Thursday, April 9, 2009

Death for Sirul and Azilah

Malaysian court rules today that Sirul and Azilah, cops involved in Altantuya murder case, were to be hanged. I am doubtful why are the cops still covering their faces? Since the verdict was made, they are pronounced guilty, the public has the right to know who they are.

Throughout court-times, no body saw their faces outside the courts. What is the authority up to? Why was Razak Baginda released? Why did not the Private Investigator Bala be summoned to testify?

Since a French newspaper had reported on it, why did not the prosecutor extend its investigation over the submarines commission?

These are some of the unresolved questions revolving in the minds of many people.

Both Sirul and Azilah looked calm when the sentences were pronounced. Will they escape death at the end?

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