YOURSAY 'Umno depends on the gravy train, biased police, the kangaroo courts, the one-sided mainstream media... It can't survive on a level-playing field.'

Anwar: Dr M right to say BN will lose forever 

your sayMushiro: Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad is aware that Umno Baru is such a hopeless party that it cannot survive on a level-playing field.

Umno depends on the gravy train, the biased police, the crooked AG (attorney-general), the kangaroo courts, the one-sided mainstream media and money from corruption.

Once these unfair advantages are taken away, Umno will just die off as it does not have the people who are resilient enough to fight for the party.

Kim Quek: Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and the readers who comment in Malaysiakini are of course dead right - Umno needs to be defeated only once and it will die a natural death.

This is because when Pakatan comes to power, the lid that covers Umno's mountain of crimes will be lifted.

And once Umno's ugly face is truly exposed to the masses, it will fall like Humpty Dumpty, whereupon, all the king's horses and all the king's men can't put Humpty Dumpty together again.

Be-End: I hope it will come sooner than later. Get rid of Umno-BN and restore justice, fair education, high police integrity and of course, progress.

!?!: After GE13, Pakatan must charge all the criminals who plundered the rakyat's tax money to fill their own pockets, as well of their families and cronies.

Get back the people's hard-earned money and send these plunderers to prison. Hold them accountable.

Keturunan Malaysia: If Pakatan Rakyat wins, it would take almost forever to bring the long list of crooks to face the music, starting from Dr M himself.

It would take almost forever too for BN to rise again from the dead as the rent-seekers and parasites would have to abandon ship to earn a living any which way they can.

Black Mamba: The majority of Lembah Pantai constituents, ranging from Malays to non-Malays, are rooting for Nurul Izzah to win again against a wannabe politician parachuted in from a senatorship who is using the rakyat's hard-earned contributions in EPF (Employees Provident Fund) to buy votes.

BN treats the EPF, Petronas, Felda Holdings, PNB, Tabung Haji, KWAP, Pelaburan Hartanah Bumiputra, Amanah Rakyat, Khazanah, 1MDB and others as their personal kitties. It's time for BN to go before these government-linked companies go belly up.

Starr: Allah/God willing, Nurul Izzah will not be defeated. If she is, the country will lose not only an effective MP but also a potential future prime minister.

Ksn: All the vices, corruption, abuses of funds and laws, incompetency, cronyism, extravagance, racialism, etc, of Umno Baru going back 30 years must be exposed and those guilty punished.

Pakatan, on its part should avoid such practices like the plague by forming a government of competent, qualified people with unquestionable integrity, restore the public institutions destroyed and in shambles to its former glory, without discrimination.

If Pakatan does that, why not, they can govern forever. But remember that after witnessing and suffering the bad aspects of Umno Baru, Malaysians will not allow Pakatan or any other party to continue if things are not done properly, transparently with decorum and social justice cutting across racial and religious lines, these being the foundation of a Pakatan government.

The election process will be used by the people to overthrow or retain a sitting government. They will not take any more nonsense any longer in the future having gone through the misdeeds and abuses of Umno Baru for so long.

Clever Voter: It is difficult to dislodge BN no matter how bad their performance and reputation.

It's simply because the entire system including the civil service, judiciary, security and even the Election Commission, is part of this web of dependency and feeding chain.

No matter what the people say, feel or believe, BN is very determined to hold on to its power.

Anwar: Mahathir is right, Umno-BN is the devil

Open Minded: I want to support the devil I know than the angel I do not know. But when the devil exhibits a totalitarian attitude and behaviour, one wants to give a chance to the angel to see if it can do what it claims to do.

As I see it, the devil has become a complacent devil and uses threats and fear every time to control and maintain its position.

Abuminable: With each passing stupid act of desperation, Najib is making Anwar look like a shining beacon of decency, sanity and intelligence.

DSAI (Anwar) doesn't need to pay hundreds of millions to professional Jewish shills and spin doctors!

Mushiro: Anwar is calm, cool, and creative in adversities. This is what is confusing and panicking PM Najib Razak, Mahathir and Umno.