Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Justice for the Nation 为国家缔造正义(中文最下面)

Ean Yong Hian Wah (C) 欧阳捍华(中)

Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid 雪州州务大臣卡立

Dear Prayer Warriors,

Yesterday Pastor Henry Yap and I attended the funeral service of Teoh Beng Hock at the Nirvana Memorial Park in Semenyih. The photos attached were captured by me at the scene. We were glad that we met another Pastor there. So we were relieved that we were not alone! Teoh was the political secretary to Opposition Party DAP’s Member of Parliament Ean Yong Hian Wah.

On 15th July officers from Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) led Teoh back to their office for investigation. The next day Teoh was found sprawling on the 5th floor dead at Mazalam Building where MACC was located at the 14th floors. Teoh mysteriously fell from an upper floor.

Teoh bore the ordeal of a long night wait and the officer quizzed him from 1.00 a.m. to 3.45 a.m. Teoh was last seen loitering at MACC waiting lounge by his friend Tan Boon Wah who was also a witness. Later in the afternoon he was found dead. Since Teoh’s death, there were lots of unsolved questions that had cast doubts in people’s minds.

For the past month MACC has launched an intensive haul on the Lawmakers of Selangor Pakatan Rakyat. PR is the ruling coalition on the state level. The way MACC deliberately picked on PR is obviously politically motivated. Whereas any reports against the Federal coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) were dealt with snail-paced response.

Teoh was just an ordinary witness. Therefore, blasting him with such an inhumane mentor torture was an abuse of power. I thought such an act is only seen in a Dictator’s Regime? The MACC was a reformed institution formed hurriedly by former Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi before he stepped down. Prior to this we have the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA). Abdullah wanted the MACC to be the same standard as Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). Unfortunately by the way how MACC performed as a tool for the Federal Government’s political agenda, I would say that the institution was an utter failure!

As for the Royal Police Force, many Malaysians have long lost confidence in the institution. They acted in favor of BN. In Teoh’s case they were slow to investigate. They first classified it as “an accident” instead of “murder”. They ruled out foul-play. After much pressure from the public, then only they softened their stand a bit, and admitted that they don’t rule out foul-play. They should have cordoned off the entire MACC units at first-timing. Their slow actions have allowed the culprits to tamper with traces of evidence, and at the same time the culprits would have time to connect with each other to fabricate false testimonies.

Teoh was not related to Henry and me in any way. We attended his funeral because besides giving the family a moral support, we were doing it for a cause – letting the public know that we Christians care about justice in Malaysia.

I think Churches and Christian Institutions could have done better in matters of care and concern. Like Teoh’s case we could have done better, but our voice was quite silent! No, we don’t need to wait for a disaster like a flood, or a tsunami, or an earthquake before we rise up to help. Injustice in itself is a disaster! Malaysia has 10% or 2.7 million Christians (including the Roman Catholics). Most of the Christians are Chinese, follow by the Indians. In other words, two-thirds or 4 million more Chinese are still unsaved.

One of the reasons why the Chinese rejected Christianity is because they thought that Christians showed no interest in their social beliefs and encounters. Often times we Christians feel that it is so unholy to participate in the non-believers’ activities. And subsequently we lose touch with them because we are not interested to share their happiness and grievances. In matter like fighting for justice and a fairer society, the struggle is all left to the non-believers. Where are the Christians then? Wasn’t Jesus a fighter for justice? See how Jesus condemned the rotten governor Herod as a “fox”? In fighting for justice, Christians are so kiasi (afraid to die). Today there are Pastors who still discouraged their members from going into politics. There is no such thing as a corrupt nation on earth. A country is corrupt because on leadership, good people let it and bad people grabbed it.

I think Denomination Councils and Christian Institutions which represent different groups could consider setting up funds and play supportive roles in causes that would affect the fate of the country. Christians must prove themselves that they are not isolated from the communities. We should be compassionate in their ordeals and take a proactive role to reach out to them, irrespective of races.

Henry and I care about Teoh’s case because we care for the future of our next generations. There is a good article by Goh Keat Peng, an Elder from Gospel Hall, “I Cannot Be Neutral About Issues of Immorality” . You may read it at: http://ongohing.wordpress.com/.














  1. 说真的,我已经不再相信警方可以给我们真相了。

  2. 你说得有道理,明福事件,与其使人更奋斗,却可能吓到他们了。不过,为正义斗争是准备殉道的。

  3. 我们没得用武力,但我们靠声音是可以得胜的!以前耶稣被抓拿,也是因为一群人的声音得了胜,耶稣才会被钉十字架。所以要得胜,一个人的声音是不够的,必须一群人。看到不义之事,就要勇于发言,借着不同管道。同时也要祷告,神就会掌权!