Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kelana Jaya Immigration Renewing Passorts

Today I renewed my passport at Kelana Jaya Immigration Office. It was at Plaza Glomac, Jalan SS7/19 Block B. The internet misled me to Block A. I got it done in 50 minutes, kudos!

But photo cost RM10 for 4 pieces without a CD (I was afraid to take it at the studio somewhere as there has been people getting problem with fuzzy officers). Photostat of IC cost 40 cents. A glass of tea tarik at the next door Mamak cost me RM2. They did not even have a wifi service, so my money was not worth spent. Parking at Block A cost RM4.20 for an hour plus (20 cents must be government tax as the rate stated RM2 per hour. I was exploited by all these. Who would fight for people such injustice?

今天在可拉那再也移民局更新我的护照,它位于 Plaza Glomac B 座,互联网却误导我在 A 座。50分钟就搞定了,赞!

然而,在那里拍4张照片10令吉,没有提供光碟(我怕在外面照相馆拍,因为有资讯说有人曾经受到爱找渣的官员为难)。复印身分证卡40仙。隔壁的麻麻餐室收我一杯拉茶2令吉,可笑就是它们没有无线网络设备,那我的钱算是花得不值。在 A 座停泊汽车1小时多收费4.20令吉(20仙或许是政府税吧?因为通告牌注明每小时2令吉)。我被这些东西剥削了!谁能帮助人们伸张这般的不公呢?

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  1. Actually the immigration office IS located on Block A. I should know, as my office is on Block B. The Internet did not misled you.

    There is a designated parking area, if you circle behind the immigration office, which costs only RM2 per hour. You probable parked at the basement/parking area which is managed by Glomac, then it WOULD cost you RM4.20 per entry.