Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Najib has never learnt from the electoral outcome

One of the reasons for people to reject Barisan Nasional was DPM Najib's space mission. Sheikh Muszaphar was sent to space last year on 10th Oct. Though Najib claimed that it was a package of purchasing fighter jets from Russia.

Nothing was free! The cost was added into the deal. To send Sheikh into the space, it cost RM100million. Based on RM35,000 per low-cost housing unit, RM100million could provide about 3000 poor folks with a unit.

Now Najib intends to send the second man Faiz Khaleed into space. It shows that Najib has never learnt from the electoral outcome. People were saying to BN to be practical in spending the treasury money. If Najib insists his plan, we will see the demise of BN in the next Gen. Election. Good-bye to BN.

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