Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sandra Ong 22 Sep 2008

Sandra was our family friend. We were from the church called Calvary Charismatic Centre in Kuching, Malaysia. When we left Sarawak and backed to Kuala Lumpur, we had no news about her. It was Olivia, her youngest sister who lives in Sweden, who read about me at the website of churchinperth.com. They thought we were in Perth. She emailed me and we got in touch with each other. Her husband was also from Sarawak but had migrated to Australia since a boy. He is a geologist who operates his own business.

Dora her younger sister who married Edmund are residing in Petaling Jaya. Their mum, Anna, lives with Olivia.

Sandra treats me with the best seafood at Fremantle

Sarah, her youngest child

Your saliva begins to ooze out when you see these food

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