Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christians who bless the Ministers of God

What is so special about this pair of spectacles? Nothing special except the price was super high. It costs RM630.00 or US$180.00.

Yesterday, our camp speaker talked about people who obeyed God and blessed him. Four times in his life that people blessed him with new cars. He emphasized on the Minister of God being able to go on Ministry because the grace of God was sufficient for us.

Then after his preaching, Pastor Paulus Wong shared that he advised his Church member who operates a salon to give FOC for Mhinisters who visit her shop. He advised her not to think of earning from Ministers like from any others. Pastor Paulus used to tell people who do business to bless the Pastors.

We used to visit a Christian optician in Campbell Complex KL for our spectacles needs. Our brother there were always generous and slashed a big portion of price. Later I knew another Christian optician last year in an overseas trip. So I thought of trying on him, thinking he might give my wife a special deal. With that kind of price he charged, obviously there was no difference from what he used to charge others. The price as a burden for us.

Thank God for Christians in various trades who provide special discounts for the Ministers of God. Doctors, lawyers, dentists, machanics, etc who blessed the servants of God, God will bless you in return.

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