday, June 27, 2008

不应展延槟城两大计划 Should not postpone mega projects in Penang







PM Abdullah tabled a motion in Parliament to reveal the Ninth Malaysian plan. But it had excluded the two mega projects which originally were in the blue print, i.e. the Monorail and Outer Ring Road. DPM Najib had confirmed that they were being postponed instead of being shelved.

CM Lim Guan Eng was agitating, and he bombarded PM for suffering from a revengful syndrome. He criticized PM for being irrational, irresponsible and no-gentleman, at the same time describing PM as a fickle-minded person. In fact, not only the Penangites were disappointed, the general public at large were worried that our policies were flippantly changing, and it will affect the faith both of the locals and foreigners in the leadership.

The PM presented such a grand plan before the Gen. Election which resulted in people's great anticipation about national economies. Now with such a vast change, how could you ever stop the people from believing those were not election goodies?

The news came as a shock for the Penangites. Since Penang had switched power from BN to PR, naturally people will suspect whether this was a political revenge? Two months ago I visited Penang, the roads were jam-packed, and they had almost reached the state of saturation. But looking at the two rows of houses and shop-lots which sandwitched the roads that were no way for widening anymore, I was worried.

Upgrading the public transport system is a job that should not be delayed any longer, otherwise we are afraid that it would be unmoved in Penang soon. If we were to commence work now, in 3 to 5 years' time, when the traffic is convenient, added with the completion of the second link-bridge, Penang will be a New Penang then. I believed that Penang could have a good traffic system, as I compared it with Singapore. These both are small islands, so the Penangites are actually able to travel about conveniently without having to drive.

I agreed with Guan Eng that the PM should not go ahead postponing the projects without first consulting him. The PM should at least respect the heads of all states, even though those which are ruled by PR. I hope that PM will submit to the wishes of people, and review his decisions by resuming the two projects in Penang, in order to prevent prolonged postponement which will result in burdens borne by both the treasury and the subjects.


  1. 你怎么说 308選后100天 民联执政 up up DAP, down down BN (barang naik) 1

    没有单轨火车,外环公路消失在茫然中,如何处置35亿令吉?到底35亿令吉是否继续用在槟城?若是,请问用在什么领域?教育?基 建?医药?还是自肥朋党?

  2. 简直就没有提到槟城,那35亿是用来提升马来人股权。拉伯以为国阵输乃是照顾马来人不够,所以想打马来人牌扭转劣势。他妙想天开,308大选已经告诉国阵马来人也厌弃马来人特权了。好心,拉伯,别把大马带回1950年代的旧路,这是死路。