Thursday, July 26, 2012

Reprimand Najib, Bersih tells EC

G Vinod

 | July 26, 2012
PM telling Selangorians to vote “the right government” to resolve water issue is tantamount to political campaigning, says Samad Said.
PETALING JAYA: Bersih co-chairman A Samad Said wants the Election Commission (EC) to reprimand Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for campaigning before Parliament is dissolved.
Samad said that Najib’s statement urging Selangor voters to “choose the right government” to resolve the state’s water issue was clear-cut political campaigning for the general election.
“The EC should reprimand the prime minister. How can you allow Najib to say such things when election is not even called for yet?” asked Samad.
English daily The Star today reported Najib as saying that the Selangor water crisis could be resolved but it needed a state administration which can handle the issue well.
“It cannot be that the federal government is unable to resolve the water problem in Selangor. We can do it.
“If we can make Malaysia the global centre for initial public offerings (IPO), how can it be that we can’t solve water issues?” Najib asked.
Najib also said: “The problem could be resolved by the BN government but we have to wait until the time comes when the people of Selangor make their choice and choose a government that can do it”.
Samad, a national laureate, said that the prime minister’s announcement of paying half month bonuses to civil servants yesterday could also be considered as political campaigning.
“This is not right. Najib should not abuse his powers to campaign right now.
“Unfortunately, the mainstream media is being used to swing the voters’ mood and the opposition has little avenue to counter the campaign,” said Samad, who added the move was undermining democracy.

EC: Najib gave his views only

Meanwhile, EC deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar dismissed Samad’s accusation, saying Najib was merely voicing out about the stalemate in resolving Selangor’s water issue.
“We all know about the differing views both the federal government and the state government has on the issue. Najib was merely giving his views on the matter,” said Wan Ahmad.
He also said that it was a day-to-day government administrative issue and as the prime minister, Najib has the right to speak out on the impasse between both governments.
“If Najib had said this after the Parliament is dissolved, then it can be considered wrong,” said the EC official.
Wan Ahmad also dismissed claims that the bonus announcements for civil servants as political campaigning saying it’s an on-going programme and policy by the government.
Yesterday, Najib announced a half month’s bonus with a minimum RM500 payout to all civil servants for the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations.

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