Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Federal Court Anwar Sodomy II Trial 联邦法庭安华《鸡奸二》审讯

Today, 29th Oct 2014 is the second day of Anwar Ibrahim's Sodomy II trial at The Palace of Justice in Putrajaya. The court case is extended one day till 30th, and the verdict could be deferred to a later date. Wesley Nga and I dropped by and hoped to get into the court room but it was full, so we loitered around and took photos. Today there was a supporting crowd of at least 2,000 people, and all of us hopred that justice will prevail. Of course, Christians all over the country were praying for justice in this matter.

今天,2014年10月29日,是安华在布特拉再也联邦法庭的《鸡奸二》的第二天审讯。审讯延长一天至30日,而判决或许会延伸至迟些日子。我和蓝卫斯理到场想进入法庭聆听,但它已经满座。我们只好在外面走走拍拍照。今天,最少有 2 千名支持的群众,我们大家都希望正义获得伸张。当然,全国的基督徒都为此事的正义祷告。

Anwar arrived and was thronged by the crowd as a sign of support

Allen was pointing at the building where the entire vicinity 
was sealed off by police

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