Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thailand Unrest

Bangkok Airport was closed for many days now. What do the Thais want? They were known to be peaceful people. Mind you they did not involve themselves in the two World War.

It seems they wanted to bring monarchy back. Or they were manipulated by a hidden man. Could that be Thaksin, the former PM? Not surprising, as he is a billionaire.

Well Thais are simple-minded people. Their education system was low standard though they produced many university graduates.

Hey, look at Malaysia. We are run by a bunch of leaders who have lost directions. Our education is domestic-focus instead of international-focus. Lately, there had been verbal war going on among BN component parties. Our DPM Najib wanted the component parties to resolve matters under BN Channel.

What is BN Channel? Well, all parties cannot debate differences openly. They must debate under closed-door. Ooup, that was how MCA and MIC died in the previous Gen Election. Because the Chinese and Indians did not hear the voice of MCA and MIC leaders when their rights were deprived. Under closed door meetings, UMNO will always shut the mouths of other component parties.

UMNO will never change. Look at Mukhriz, the son of Mahathir, how he opined that vernacular schools be closed for unity's sake. Mukhriz, you are wrong, the Chinese and Indians are guaranteed of their mother-tongue education by out Constitution. The Chinese and Indians will remember your words. Be sure that during the next Gen. Election, they will bring out your racial remarks.

So MCA president Ong Tee Keat will not compromise now. He must oppose race-cards played by UMNO openly. Or else MCA will soon be irrelevant. Mind you, under Samy Vellu, MIC is already irrelevant!

Neither is the Pakatan Rakyat doing well. The 3 parties are sleeping on the same bed and each having different dreams.

Now PKR chairman Wan Azizah, wife of Anwar, wanted to bring back monarchy. Well, King Solomaon said there are no new things under the sun. History will always rotate in repetition. So don't be surprise that very soon we will see emperors (Huang Di) surface in China.

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