Monday, July 2, 2012

The Tale of Two Suns


PHOTO: Apple Daily
It was a tale of two very different Suns.
One was plain, the other glamorous. One did not have much financial support, the other had her pastor husband and an entire congregation behind her.
And unlike Ms Ho Yeow Sun, the odds were against Stefanie Sun (above) from the start. She was fresh out of school and was more comfortable speaking English than Mandarin, unlike talented singer-songwriters like Emil Chau and A*Mei, who scored hit after hit in Taiwan.
Sun is unlike the glamorous divas – think Faye Wong and Sammi Cheng – who have dominated the music scene in Hong Kong. And yet, she holds her own in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.
Sun’s self-titled debut album, She Is Sun Yanzi, went on to sell 150,000 copies within the first month of its release in June 2000.
Why did she succeed?

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