Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim is free to stand for political elections

Anwar, the de facto leader of PKR as well as Pakatan Rakyat, is a free man on 15th Apr. On 14th Apr night he gave an inspiring message at Kuala Lumpur Kampung Baru rally to a crowd of 20,000.

He is fighting for a democratic society. No race is more superior than others. We will wait and see what will happen in the next 2 weeks. 222 Members of Parliament are scheduled to swear in on 28th Apr.

Anwar claimed that he has enough MPs from Barisan Nasional to cross over and form a government. PR which has 82 seats just needs another 30 seats to do so. But Anwar was not satisfied to just have a weak government. He wanted a big majority government.

Christians are praying hard. It is important that God makes the change and not men.

You can view the talk of Anwar at:

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