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INDICATIONS FROM KAJANG: Simply IMPOSSIBLE for BN to win another general election!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 12:33

INDICATIONS FROM KAJANG: Simply IMPOSSIBLE for BN to win another general election!
All indications from the 13th GE to now point to the obvious fact that Barisan Nasional (BN) will not be able to win another general election. The reasons for this are wide and varied but most notably are that support for the governing coalition is beginning to go on a downward spiral.
The present furor over the Kajang by-election will serve to confirm that support for the BN is no longer guaranteed as in the past. This is because all indications to the run-up to the 13th GE showed BN losing ground even in constituencies which were considered as their fixed deposit.
The Kajang by-election, expected to be contested by BN-MCA representative, Chew Mei Fun, is really a pitiful situation for the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA). In trying to win back the Malaysian Chinese support, they have opted to offer Mei Fun as the “sacrificial lamb” on behalf of BN.
By all accounts, Mei Fun is a solid candidate. She is well respected and admired not only within the Chinese community but also with the other races. This is because she comes across as a sincere, hardworking and caring person.
While Mei Fun’s heart may be with serving the people, she is also seen as being manipulated at present by MCA and UMNO to try and pull off an upset in the Kajang by-election to be contested by political heavyweight Anwar Ibrahim.
The ploy of the MCA leadership is cunning and sly to make use of Mei Fun’s credentials with the people while she comes across as politically naive and gullible in allowing herself to be made use of by the BN leadership.
This is also something sad to witness. Mei Fun’s unquestioning loyalty to the BN is to be lauded in taking on the challenge of standing in the Kajang by-election which is really a political suicide stance by her on behalf of winning back support for BN-MCA.
But given the current political climate and scenario in Malaysia, Mei Fun’s hopes, dreams and aspirations of MCA and the BN regime are expected to come to a dismal end.
The fate of the other candidates in the by-election can be deemed inconsequential as they are just expected to be “passengers” making up the numbers of the by-election.
What the Kajang by-election is also expected to do is to pave the way for Anwar Ibrahim and Pakatan Rakyat (PR) to seize the power to govern Malaysia from Putrajaya.
Why BN can never win another general election?
While for some Malaysians this might not need any explaining, it is really a matter of time before most Malaysians, especially the voting population, begin to realize why there is a gradual but certain withdrawal of support for BN.
If this withdrawal of voter support for BN was felt and witnessed in the 13th GE, it is now beginning to gain momentum and will continue to do so to the run up to the next general election.
BN is expectedly expected to lose more and more support and there may even be the possibility of a snap general election’s even before BN’s term of government expires.
The actual reasons for this growing show of support to PR and Malaysians of all walks of life turning their backs on BN is simply because the people have had enough. Malaysians are sick and tired and fed-up with the pathetic governance of BN and their corrupt and inept ways.
This is why in many worldwide rankings and ratings Malaysia have witnessed a drop in nearly all of these because Malaysians are terribly unhappy and miserable with how the country is being governed by BN in such a poor and shoddy manner.
The BN government has only themselves to blame for this situation. What is expected to evolve is that the BN leadership will try to curry favor with the people as usual. But this is a case of going off the deep end as Malaysians have had enough of buying the BN bull.
While even with support from the Elections Commission (EC), the next general elections, even though it will still not be free and fair polls, is set to witness an overwhelming show of support by Malaysians for PR that there is no way BN can put a stop to it.
After more than half a century of BN governance, Malaysians especially the Malay heartland is expected to show such great support for PR that it will be a landslide victory for the alternative government to come to power.
How it’s shaping up for the next general election?
Some people might think all this is premature and foolish, the fact that BN is on its way out. But witness the fact that state-by-state there are already changes barely one year after the 13thGE. And most of this openly shows that PR is now the preferred choice of the Malaysian voter.
If in the last general election, PR won the popular vote, barely ten months away and they have seized the initiative to capitalize on the popular vote to make much further gains. This is how the trend is expected to be from now till the next general election.
PR is expected to make gains in every state and federal territory. It is envisaged that Penang, Selangor, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perak, Kedah, Johor, Sabah and Sarawak and Negeri Sembilan and the Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya is where PR is expected to gain greater favor from the voters.
There will of course be the die-hard BN faithful. But they will be relegated into a minority opposition representing BN in parliament. PR is set to gain a wide show of support and it is beginning to show with the Kajang by-election providing the “acid test.”
The Kajang by-election is set to catapult Anwar Ibrahim and PR to the forefront from which they will be able to dominate and have power and control of the Malaysian voter base. This is the time for which many Malaysian fence-sitters have been waiting for and they are expected to tip in favor of PR.
By going about showing support to PR firmly, the numerous Malaysians who were last minute voters for BN will no longer allow themselves to be swayed or tricked or deceived now by the political ploys of BN. Their show of support most definitely this time round will be firmly with PR all the way. - Malaysia Chronicle
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