Friday, July 13, 2012

Spirits of Lawlessness behind Crimes

Malaysia crime rate is critical, what have you thought of safety measures for yourself and all around you?

Jesus has prophesied that lawlessness shall increase at end-time. But there are spirits behind lawlessness.

My experience whenever someone drove recklessly behind me as if about to bang my back, I would always bind the spirits. True enough the drivers behaved at once. Who knows those fellows have just visited some nasty places and got all the demons on them?

I think one of the safety measures is to pray first before you do something, e.g. going out, or taking your car, or eating at a restaurant...... Pray in the spirit and speak in tongues. Bind the spirits of lawlessness and ask God to cripple them. God will either numb the rascals or confuse them, or blind them that they can't even see us as their targets.

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