Tuesday, November 18, 2008

第19届马来西亚神召会中文教会联合营会 19th Assemblies of God of Malaysia Chinese Churches Combined Camp

马来西亚神召会中文部举行第19届联合教会营会,从11月17至20日假马六甲 MITC Ancasa 酒店。大会讲员是张茂松牧师(台湾)和胡民气牧师(新加坡)。营员有400多位。主题是:健康的家庭,成长的教会。
The Assemblies of God of Malaysia Chinese Division holds a Combined Churches Camp at MITC Ancasa Hotel from 17th to 20th November. The speakers are Pastors Mao Sung Chang (Taiwan) and Oh Beng Khee (Singapore). There are more than 400 over campers. Camp theme is "A Healthy Family, A Growing Church".

National Chinese Executive and Divisional Committee Members

Opening ceremony: Ong Sek Liang (left) the General Superintendent gives a word of exhortation as well as declaring the camp as opened, and Stephen Ong interpretes

Another speaker: Oh Beng Khee

11月18日午餐 Lunch time: 18th Nov
From right: Paulus Wong, Mao Sung Chang, Amy Chang, Allen Tan

From right: Stephen Tah, John Lim, Dorcas Lim

Left: Irene Too

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