Thursday, May 13, 2010

Malaysia to Regain the Identity of a Rainbow Nation

Today is the 41st Anniversary of May 13. It was a day of Racial Riots.

There is nothing worth to commemorate on this date. As a Christian I would pray for the peace in Malaysia.

Malaysia was used to be a model country in racial harmony. But today she needs a fresh touch by the Lord. It used to be harmonious in the 1950s and 60s until May 13 in 1969. The conflict marked a scar in this multiracial country. Thence each race began to keep a distance from the other.

Despite of ethnic diversity we could live in unity. Such is an identity of Rainbow Nation. We must struggle to bring Malaysia into a new dimension. Not only to bring back the departed glorious days, when different races ate, played and worked together, but to also mobilize people into the world to promote harmony.

We would want to see all wealth of the country is equally shared among the people in the country. We want to bless everyone both at home and abroad.

In this posting, I have included 2 photos on today's calendar. Coincidentally on the right side of the calendar (se pic below) was a Chinese proverb which reads "Jia pin si liang qi, Guo luan si zhong chen." The first sentence means "When the household is in poverty, you will think of a good wife. And the second one means "When the nation is in havoc, you will think of good officials." I believed God has a purpose to allow me discovered the proverb. Before the foundation of the world God has already put it on this calendar!

So can you see now that it is crucial to pray for good leaders to rise up to govern the nation? We need leaders who have a heart for the country instead of selfish gain. These are the people who would want to see a better Malaysia coming to pass.

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