Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 Olympics–illuminating the Illuminati

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Hey, get prepared! The New World Order is at hand! This piece was written by a Muslim.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It’s official. That 18th century world-wide-web, the Illuminati, which hitherto operated underground, had surfaced on the ground during the opening ceremony of the 2012 aka London Olympics.

People of the world, especially Malaysian Muslims, read my lips. Be afraid. Be verrrry afraid (in the husky softy Yusuf Taiyub kinda whisper). The Illuminati has taken over London and through the Olympics, they will control your mind, infest it with the sinful and ungodly ways of the Juice, the Christians, the infidel West and everything ranging from Communism to LGBT to pluralism to liberalism and even the dogs.

The truth is, THEY have now come to the surface and they are thriving. You have no where to run. And no where to hide. All you can do is to yield. As you watch the Olympics opening ceremony and turn on the tv set to watch events in the Olympics, you will be sucked into the Illuminati’s scheme of things. Your mind will be infested. You will be turned over just like what will happen to you when you are politely “interviewed” by our Special Branch. You will become a Zombielatti, ie, a person who is under the control of the, err…who else, but the Illuminati.

Thereafter, you serve nobody and nobody else but the Illuminati. You will be Illuminatised. You are finished. The whole world will be taken over in the next two weeks. You are doomed.


You don’t trust me? Just look at the signs my friends.

The pyramidal shape of the stadium; the Olympics logo which obviously spells the word ZION and the one-eyed Wenlock and Mandeville are but the obvious signs that the Illuminati is at work. But my friends, it is the subtle and the subliminal signs that are more penetrating. Since they are very subtle and operate at an almost subconscious level, you don’t actually know that you are being turned over, slowly but surely.


Firstly, the first team to come out during the march past was Greece. This, folks, has been planned a long long time ago. Even before the Illuminati was established. That is how insidious the Illuminati is.

The “E” in Greece is actually the number 3. There are three 3s and that makes a 9. If you turn the 9 upside down, it becomes 6. Subliminally, you are actually seeing 666, which is a Biblical demonic sign. The Illuminati also uses the number 666 to denote the entry of a powerful force to govern the world. That is why  Greece has always been, and was indeed, the first team to come out during the march past. 

Why London 2012? That is because 2012 is representative of ZOIZ, which if spelt back ward would be ZIOZ. The last Z is actually a rotated N. With the last Z rotated to the right, you would get an N and the final word would be….tada….ZION. Obviously, the Illluminati is also the Juice at work! See what I mean? These people are so clever.

Apart from that, the official Olympics logo in red, which has been said to be referring to 2012 is actually the word ZION. Just look:


These are but two of the Illuminati illuminating itself during this Olympics.

No other than Nostradamus has predicted the coming of the Illuminati onto this world to take control of it. In two of his quatrains, he predicted thus:

In the year of the Zion,
A new leader cometh,
The devil runs as the angels crieth,
The people watched their own death.
In thunderous sound the wrinkled one jumped,
Through the winds the hair unblemished,
The wrinkled one then walked among us,
The sky lighted with lightning.

The reference is obvious. That refers to the Queen jumping off the helicopter. The thunder obviously refers to the sound of the helicopter. And although she jumped down from the helicopter, her hair stayed in place. The she walked down among the spectators. Lastly, there was a firework display. I mean, who would not believe Nostradamus. This guy predicts everything. I mean, every bloody thing.

There are also many sports competition in the Olympics with the end score of 21. Badminton. Volleyball.  All are 21 point games. Badminton was initially a 15 point game but later, the Illuminati change it to 21. This has been planned my friends.

Why 21? Because it represents the letters “ZI” which is half of the word ZION, of course. Every time we watch these games, we would be transfixed with the number 21 and thus the word “ZI” and finally the word “ZION”. I tell you, these Juice, they are good man. And of course, ZION mean the Juice and the Juice and the Illuminati, well, they are the same. And that means they are anti-Islam. Beware brothers and sisters.

Even when the games are not a 21 point games, many result of those games would be fixed. For example, the football  Wolrd Cup champion, Spain, has lost to Honduras 2-1. You see? How can Spain, the World Cup Champion lose to Honduras? Unbelievable right? It’s all a huge conspiracy folks. That’s how. It’s been planned I tell you.

Many football and hockey games will end 2-1. You all tak pecayer, uolls tengok lah nanti. 

In athletics, there will be many results with the number 21. For example, Ussain Bolt will win 100 meters in 9.7.21. The high jump will be won at 2.45.21 metres. Well, you get the idea.

In Biblical lore, Judas Iscariot was the apostle who betrayed Jesus and turned the latter to his persecutors. That resulted in Jesus being crucified to death. Judas is anti-God. I mean, he caused the son of God to be killed. How evil can one man be?

The Illuminati, who sometimes hate the Christians and at all times hate the Muslims chose the London Olympics to glorify this evil man, Judas. The Illuminatis planned this very well. They waited till the climax of the opening ceremony to glorify this evil man.

After the Olympics was officially opened, Paul McCartney sang Hey Jude. Jude refers to Judas. Just look at the subtle and subliminal message in the lyrics of this very evil song:

“Remember to let her under your skin,
Then you'll begin to make it
Better better better better better better, oh.
Na na na na na ,na na na, hey jude...”

OMG, the Illuminati is now under our skin.

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