Wednesday, April 16, 2008

RAHMAN prophecy

I referred to Haris Ibrahim's blog at

Haris said "A thought occurred to me. What if the RAHMAN Prophesy is indeed true. What if the completion of the Sequence signals its fulfillment?

What if Najib will indeed be the N, the final Nail in the UMNO coffin? And the prophesy is fulfilled with the end of the UMNO-led race-based politics.

Would we then see the beginning of the ANWAR sequence? Anwar, Nurul (revolutionary? nepotist?)… and then W,A,R… are left to be seen."

No. I think Pakatan Rakyat wanted to do away with racial politics. Every race is a rakyat Malaysia. And since the Constitution did not state that a PM must be from a particular race, therefore, any race should have an equal chance to be a PM.

PR should embrace Meritocracy. This is for the good of the country. When the country prospers, every citizen will benefit. So the Chinese, Indians, Ibans and Kadasans also can become a PM.

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