Wednesday, June 3, 2015

‘I did not sneak into CPHM meeting’

2:12PM Jun 2, 2015

By Stephen Ng

With reference to the article by Koh Jun Lin in Malaysiakinitoday, I did not “sneak” into a Christians for Peace and Harmony in Malaysia (CPHM) meeting to check out what it is about, as described by Rev Wong Kim Kong.

I have always been invited to this weekly meeting which is hosted by one Pastor Lazarus. I consider myself as part of this support group.

Rev Wong was never part of the group. It was also not a CPHM meeting. He was only invited to share about his new organisation. Many of us are too polite to tell him that we do not plan to attend, but as usual, he made it seem as though he has the support of the 20 pastors there.

Anyway I don’t think he was invited but someone must have lobbied for him to be invited. After all, he is the one trying to reach out to the grassroots. During his speech, there were already several occasions he subtly hit out at Pakatan, Anwar Ibrahim and PAS. Throughout the speech, he subtly hinted that Najib Abdul Razak is good.

This is why I questioned his motive especially when he claims his organisation is not being partisan. In fact, I recall Paul Low talking about this movement as early as last year or early this year. Without the government’s involvement, do you think this whole thing can take off that easily, along with the big funding?

How did they manage to put up a huge signboard in Putrajaya without being ‘attacked’ anyway?

STEPHEN NG is an ordinary citizen with an avid interest in following political developments in the country since 2008.


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