Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lim Guan Eng in turban

Penang Chief Minister Guan Eng was attending a Sikh Fesival Gurdwara Sahib. Well he could attend functions of all races and religions, but to dress up like them is not necessary. He should not feel obligated.


  1. That's cool that finally a blog! I shall link it to my blog then maybe more visitors will come!

  2. Thank you. Hope you all give more comments.

  3. do you know for a fact that he was obligated? maybe he really wanted to dress the correct way when entering a sikh temple? Don't know if you knew, but when entering a Sikh temple, everyone is supposed to cover their head as a sign of respect. Nothing wrong with Guan Eng showing some respect for other religions, don't you think? Doesn't mean he is forgetting his own religious beliefs, whatever they may be. Open up, sir, you're supposed to be preaching peace and love...

  4. Bluskyes,

    Really there is such tradition? What if I don't have a Sikh costume? It will be too bad that I would not get a chance to enter the temple then.

    All I meant was that I don't really have to please anybody just by outward deeds. Religions should not conform to rites. It is a heart-matter.