Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fuel-hike motion passed in Parliament

Yesterday Domestic Trade and Home Affairs Minister Shahrir tabled a motion in support of PM's fuel-hike. Petrol and diesel price were already raised on 4th June for RM0.78 and RM1.00 respectively. It was passed with 129 to 78 votes. Why did PM Abdullah raised the price before he pass the motion?

11 MPs from BN (including 2 from SAPP) and 4 MPs from the oppositions were absent. There was no motion moved against the PM for no-confidence neither from SAPP nor from Pakatan Rakyat. The 2 MPs of SAPP were recalled home by Yong Teck Lee after they had been threatened by certain quarters. Who could do that? It is not hard to guess. I am disappointed with such kind of hooliganism in Malaysian politics.

Well PM is not that proud after all as he had pre-warned his MPs to toe-the-line.

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